Christmas 2015


I try to start each year preparing for the next, it rarely goes according to plan. If I actually get things done ahead I tend to forget where I stashed them. :O) IMG_3694 So here is my attempt to get some cards done. I traced this cute little Joy with the Snowman and he cut so nicely from vinyl. I haven’t actually made the card yet, but he will be an adorable card.

I hope all of you had an awesome Christmas! My 38 year old son came home to WI from San Diego just in time for a snowfall and made this.

IMG_3693 It’s been a few years since we had a real snowman.

You can download the KNK Studio file here.

Happy New Year!



KNK Maxx

Red capped blade


Force 40

speed 350

Winter Wonderland Card – 5 KNK Applications!

FIVE KNK Zing applications for making ONE card… it was not intentional! 😛 It was just one of those things that happened as I designed this card for my friend Marty’s Winter Wonderland swap. It was on my to do list to try cutting and ironing fabric onto a card at some point. And with the theme being what it was, I knew there would need to be some glue and some glitter! But the rest was just stuff that happened as I went about designing this project. In the end, the five KNK Zing applications were:

  • Cutting the snowman, tree, and hat from fabric
  • Drawing snowflakes with a Quickie glue pen using the Zing
  • Cutting double-sided adhesive to create the snow bank
  • Cutting the tree trunk and snowman arms from wood paper
  • Cutting a rhinestone template for the snowman’s other features

  • Ingredients for this card:

    KNK Zing
    Silvery gray cardstock from Recollections
    Light blue and green patterned cotton fabric
    Black cotton fabric
    Thermo-web Heat n Bond
    Creative Imaginations Thin Wood Veneer Paper
    Ranger Ink – Frayed Burlap
    Sookwang Be Creative Tape (double-sided adhesive) Sheets
    Quickie Glue Pen
    Fairy Dust Glitter – Sugar Shimmer
    Rock-It Rhinestone Template material
    Rhinestone Transfer Tape
    SS6 Siam Ruby Rhinestones
    SS10 Jet Black and Orange Rhinestones
    SS16 Jet Black Rhinestones
    Cutting file designed in Make The Cut


    (1) Cut a base card: 5.5″ x 8.25″, score in the middle and fold.

    (2) Insert glue pen into Zing Pen Tool. While you can insert glue pens directly into the grip on the Zing, I needed to make sure my snowflakes were drawn in very specific locations. Using the pen tool would center the pen in the same location I used for the blade when I calibrated the laser. I then used WYSIWYG mode in MTC to draw the snowflakes after setting the origin for my cut by putting the laser light in the very tippity corner of my card front.

    (3) Cut out the snow bank from Sookwang double-sided adhesive sheets. Peel one side, apply to the bottom of the card, and then peel off the other side. Apply glitter to both the snowflakes and the snow bank. Brush away excess glitter.

    (4) Cut out tree trunk and snowman arms from wood veneer paper. Darken with Ranger Frayed Burlap ink. Glue into place on the card.

    (5) Apply Heat n Bond to the reverse side of the three fabrics. Cut out the tree, snowman body and snowman hat, using the KNK Zing fabric blade. Arrange in place on the card and then press with home iron set to cotton setting.

    (6) Cut the rhinestone template and then, because of there being so few holes, just place the various stones into the template by hand. (Cutting a template probably wouldn’t be necessary if this were just one card. But because I was making ten cards, the template worked great!) After arranging the stone, lift with rhinestone transfer tape and then press with a hot iron for 10 seconds.

    The settings I used are covered in the Zing User Manual, available here.

    That’s it! LOVE my KNK Zing and had fun using it in so many different ways!

    Tis the Season

    So this morning we woke up to our first significant snowfall. We had about 6″ of snow last night and it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. The scary thing is, with 2 weeks to go I haven’t written a card, the tree is up but with lights only, and not a girft has been purchased. But, somehow, it will get done. :O)


    I have three things to share today. One is a simple ornament that I made using the shape feature in KNK Studio.It is simple circles and for the nose I made a triangle and used the arrange/ convert to polyarc to round it a bit. I cut the circle from coredinations white paper using 90 pressure on my KNK Maxx. I then cut the face from vinyl (available at ) using 36 pressure and applied it to the circle. I glued 2 circles together and ran it through my Cuttlebug with a snowflake embossing folder. Add a ribbon and you have a cute little ornament.

    The second is a purchased file and I wish I could remember where I purchased it from to give credit. I cut a piece of green burlap and covered the back of a frame with it. Then I cut the file from black vinyl and applied it to the glass of the frame. Such a simple process that could be used in so many ways.

    The last thing is something I saw on pintrest. I thought it was neat and knew that I could recreate it in KNK Studio. It was so simple to do and once the file was designed it was a simple matter of cutting it from Vinyl and applying it to a floor tile.

    Here’s the Snowman file in KNK, MTC, and SVG formats: Snowman Ornament

    And here is the Love tile file, also in KNK, MTC, and SVG formats: Love Is Quote

    I hope that each and every one of you have a Merry Christmas filled with love and Family. There are so many people in our KNK world who have become very dear friends, one more reason why I love my KNK Maxx.

    Snowman Tic Tac Guts – with Free File!

    Need a Christmas favor perfect for school teachers, co-workers, neighbors and the handsome Fed Ex driver who brings you packages from KNK USA?  These thoughtful Tic Tac mints are sure to be well received.

    I calculated the sizing needed for my Tic Tac cover by simply tracing the Tic Tac container onto my printed paper.  I wrapped the paper around my mints and once I was sure about the sizing I needed, I created a rectangle with rounded corners in my KNK Software. I then made little notches on my shape so it would know exactly where my score lines need to be… this is a very helpful thing you can do if you plan on assembling several! 

    I created this snowman file by welding circles and rectangles together.   Next I used the transform inline function to create an inline mat for my shape.  I then separated the snowman image from the inline mat and began creating the three swirls.  I did this by manipulating and adding nodes to this shape. It may take you a few tries the first time, but the more you practice the faster you will get and the easier it becomes.

    Next I placed my snowman with the interior mat onto the rectangle with rounded corners I created and then added a circle onto my shape so his “Snowman Tic Tac Guts” would be visible.

    I keep my 15″ KNK Maxx settings at Overcut 15 & Trailing Blade 20 because I only use my machine to cut paper.

    See other projects I’ve created with my KNK on the KNK Gallery on my website at susan mast designs

    Supply List:

    • Cardstock:  Bazzill Coconut Swirl [T10-1044] and Ebony [T15-1080]
    • Printed Paper:  Echo Park – Holly Berry [VMC30413]
    • Embellishments:  Bazzill Paper Flower [303341], Jewel [303331] and Ribbon [302530]

    And if you would like to make your own, here’s link with the file in KNK, MTC, SVG, and EPS formats:

    Snowman Tic Tac Guts

    Just when you thought Christmas was over…

    I bought some ornaments last year on after Christmas clearance. Some were clear and some frosted. I tried the pledge and glitter trick on one and wasn’t thrilled. It was an uglier version of what a store-bought glitter ornament would look like.

    Then I tried alcohol ink on a clear ornament. That turned out better but was plain.So when I decided to make personalized ornaments.  I used one of the alcohol ink ornaments that I had made as a base. The H on the ornament it CentB font, Harper is PC Dazzle as is the back of the ornament. I like PC Dazzle because it cuts well at any size and weeds well. With the ” H”  I scored all of the edges with my exacto knife prior to removing it from the backing. This helped it lay flat on the round ornament.










    So that worked for the girls, but what about the boys? Gavin would not like purple. So I made this ornament for him. I stole his face from a My Scrap Chick file.

















    And then, because I had seen an ornament on-line and said “I can make that” (ask my family how often I say that) I made this Hello Kitty ornament.








    All of the ornaments were made by cutting vinyl on my wonderful KNK Maxx. The first two are made with Oracal 631 and the Hello Kitty is Oracal 651 only because I wanted the glossy finish. The vinyl is available at

    So, go get those clearance ornaments before they are gone and for about 25 cents you can make some great personalized ornaments for the little ones in your life.