Be My Teddy Bear

Cut in KNK

As Cupid’s annual appearance draws near,  we will once more ponder the question asked by the great philosopher, Elivs, “Won’t you be my Teddy Bear?”  A question that has been and continues to be contemplated for generations to come…but, in the meantime, this honey of a table decoration will make everyone’s heart throb with excitment!  You can make them for individual place settings, centerpieces or you can “bear” all and place them in stragetic locations around the love cave sure to get you bear hugs from your favorite fuzzy wuzzy.  A reason to celebrate with a bottle of bubbly, but don’t get smashed and scrappy…unless you’re into Smashbook and scrapbooking.   These fold flat without distorting!  Beary-nice and beary-sweet for you as a Valentine treat!