Cupid Suspension Card

Hello there, fellow KNKers!

This is my first post as part of the Team KNK Design Team, I am so happy to be here and share some projects with you that I will be creating with my fabulous Zing.

As we have a couple of weeks until Valentines Day I thought I’d sneak in with a Valentines card just in time. I have a Suspension card for you today, a suspension card sounds complicated but it is simply where an element of your card is suspended by thread which allows it to spin, it’s an easy way to create a lot of impact.

If you wish to make today’s card all you will need is your chosen KNK machine along with some card, thread and adhesive as I have included the cut files I made for this project for you to download at the end of this post.

I used Make the Cut to cut one copy of the heart card along with 2 copies of the cupid (ensuring that he fits inside the heart card opening). If you are using single sided paper or textured card you will need to use the mirror function for one of your cupids. All of the pieces you need for this project are shown in the picture below.

Cupid Suspension Card 1

To assemble your card, add some thread to the front of the card base, down the center of the heart opening. Using invisible sewing thread or fishing line can be a great choice as it is difficult to see once the card is finished but any thread will be just fine. Using a strong adhesive tape is recommended here, I have used a red liner type.

Cupid Suspension Card 2

Once you have added your thread you can add the front layer to your card which will hide your adhesive. At this stage I also added my heart (cut from glitter card) to the inside of my card base, it will fit just inside the heart opening and show through when the card is closed.

Cupid Suspension Card 3

Now we need to assemble our little cupids. I’d advise attaching the hair and wings with glue then adding the extra body piece and arm with 3d foam pads or glue dots to add some dimension. The bow and arrow is glued to the back of each completed cupid.


Cover one of your cupids with adhesive tape then open up your card and lay him under the thread.


Lay the other cupid over the top of the first to sandwich the thread between the two of them and you are done! This is how your card will look when it is closed.


When your card stands open your cupid will spin and you can aim him towards the heart inside the card if you like 😉


Here’s how the card looks straight on when it’s open.


I hope you have enjoyed my first project, if you would like to see more projects I have created with my Zing and access my free cut files you can find my blog here:

Here are the cut files for today’s project:


Cupid Cut File by Bird

heart card

Heart Card Cut File by Bird