Organize Your ‘Stuff’ with Vinyl

When I moved to Arizona we chose a utility billing plan that specified times that we could use major appliances economically, commonly known as ‘off peak’.  The problem was – I couldn’t remember what times I had agreed to.  So, after being reminded ‘umpteen’ times, I decided to write it on the wall above the washer and dryer.  My designs was created with Make the Cut software.  Then, my KNK Maxx Air was used to cut Oracle 631 vinyl from KNK USA.  (Force 23; 1 pass; Red blade; .35 Offset).  Font used for the words Laundry Room is Amienne.


It completely solved my question of ‘what time?” but also serves to tell guests when it is okay to do laundry.

Initially my laundry room had no cabinets, but when we remodeled the kitchen, those from the previous kitchen fit perfectly!  I was totally excited because I had left a basement with lots of storage behind. Surely the addition of these cabinets would be all I would need – but I kept noticing that there was 32″ from the top of the cabinets to the ceiling and I had stuff in the garage that I wasn’t happy storing when temperatures reached triple digits here in Arizona or I just wanted them stored in a handy place.  I measured the space and went on a search for ‘pretty boxes’ with lids to fill the space above the cabinets.  When taking measurements, it is important to note that most cabinets are configured on top like mine are.


Pretty boxes weren’t to be found, but I did find the perfect size in a craft color.  Each measures 15 1/2″ long X 9 1/4″ wide X 12″ high. They served the purpose, but certainly weren’t pretty.


I didn’t come up with a ‘pretty’ plan, but I did come up with a novel plan… I used Oracle 631 vinyl from KNK USA to create my own personal version of subway art.  (Force 23; 1 pass; Red blade; .35 Offset).


If you wonder how I got all that is written on the side of a box, in the box.  The answer is I can’t.  So I filled in with words that made me smile about or related to what is actually stored in the box.


The upside of this project is every time I go into my laundry room I have personal graffiti that brings back happy memories and a smile to my face.


Click on this link for Fonts Used in creating the graffiti.