Challenge in Review – Paper Entry

I am running out of time to share these paper projects with you! But I know you want to see these fabulous entries from the KNK and Team KNK Summer Solstice Challenge!

In this project, Kristi created charming pop-up menus that are sure to delight children and adults alike!


Kristi describes her paper project:

My husband and I own a restaurant in Coloma, CA (Sierra Nevada House), and I am also an artist, so I made a children’s pop-up menu for the restaurant. I already owned the Klic-n-Kut Zing and it seemed like the perfect tool to cut out the various parts for the menu. This included the cover art, which had a cut out map of Coloma, and the title, “Miners Only,” cut out of that map. (Coloma is where gold was discovered in California, hence the pun “Miners (Minors) Only”). Also, all of the pieces that created the inside pop-up parts of the menu were cut out using the Zing. Card stock was used for all of the parts.


I created all of the necessary files in Illustrator. The reason that I purchased this cutter over all other available cutters is because I wanted to be able to create my own files and my own designs.



My Valentine Card – Pop Up Card Studio with Free File

Love is in the air, and I just love sharing Valentine wishes with my loved ones! I make sure to send something special to my DH, my sister, my mom, my niece, and of course, my DD. This year, with the help of Pop-up Card Studio I have a whole new fabulous style to share with my loved ones.

I used a simple phrase (as I am not ready to do anything too complicated in PCS – LOL) to create my cards for this year.

I added the text “My Valentine”, and used a heart shape from the basic shapes options, to create a “universal” valentine card for 2014. This project was made with my KNK Maxx Air 24″.


  • 2 sheets of 8.5×11 or larger complimentary color card stock
  • Adhesive
  • Absolutely nothing else – its sooooo simple!!



  • Open the file below
  • Cut the inner layer card stock
  • Fold at the fold lines and apply adhesive
  • Fold the 2nd sheet of 8.5×11 card stock in half
  • Adhere the cut, inner layer to the outer layer card stock (first one side, then the other)
  • Voila! Fabulousity!!!




How lovely! Pop-up Card Studio helps make fantastic designs, never before imagined! Here is your free file. Tell your loved ones how special they are to you!

Age Pop-Up Inserts

Hi There fellow KNK-ers!

As I mentioned last week, I have one of those big Birthdays ending in ‘0’ coming up in my Family soon so I thought it would be fun to use my Zing to make a pop-up card of their age.

I have done my best to make a pop-up card insert to cover each of the big milestone ages for you today. Although they can be used inside any card I also have a card front for you which can be used with any of the inserts. Both cut files are available for you at the end of the post 🙂

I cut all of my elements from Worldwin Cutmates Cardstock, I wouldn’t normally use Cutmates for a card base but as I will be attaching an extra layer inside, it will be plenty sturdy enough.

I used my Zing with Make the Cut software. My settings were:

  • height – 25 post-it notes
  • blade – standard
  • offset – 0.30
  • speed – 10
  • force – 65
  • passes – 1

Here are all of the elements needed to create today’s card. You will need a blank card base, your chosen insert, the lettering and its backing layer for the card front:

Age Insert Card 1

Gluing the individual letters onto their backing layer is a little time consuming, but once done, there is a nice large surface area on the reverse to attach 3d foam pads on to for popping onto the card base:

Age Insert Card 2

Moving onto the insert, you will need to fold along all of the perforated lines before attaching your insert into your card. All of the fold lines are Valley Folds (they should resemble a V) except the second fold from the top which is a Mountain Fold (this should resemble an upside down V):

Age Insert Card 3

You will need to apply adhesive around all of the fold lines and at the edge of the insert, I have used double sided tape. Attach your insert into your card one side at a time to ensure accurate placement:

Age Insert Card 4

Here’s how the completed card front looks:

Age Insert Card 5

…and here is what is waiting inside:

Age Insert Card 6

If you would like to see more projects I have created with my Zing and access my free cut files you can find my blog here:

Here are the Cut Files for today’s project:

Age Pop Up Inserts

Age Pop Up Inserts Cut File

you are...

You Are… Cut File