The Perfect Artist’s Hand

No, its not my superior artist skills with a brush – that is for sure! But, of course, it is my fave tool, my Maxxie (Maxx Air 24″) that has rockin-awesome skills.

My husband and kids love to practice shooting arrows with their new recurve bow and we’ve used up many a purchased target. My mom recently gave us a humungo roll of heavy paper. I decided to make use of that roll and create some personalized targets. I am working on some alternates for bullseyes, and while I was at it I thought I’d make some deer targets that can cover the front of a bale of straw or be adhered to a piece of wood.

All it takes is the paper, a Maxx 24″ and a marker – soooooo simple! I used free clip art from the web and pixel traced it in MTC. Then I put my marker in the blade carriage, ramped up the velocity, and voila!



  • Paper 24 x 36 (or whatever length you want)
  • Marker


  • f = 19
  • v = 500

The first graphic was a little too intricate so I decided to make a simpler version. The first time Maxxie drew him (per my instructions), he was only 22″ tall. I decided to use the MTC knife tool and cut him in half so I could super-size him. This time he is almost the perfect size for target shooting.


And there is my handsome devil of an assistant, my DH, taping our target to the basement wall so I can snap a photo.


I know that I can use Maxxie to create the perfect picture at any size to fit our needs. And, depending on the need, I can use the fab all purpose pen tool to use any writing instrument needed for the job at hand.

Halloween Witches Hat – Embroidery Pattern made with my KNK

Halloween Witches Hat – Embroidery Pattern: I love finding new ways to use my KNK digital cutting systems! (Lynn C. – I thought of you the whole time I was making this!)

My mom was visiting recently and we spent a day shopping and eating in Le Claire, IA – home of Antique Archaeology, otherwise known as American Pickers. Mom and I spent a couple of hours in the local shops, as well as a couple of dollars! Since retiring from 35 years of teaching she’s picked up Quilting and spends hours and hours every week on her new, and beloved, hobby. While we were shopping I found a needle punch embroidery project and thought it might be something I could do while traveling because its pretty compact. Some day when I have more time, I’d love to learn how to embroider – Team KNK Designer, Judy, creates such fabulous things with embroidery!

Crafting is currently a challenge! I am in between houses, and traveling back and forth between Illinois and Michigan every other weekend. Because of that, I have carved out a little corner of mom’s family room to do my crafts. Thank goodness she’s okay with this – I can’t go too long without my KNKs!

CraftArea And……back to the project. Finished needle punch items can be added to quilts, pillows, or books as an accent, or they can be used in many other craft projects. The thread is colorfast, so they can even be used as coasters!


I purchased a couple of yards of the weaver’s cloth, and some nice fall color threads to make other projects. I made the Halloween Witches Hat with a dark purple thread, the spider with black, the bittersweet with olive thread and red thread, and the star and moon with a harvest gold thread. The background is a thread that is variegated in off whites.



  • Speed:  200
  • Force: 80
  • Passes: 1-2


  • I used the brayer to adhere the fabric to the mat and to remove all of the fold lines. My material was a little wider than the mat, but by only using the center 3 pinch wheels it had no effect on the task.


  • I used a ball point pen, simply because my fabric pens are all packed and traveling on a truck somewhere. It worked just fine!




I only used a single pass on the Moon and Star – since there isn’t a lot of detail I figured it wouldn’t make much difference. The weaver’s cloth accepted the ink very well.

  • Next, I use the needle punch to craft the Halloween Witches hat design.


I can’t wait to ‘draw’ my next needle punch design with one of my KNKs! I am going to use this method to make Christmas patterned designs for everyone in my family. If nothing else, it will be a great way to spend my time in the car!