Its an Operation Write Home Party!

I recently organized a team-building event for work.  After much internal debate I decided on a ‘giving’ theme to benefit both the team and a charity.  Operation Write Home was a perfect fit.  Not only could the men on the team not deny this theme, but it gave me the chance to play with my KNK for hours and hours these last few weeks – for my day job.  I cut and prepared all the card components for the event ahead of time to give numerous options but also to simplify the task for those who feel they aren’t ‘creative’.  We held the event at a local winery that serves lunch.  And I think every person found their own store of creativity!

In preparation for the event, I wanted to give each person a special Christmas present.  Using contact paper and a scrollwork design cut on my KNK Maxx, I glass-etched candy jars with each person’s last name.  Then I added a little Rub-n-Buff in silver for a brightening effect.  I also made the tags using a tag file that came with my KNK software, a reindeer horns file I created, and a ‘branch’ file created from a jpg imported into MTC.   


Now, to explain the ‘team-building’ part of the event.  There were 3 people on each team, and each had a specific role – “product manager”, “engineer” or “customer”.  The product manager had to gather the customer requirements – i.e. the card components – and was not allowed to speak.  The engineer had to provide instruction for the customer to build each card but could not touch any of the components.  The customer had to assemble the cards using all the pieces gathered by the product manager with verbal instructions from the engineer.  Look at what these 3 men and 6 women created:

 25 cards in just one hour – and only one experienced crafter on each team!  I think they did a fabulous job.  Now, I have to run to the post office and get these sent off….