Print and Cut Stickers

Photo of Red Cabin Studio StickersI wrap some of the items sold at my craft shows and online in tissue paper. Sometimes I tie them up in a ribbon, but stickers would be so much easier. Here are a few print and cut stickers I created with my logo.  And…. I made some dog and kitten ones for a special lilttle princess.Print and Cut Sticker with Basset Hound Sticker on Envelope







Glossy Inkjet Vinyl Sticker Sheets


Red Capped Blade

Image File

Zing Orbit Settings

Speed – 15

Pressure – 50 (depending on thickness of your vinyl)

Multi-Cut  –  off

Red Cabin Studio Stick on Box

When choosing an image for your stickers, be sure to use one saved at a high quality (300 dpi). I traced my image in Sure Cuts Alot and then completed a path offset on the cut layer.  (For the round stickers, I used path inset so that it cut just inside the printed circle, because I didn’t want the black line to show.

Next, I printed the page of images with the registration marks. I chose glossy photo paper in my printer software and printed at a high quality.

When preparing for scanning the registration marks, it’s important to adhere your vinyl to a sturdy mat such as the one that comes with the Zing Orbit. While this type of mat will keep your project nice and flat, a thinner mat may not be sufficiently flat to allow for a successful scan. (I learned this the hard way.)

Have some fun with this project. There are different sticker paper/vinyl options to try out. While I have used a matte sticker paper in the past, I prefer the glossy vinyl… but that is just my preference. Experiment with the offset and inset options. Try putting a shape around your image like I did with my circle logo stickers. If you need help with any of the print and cut steps, be sure to refer to your software manual. It takes some practice… but it is worth the time spent when you end up with a fun and functional product like print and cut stickers!