Rhinestone T for St. Paddy’s Day!

Who doesn’t LOVE St. Patrick’s Day? I’ve always made it a special celebration, having married into an Irish family! I would love to tell you about the amazing traditional Irish dinner I make every year. But the truth is… hubby’s not so fond of Irish food! lol So, I usually just pick up a half dozen sandwich rolls, several selections of deli meat (including corned beef, or course), sliced cheese, a pint of coleslaw (hey, it is made from cabbage), and some potato salad. And that’s our “traditional” St. Paddy’s Day meal! Oh… and I always add some green food coloring to a pitcher of Coors Light! 😛

This year, I have something special to wear. I designed a rhinestone pattern, cut template material on the KNK Zing, and then brushed in Peridot and Crystal 10SS stones from KNK USA to fill the template. After filling, I lifted the stones with rhinestone tape, and then pressed onto a black T Shirt.

Here’s a close up of the design in MTC:

I used the automatic fill feature in MTC for the shamrock and then tweaked to get the rows of stones perfect. Note that I cut the entire template at one time and then used masking tape to cover the holes for the words while brushing in the Peridot stones. Then I removed the masking tape and brushed in Crystal stones for the lettering. This works really well for two color templates where one color is clearly separated from the other.

Finally, if you would like to cut the pattern yourself, here’s a link to a zip containing the design in .KNK, .PDF, and .MTC formats:

Rhinestone Kiss Me I’m Irish Files

I hope everyone has a fabulous St. Paddy’s Day!

Engraving a Dog Tag on a KNK

After a near scare with our beloved 12 year old Llasa-Bichon, Chibi, we decided we needed a little more info on her dog tag. Chibi had wandered off one Saturday morning and the man who found her was responsive and dialed the number on the county-registered tag on Chibi’s collar. However, the number had been discontinued! Fortunately, my husband found a web site called Lost My Doggie and was able to have their automatic service call every home phone within a two mile range of our home. One of our neighbors received the call and knew right away that this must be the dog HER next door neighbor had found earlier that morning. Within a short time, Chibi was reunited with her family.

Needless to say, we were quite unhappy that the phone number on her collar had been discontinued by the government agency which issued it! My husband suggested we get her tag engraved with our home phone number. Bingo! A perfect application for my KNK Maxx!

The first step was to measure the tag. It was 1-1/8″ in diameter, so I created a circle in KNK Studio, just slightly larger – 1.15″. I wanted it large enough so that when I cut out that circle in chipboard, the tag would fit within the hole I cut. You’ll later see why.

Next, I designed the text I wanted to engrave. KNK Studio comes with a selection of single line and multi-line engraving fonts. I selected one that I felt would create easy-to-read text. I made sure the text was positioned so that it would be engraved exactly where I wanted it to be on the tag. The following screen shots show the text with both the fill turned on and the fill turned off:

I needed to make sure the engraving would be made in the exact place on the tag I needed. I set the cutting mode in KNK Studio to Sign Blank. Then, I taped a sheet of chipboard to the cutting mat. After doing a test cut to make sure I had the correct blade length and cutting force, I set the origin and cut out the circle only from the chipboard:

Important… right after the circle was cut, I did NOT lift the pinch wheel levers. Instead, I went Offline and used the lower “-” key to move the mat forward until I could lift out the cut circle with a paper piercer. I then placed the tag into the hole and put small pieces of tape along the very top and bottom to hold the tag in place during the engraving. I’m not sure that’s absolute necessary but I didn’t want the tag to shift during the engraving process, so it seemed like good insurance:

Then, I pressed the Online button so that the blade carriage would return to the same origin. I then switched out the blade for the engraving tool, set the cutting force to 150, and the number of passes to 3. I then sent the text only to the cutting window and the text was engraved EXACTLY where I needed it:

So, having our dog’s name and home phone number on her dog tag gives us a lot more reassurance that if she were to wander off again, anyone finding her would be able to contact us directly.

My thanks to Michelle Hessler for posting on one of the KNK Yahoo groups this method of aligning an engraving. It worked great and is perfect for non-rectangular shapes, such as this circular dog tag.

Rhinestone Simulations, Free Files, Free Videos!

Today’s post is all about learning how to do rhinestone simulations! Many of our KNK customers have rhinestone businesses and need a way to show their clients how a design will look on a shirt before cutting the template. So, I came up with a method to do this back in 2009 when I first began supporting rhinestone designing in KNK Studio and in ACS Studio. Just a few weeks ago, the same topic came up again, but for the KNK Zing using Make The Cut! The methods are easy once the designs are created. Just remember to save your original design! This is critical in KNK Studio because adding the simulation changes the actual file itself. But even in Make The Cut, you will be inclined to resize the design after adding the simulated texture and that can also cause problems later if you forget that you’ve done that!

Here’s a close up of the crystal simulation. Note that files are provided for a range of simulations which match the stone colors most commonly used and also sold at KNK USA.

So, here are links to the free videos you need for learning how to add a rhinestone simulation in either KNK/ACS Studio or in Make The Cut:

Video for Rhinestone Simulation in KNK or ACS

Video for Rhinestone Simulation in Make The Cut

And then I’m also sharing the butterfly outline design in KNK, MTC, and PDF formats. Here’s a link for those of you who collect cutting files… especially rhinestone cutting files! : )

Rhinestone Butterfly Outline

Southwest Card Design with Free File

This was the card I submitted for a local card swap earlier this summer. The theme was “Southwest” and living here in Arizona, the first things that always come to mind when I think of our beautiful desert life, are: saguaro cactus, rolling hills and mountains, clear blue skies, abundant sunshine, and American Indian art. So, I started designing in KNK Studio and created the card above.

Everything was cut from Bazzill cardstock with the exception of the rolling hills. I do have them in my design, but then decided to hand tear the tan cardstock instead of cutting those shapes. I inked along the torn edges and then also applied ink to the cactus and a little bit to the sun. The Indian border was all cut as one piece and applied as the top layer.

The background card is 4″ x 6″ and I used a sky blue Bazzill cardstock so that I wouldn’t need to apply a background sky.

If you would like the free cutting file, I’ve uploaded in three different formats:

Southwest Card in KNK Format

Southwest Card in MTC Format

Southwest Card in PDF Format

Chicken Recipe Layout

Here’s my whimsical (uh… sick?) sense of humor at work…

This was another contribution to a recent recipe swap among friends. I traced the image in KNK Studio from something I found on the Internet so I cannot share the file. It was used in a “slightly different context” but fit my theme perfectly!

The majority of the layout is made from cardstock with the axe blade being cut from a mirrored cardstock. The title was printed directly onto the blue background. The door knob is a large metal press-on eyelet that I had in my embellishment stash. The door and the chicken are mounted onto pop dots.

The axe is pulled to the left and the recipe, which is attached to the axe handle, slips out from behind the door:

It’s a GREAT recipe! My family loves it and it’s quick to make… so give it a try if you like chicken recipes (and try to put this image out of your head while you’re cooking)! lol