Law Enforcement Officiers

Law enforcement officers across our country had a rough year in 2016. There are good cops and bad cops, just like in any profession. But the most loved cop is always the K9 officer. In our neighboring community, Utos their K9 officer, died after a very brief illness, a virus which attacked his heart. I made this for his partner. img_5562-min Materials

3″ ornament

extra fine glitter

poly acrylic



15″ KNK Maxx

red capped blade

Force  36

Speed 400


I used a clear 3″ flat ornament purchased on line. They can also be found at most craft stores. I removed the top and set it aside. Then I poured some poly acylic into the ornament and swished it around to ensure the entire inside had been coated. Then I set it upside down in a Dixie cup to drain for a minute or two. Next is adding the glitter, once again rolling the ornament to ensure the entire inside is coated. Then I tip the ornament upside down and let it rest in a dixie cup. I generally do a bunch at a time and the poly acrylic that drains is used for the next ornament, same with the excess glitter. I then place them in an egg carton, still upside down and let them dry for a few days. Next I traced the image of shield that I found online. To make a perfect fitting blue line I used snap to grid and then used the ginsu knife feature and cut that section out of the shield. And then it was just adding the words. When cutting letters this small I try to use a basic font so that it cuts and weeds well. I applied everything to the shield prior to transferring it to the ornament. When applying vinyl to any surface that has a curve (although this is a “flat” ornament, it still has a curve) I always start at the center of the design and work out.  You can make a large variety of personalized ornaments by adding vinyl.

Down to the wire

Sorry this is late! There is one last week to get things done before Christmas. I am close to being done, mainly because I have downsized significantly.:~)

I wanted to share some fun things that I have made recently. So much has changed in the 10 years that KNK has been on the market. Starting out there were few files to be found, now there are thousands. The best thing is that you can find free or very reasonable files every where and it is extremely easy to create your own.

img_5436-min img_5425-min

img_5340-min img_5409-min Aren’t these fun? The first is an ornament that I purchased, added glitter to the inside and then applied vinyl lettering to the outside. It is a flat ornament but has a bit of a curve so it is always helpful to apply the center part of the vinyl first and work your way out. Here is the file he-sees-you-when-your-drinking-team-knk-knk

The second is a purchased file for the truck and tree and the rest was fonts. It is amazing how many fonts are out there free that have flourishes, sayings, logos, etc.

The third is an image I saw on line and developed a file so that I could cut it from vinyl. Here is the file for the window image. In the file, it is sized for a glass block, I also made it into a card. deer-with-tree-and-cardinal-card-team-knk

And the last is a purchased file, I think the company was called APEX. Some files are just worth buying and this was one of them.


plastic flat ornament

pine board

vintage window

mdf board


paper transfer tape for window



red capped blade

Speed 500

Force 36

I have found that using the wet method of applying vinyl to glass is a wonderful thing. Just google it and there are videos to show you how. Just make sure that you use the paper transfer tape.

Searching for something for this post an old post of Judy’s popped up , check it out here.  It pays to go back through old posts to see what you may have missed.

Merry Christmas and I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store.


Christmas Craft Project Guide from Team KNK

Here is your Team KNK Christmas Craft Project Guide:

Greeting Cards and Memory Keepers:

Christmas Cards   greeting card   greeting card  greeting card   greeting card   greeting card   greeting card   greeting card   greeting card  greeting card   greeting card  memory album/scrapbook holiday photo album


Holiday Table Setting and Decorating:

Christmas table settings  cut wax sheets for reusable temporary decor   vinyl on platter  vinyl on charger plate  vinyl on charger plate  vinyl on charger plate  place setting tags or décor  napkin rings and coasters  place setting  cupcake wrappers  place setting tags


Gift Tags:

Christmas Gift Tags  tags tags   ornaments/tags   ornaments/tags


Holiday Decorations:

Christmas Decorations   banner   glitter ornaments with vinyl decals ornaments  ornaments  snowflake decoration  fun foam holiday shapes   layered vinyl multi-use decoration  layered snowman multi-use decoration  decoration  wall hanging  felt decoration   paper angel table decoration    useful for after the holidays


The next, and last, installment will be a Hand Crafted Gift Guide – be sure to stop back on Monday!


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