Paper piecing gone vinyl


I had a friend send me a picture of a poster and she wanted me to duplicate it for her daughter’s classroom. The problem for me was it had children super heroes and I wasn’t sure how I would duplicate that part of the poster. So, when in doubt, Google. And I found an old friend,Miss Kate’s Cutables. She has awesome files, they are very reasonable, and if you sign up she has free files on a regular basis.


IMG_4302 IMG_4304 IMG_4303

I love the way it turned out!



transfer tape



red capped blade

speed 400

Force 45

I love paper piecing but it is time consuming and gluing tiny pieces and achieving a clean look is difficult. “paper piecing” with vinyl is still time consuming but so simple. Using the clear transfer tape allows you to place the vinyl so it lines up perfectly! The vinyl was placed on a 12″x24″ piece of wood cut by my Home Depot guy. It was then spray painted with Rustoleum 2X paint. I allow the paint to dry for 24 hours and then lightly sand it before applying the vinyl.



Charley Harper Inspired Cardinal Postcards

Charley Harper Inspired Cardinal Postcard

While getting a tour of the new Art Papers Online warehouse, Susan Pickering Rothamel showed me these amazing handmade postcard blanks from Thailand. I loved the natural look of the postcards and immediately thought SWAP! So, we launched an international postcard swap.

Once the ball was rolling, I had to art on 9 postcards to send to other swappers. I love paper piecing but just couldn’t come up with any ideas for the cards.

Then my partner, JoeM, found these beautiful napkins with white birch on a pale sky background. I looked at those, thought about cardinals (red against the light blue) and Charley Harper. I love 1950’s designs and his cardinals would be perfect!

Charley Harper was a Cincinnati-based American Modernist artist. He was best known for his highly stylized wildlife prints, posters and book illustrations. His style is easy to spot and easy to draw, especially with the help of the Charley Harper Sketch Book of 28 Birds. And, since I love paper piecing, the good news is the shapes are also very easy to cut on the Zing.

Charley Harper Inspired Cardinal Eating Berries Postcard

Here’s how I created these two postcards:

  1. Separate the napkin plies and collage the top-most ply on to the postcard blank using Perfect Paper Adhesive (PPA) Matte.
  2. Use a 1/2″ Bright Brush to apply Titanium White Perfect Pigment Pure Liquid Acrylic Paint to the bottom of the card to make snow covered ground.
  3. Cut the pieces of the cardinal from red, black and yellow cardstock. The standing cardinal only has 7 pieces! And the cardinal eating berries only has 5 pieces! You can download the Charley Harper Inspired Cardinals SVG File and import them into Make The Cut (MTC).
  4. Darken the wings and tail of each bird by applying a little dark grey PanPastel  to the pieces using a cotton ball or Q-Tip.
  5. For the cardinal eating berries, draw some branches and berries using black and red sharpies.
  6. Adhere the paper pieces to the postcard.
  7. Draw eyes, legs and knees using black and red sharpies.

These are very easy to make and come together very quickly. This would be the perfect card front or postcard to mass produce! You could even scale up the design concept to make a fantastic canvas as a home decor piece.

Happy Crafting!
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