Let the fun begin!

Today marks the beginning of my favorite time of year, winter in Wisconsin.

Christmas is officially over so now it is time to clean and spend time doing things that I love. (I actually love cleaning too)


I have 2 grandchildren, 17 great nieces and nephews, and a handful of extra special little ones in my life. I can’t tell you how much joy it brings to me to be able to make them special gifts. 2 of my nieces live one house apart and each have 3 kids, a boy and 2 girls each, all close in age . The 2 youngest girls are best friends so I was asked to make them these shirts. The glitter heat transfer vinyl is so much fun to work with.

img_5478-min img_5477-min A friends son is 40 and single, she asked me to make a shirt for his nephew and this is what I made.

img_5472-min A friend going to Mexico requested a shirt…



And school football shirts for her 3 little grandsons, school colors are orange and black.

img_5431-min img_5428-min


And when you have a granddaughter and a bunch of grandnieces who could resist this…



So, yes, I have had a bit of fun already, more to come!



Glitter vinyl

Thermoflex Plus vinyl

Heat press



Red capped blade

Force  50 for Thermoflex

90 for Glitter vinyl

Speed  450

I read somewhere that if you want vinyl to weed easy use multi cut and cut it with 2 passes. I tried it because the thermoflex is stretchy and it did make a difference.


Schools out for the summer…

I was thinking back to when I first bought my KNK and the changes that have come about since then. In the beginning, there were very few “designers” so the number and type of files were very limited. Every time something new came out we were so happy. I remember buying a scalloped circle file and believe it or not it came in different sizes 1″, 2″ etc.

I never thought the day would come when I could actually design my own files. And the easiest files to design are files that contain font’s only.

IMG_4051 Materials




KNK Maxx

Red capped blade

45 force

400 speed

This sweet 8×10 chalkboard was made by simply typing the words using Jenna Sue font. TaDa! I think it is an awesome gift for the teacher who spent the whole school year making her students feel special.


School Themed Gift Card Holders with Envelopes

If you have someone special that you will be recognizing when school comes to an end in just a couple of months, one of these gift card enclosures may be your perfect answer.  All were cut on my KNK Maxx from cardstock.


  1. Card with Graduation Hat
    • Hat is cut from cardstock and attached with pop dots for dimension
    • Silky, dimensional tassel was inserted into a hole in the top of the cap
    • Text is cut from vinyl
    • Bottom tab closure
    • Envelope is the same size that was included in my last post.
  2. Card is created to resemble a whiteboard with a message.
    • Apple and leaves are cut from cardstock
    • Text is cut from vinyl
    • Includes envelope sized for the card
  3. Apple-shaped card
    • Leaf and stem are cut from cardstock
    • Text on the front and inside are cut from vinyl
    • Includes envelope sized for the card
  4. Card with Graduation Hat
    • Hat, tassel and text are all cut from vinyl
    • Bottom tab closure
    • Envelope is the same size that was included in my last post.

Free files are included in KNK, PDF, and MTC formats.  Enjoy!

School Gift Card Collection

Gift Card Collection with Envelope

This posting is a result of me always looking for a gift card enclosure whether it be for a birthday, a reward for a good job done in school, or just because.   Gift cards seem to be the answer for so many occasions these days.  Everything was cut on my KNK 15″ MAX and all of the outside designs include the use of vinyl, my go-to product for ease in lettering.  The card base is generic white cardstock and the reward ribbon was layered colored cardstock, “Good Job” added in vinyl.

Assembly is quick and easy with just just 2 folds on the card and a bit of glue on each end of the fold-up portion that encloses the gift card.  There are two card versions, one with a closure tab on the bottom and one without.

Gift Card Set in KNK and PDF File Formats

Also included is an envelope designed especially for the card.  For envelopes, my preference is paper that comes in Strathmore sketch pads, located in the art department of your favorite craft store.

Lego Club Competition, a great time to pull out the KNK

Hello, my name is Chris Durnan, I am a cutting machine addict. Since my first one years ago I have been through a few different machines. I am the proud owner of a KNK Maxx. Can I say I know many see this machine and think “oh nice machine”. And some even say so. I look at this machine and I see happy sparkles floating all around. I love my KNK. I express it here because when I go on and on some might think I am crazy, but I know I am among good company when posting here.

I was invited to guest post on the Team KNK site today and I chose one of my biggest undertakings to share. Many don’t know this, but I am also the assistant coach for the Lego Club at my son’s school. This means I run the paperwork, announcements and get to make the sign for competition. Last year we were short on time and I offered to take over this endeavor and had some help from a friend. We stretched this sign across the floor of a classroom and started glueing and glueing. I used mixed media to create this huge banner. I believe it was 24 ft long. This was also a fantastic way to use up some of the paper in my craft room. I cut cardstock and vinyl. I did the words, lego shapes  and you can see the Lego under the word Jr. It was a fantastic day.

My son is the one in the cowboy hat grinning from ear to ear wearing his Lego Team shirt. This was also created by the Coach of the Lego Club. She used iron on vinyl cut on a digital cutter. Just Awesome. Look at all you can do with a digital cutter. I love my KNK Maxx.

I hope you find inspiration in this post . Initially, I was overwhelmed at cutting so many letters and could I make it look good. It was out of my usual style of designing, but I am very proud of it and what it represented. I think my son was too. He had quite the grin and did a great job at his first competition!

Have a wonderful day!


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