Valentine Kiss as Sweet as a Rose

Valentine Rose Kisses

Valentine Rose Kisses Side View

Val.Pink Rose with Kiss

Val.Pink Rose Open Flower with Kiss

Aaaah, yes, love is in the air and I was so distracted with the thought of roses and sweet kisses that I forgot to post this!!! So without further delay, here it is!!! Just in time for your special Valentine! First, let’s get the how to’s over with so we can get to the good part – what’s inside!!! I used my honey of a MAXX and card stock for the rose and heart and paper for the calix (the green part outside the rose). I used two passes on the card stock and one on the paper. The force was 100 w/a speed of 350. This tiny rose is a perfect favor for your honey. If you’re a little shy and have been pining over that cutie but didn’t know how to approach them or even what to say. Here’s a memorable way to do just that. Walk up to that person, smile, bat your eyes and ask them if they’d like a kiss. Then, before you chicken out, hand them this sweet treat. Feeling a little bolder, tuck a little message inside the bud with the candy and hope that cupid works his magic. Hey, it couldn’t hurt! LOL Have a rosey sweet Valentine’s Day filled with kisses!

Irish Claddagh-Heart Box

Gosh and begorrah my fellow Leprechans, its that magical time o’the year to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! Now, tis the wearin’ o’the green that brings you luck. If ya don’t, ye be gettin’ pinched all over, unless you’re likin’ that sort of thing, but that’s another suject best talked about while drinkin’ good Irish whisky…but I digress…where was I…ah, yes, St. Patty’s Day!!! Let the party begin with this lovely Claddagh-Heart Box honoring sweet Irish semtiment. The hands represent friendship; the heart is love and the crown mean loyalty. This Claddah-Heart box promises treasures of Irish gold! And that’s no blarney! Your guests will find this box charming and the treasure, magically delicious! So take a break from River dancing and enjoy this Irish treat with your guests!