Embossed Graduation Cover for a Party Favor

Notepad Cover Post 6 6 2016

This month has been very busy… because we have been preparing for Our son’s, Bryan’s, graduation(s). He is graduating twice… one right after another… He graduated from High School, as well as from a Technical College. Gaining not only a diploma but a certificate in 3D Animation technology. Not to mention his outstanding grades :).We are VERY proud of him and wanted to celebrate his achievements. For this celebration I am making some party favors. I bought some notepads to make an embossed Graduation cover for it, using cardstock.

Notepad Cover pink Notepad Cover open Notepad Cover Green

The materials that I used for this project were:

Settings for KNK Force:

For this project I used the dual-head of my KNK Force, putting the Red Blade to the left side of the machine head and the Embossing tool to the Right head of the Machine. This allows the machine to emboss and cut at the same time. In order to use the dual-head, First you have to calibrate the two tools for Alignment. This is covered in Chapter 5 Page 74, Utilizing Force Accessory Tools and The Dual Heads, in the KNK Force Manual.

The settings used for the Red Blade (left side):

  • Passes = 1
  • CD = 70
  • CS =  Default-40
  • US = Default-40
  • PS = Default-20
  • LS = Default – 20
  • Blade Offset – Red Blade

The Settings used for the Embossing Tool (Right side):

  • Passes = 4
  • Starting Depht = 130
  • Ending Depht = (Same as start)
  • CS, US, PS, and LS = Default
  • Blade Offset = None

Steps to make the cover:

  1. First I scanned the notepad and opened it in MTC to make the cover.
  2. Once I create the cover in MTC, I started writting his name as well as the “2016.”
  3. Then I chose from the Galery of MTC, i chose a graduation file to emboss with his name/2016, that previously have been added to the cover.
  4. When the cover and the design were completed, I saved the file as a .SVG file to be opened in C3.
  5. When the file was opened in C3, Then I proceeded to change the layer settings according to the tools that I was using.
  6. Once, the machine had finished embossing and cutting, with the glue gun I glued the notepad to the cover and the graduation hat.

Thank you stopping by…

Kitty Party Favor Wand

Hello Kitty, KNK, This is a Kitty Princess Wand that I made as a party favor for my granddaughter’s birthday. It is really simple to make.


12″ x 12″ Chipboard, Skewers, KNK Groove-e, Ribbon, Glitter, Fun Foam, Paint, Glue, MTC File (The Hello Kitty is a file from the MTC online gallery)

Download and open the Hello Kitty file in MTC. Cut the background/shadow layer from chipboard and the rest of the shapes from Fun Foam. Paint the chipboard as desired. I painted mine pink. Once it is dry, cover the entire piece with glue and paste the Fun Foam shapes onto the chipboard, using the file in MTC as a guide for placement. Next, apply glitter to all areas that do not have Fun Foam but still have glue exposed. Cover the skewer with ribbon and glue to the back of the chipboard piece. Make a separate ribbon bow and glue to the front of the skewer.

Chipboard, knk, Kitty, Chipboard, knk, groove-e, KNK, groove-e, chipboard, fun foam




Thank You Note and Keepsake



I am going to be Grandma for first time! I can’t beleive it and I am soooo happy and I am making a lot of things for the Baby Shower of my daughter-in-law. It’s going to be a GIRL, so I already started making the Invitations, the Thank You notes, and the favors. This is what my post is about.

The Thank You note that you see was made with vellum paper, cardstock, ribbon, a paper flower, and vinyl. Using my TERRIFIC Groove E and the engraving tool, I engraved the vellum, (F=60 and V=300). Then I changed the engraving tool for the red cap blade to cut the vellum. After it was cut, I cut one of the borders with a decorative scissor. Then I cut cardstock with the same shape of the vellum and painted just the border of the card stock. The word “Thank you” was made with vinyl and I cut it with the red cap blade (F=25 and V=150). Then I embellished with ribbon and paper flower.








For the keepsake, I made everything exactly as explained above but in miniature size. Instead of writing the word “Thank You” I wrote the name of the baby, which is going to be “Carlea” and put that inside a box frame that I decorated with the colors of the baby shower.