Engraving License Plate Blanks with Fill

I just can’t get enough of KNK ENGRAVING! These acrylic license plates are a lovely medium to work with – very easy to engrave and very striking when done.

Some license plates are a solid glossy color, while others are a mirror or reflective glossy color. The black in these photos are solid while the red are mirror-like.   Engraving License Plates


Settings (Maxx Air):

  • f = 60
  • v = 150
  • p = 3


  1. Use a very sticky mat. Place the license plate blank on the mat between pinch wheels. Use painter’s tape to ensure it will not move during the engraving. I used the grid on the mat to place my plate and to set the origin. This made it easy to turn off the machine and work on the plates at different times (unlike when you create a template to place an engraving object into).
  2. Adjust the settings for engraving. Be sure to uncheck offset.
  3. Engrave your design(s).
  4. Remove all of the shavings and clean the license plate. I used a non-ammonia glass cleaner.

Engraving on Black License Plate

The solid fill engraving shows up clearly. The first plate I engraved had only an outline and I can’t even get a clear picture of it. The solid fill makes a profound difference.

Valentine’s Day Plate with Subway Art

Are you ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day next month?  Or are you like me with not quite all of my Christmas decorations put away?

I’m patting myself on the back for grabbing these plates when I first saw them at Michael’s with all the rhinestone bling already on them.  Because I did, I am actually going to have a month to enjoy this plate before Valentine’s Day comes and goes…and even have time to make and share them with special friends.  Isn’t that a novel way to begin 2013?  The good news is that there is still time for you to do the same.  The project is quick and easy!  Optimized-VPlate1

Supplies:  1 red plate, 1 – 9″ square of White Vinyl, and Transfer Tape

I cut the vinyl on my new KNK Maxx Air machine from Make-the-Cut software, using a standard material blade (red capped).  The settings used were: Force: 19; Speed: 150; Blade Offset: .35, One pass.

The biggest challenge to this project might be centering the heart within the plate, so I am including pictures of how I did it:

1.  After cutting the vinyl, cover the vinyl (still on the backing) with a layer of Transfer Tape.
2.  Closely cut the Transfer Tape and Vinyl backing to the shape of the heart, being careful not to cut the heart perimeter.VPlate6

3. Lay the heart shape into the plate center for a visual of where you desire final placement.
4. Carefully remove the backing from the vinyl; With the sticky side of the vinyl facing the plate; center and carefully place it on the plate; burnish for a smooth application.  VPlate7

SubwayArtHeartCuttingFiles in KNK, MTC & SVG Formats

PDF Listing of Fonts used in Valentine Subway Art Design

Are You Getting Underwear For Christmas?

My ten year old granddaughter has a chalk board in her kitchen.  She is using it to countdown the days until Christmas and every day makes a point of reducing the number of days.  Every time I have seen her since Thanksgiving, either she or her younger brother, who is 7, tells me how many more days until Christmas.  I’m sure the time is crawling for them.  Their excitement is infectious.  My daughter loves every moment of it, as do I.  The house is decorated inside and out with lights, nativities, and of course a Christmas tree.

For a year or so now, from time to time, there have been questions about the validity of Santa Claus.  This year my daughter has answered them by saying: “If you stop believing in Santa Claus, you get underwear!”.  Funny thing…no one is asking anymore.  They have probably gotten their answers elsewhere, but it hasn’t dampened their excitement.  I embellished this plate with the saying.  It hangs in their kitchen with the chalk board.

I cut the words and Santa out of shiny vinyl on my Klic-N-Kut.  The font used is BaaBookHmkBold and Santa with his sleigh is a free design from Digital Designs by Stephanie.  The plate is 14″ in diameter and is from Hobby Lobby.  To hang it, I looped a piece of 1.5″ wide grosgrain ribbon through a brass ring and glued it to the back of the plate.  This picture gives some detail of the back, where I did several rows of stitching to make sure that both ends of the ribbon acted as one piece for a secure bond with the glue (Gorilla Glue).

I completed it by wrapping a separate piece of ribbon around the hanger loop and tying a bow on the front side, just above the plate.

On a serious note, this is the nativity scene that I created for my entry courtyard.  It measures 40″ wide x 30″ tall and is attached to a metal wall plaque with nylon tie straps.  The components of the scene are a combination of the nativity font, collected and original designs  …all cut from vinyl on my Klic-N-Kut.