Lunch and Mini Crayon Box


Birthday Favor

Birthday Favor

It is time to celebrate Carlea’s second birthday. Yes, I can’t believe that my granddaughter is turning two. I always have an excuse to use my WONDERFUL KNK cutter machine, so I decided this time to make a print and cut project for the celebration.

This is a lunch box (party favor) which will contain candy, a mini coloring book, and a crayon box to match the lunch box. I designed everything in Photoshop, and then used Make The Cut to print and cut my project.

Sandy McCauley has three videos to teach you how to trace graphics in MTC that might be used for print and cut projects:

KNK Cutter Machine
MTC or KNK Studio
Cutting file for lunch box
Cutting file for crayon box

Customize your lunch box in the software of your choice. Using your MTC or KNK Studio, trace the imported graphic, and then print and cut your project. Here is a link to a video Sandy made showing how a PNC is done in MTC on a KNK Maxx or Groove-e cutter:

Print and Cut

Post if you have any questions!


Album and Favor for “Quinceañera”

Quince, KNK, Sweet 16

This is one of the best gifts that a “Quinceañera” (Sweet 16) or any person can receive. It is a personalized album with the “Quinceañera’s” name. It is very easy to make thanks to my WONDERFUL KNK machine.


KNK Cutter, Rhinestones, Transfer tape, Album, Batting, Fabric, and any Embellishments that you want to add to your album.


First of all, cover your album with batting and trim it. Then, cut your fabric 1 inch larger than the dimensions of the album so you can fold 1/2″ of fabric around the edges to cover your album. Before you glue the fabric to your album, design and iron rhinestones to the fabric. Then, put hot glue in the very corners of your album and fold the fabric. Do this to all four sides so that the album is covered completely. Finally, add other embellishments to give that special touch. In this case I dressed a mini doll with tissue paper and tulle.

On the inside of the album covers, I glued ribbon to cover all of the imperfections:

Album Quince inside



Party Favor, mask, KNK

This is a party favor to match the “Quinceañero” mask Theme. Note that “quinceañero” is the word used when you are mentioning the whole event (el quinceañero).

Here is a link to the cutting file to make this mask box: Mask Box in MTC, KNK, SVG, and PDF formats


KNK Cutter, two different colors of cardstock, ribbon, glue, and your desired embellishments.


Cut the box file from one color and the two masks from the other color of cardstock. Glue them together and embellish. Very easy!

This is my post for today, I hope you enjoyed it.


Valentine MailBox

valentine, knk, mailbox

This is the first Valentine’s Day for my granddaughter, Carlea, so I decided to make something special for her. This mailbox and many of other items in this post feature the printable vinyl from

The mailbox was so simple to do! Just measure your mailbox, design something special, print it, cut it, and attach it to your mailbox! I also cut the big flower on my Groove-e!

valentine, mailbox, knk

I would like to share other things that I made for her birthday, too, where I used printable vinyl and my WONDERFUL KNK Groove-e machine.

Decoracion Carlea

I used the Groove-e to add decorations to the castle show above (Click on the photo to bring up a much larger version to see the details!. I added her name, flowers, and hearts cut with my cutter and I added six pictures of her (these were pictures taken during her first twelve months of life).

Carlea plastic ba This was using Printable vinyl from

I hope you like my post. The possibility of using KNK cutters and products like the printable vinyl are endless. I use my KNK Groove-e for everything, always finishing my projects using my WONDERFUL cutter.




Party Ear Hat

KNK, Party hat, Angelina Ballerina

I have been very busy planning my granddaughter’s birthday. At the beginning we were planning with Hello Kitty Princess in mind, but because she likes Angelina Ballerina so much, we decided to change the theme of her party to Princess Angelina Ballerina. Princess because I already had made a Huge Castle that I will share in a future post, plus I had bought some princess things, already. Now, I am planning a mix of both because I want to use all the things I have prepared up until now.

The crown that I had bought was transformed into a crown with mouse ears so it would match with Angelina Ballerina. I sure hope this mixture works in the end! lol.

The other girls will be wearing these pairs of ears, which will be their party hats. The same will be for the boys, but in blue.






It is very simple. You will need:

  • KNK Cutter
  • Angelina Ballerina Headband Cutting File
  • Fun Foam
  • Head Band
  • Ribbon
  • Glue Gun

  • Cut the free file linked above at your desired size. Then, optionally, color the border of the ears with a marker or colored chalk. Next, glue the ears to your head band with the glue gun and, finally, add a bow with ribbon or tulle.

    In my next post I will show you how to make this decoration for any pencil step by step, so stay tuned.


    Printable Vinyl Gift Wrap and Ornament

    printable vinyl, KNK, gift, christmas, Groove-e, Personalized

    Printable Vinyl Gift Wrapp

    Christmas is around the corner. I decided this year to wrap a few Christmas presents in a different and unique way. I also had a new idea for a Christmas ornament. So I took advantage of the printable vinyl that sells. For this project the materials I used are:


    Printable Vinyl


    Recycled plastic bottle




    Instructions: I began by using Photoshop to design the images and saved them as JPG’s. I imported and pixel traced these images in MTC and then printed them on a sheet of Printable Vinyl. Here is the printed ornament image showing the registrations marks:

    After printing, I used my TERRIFIC Klic-N-Kut Groove-e for the print and cut. (To perform a print and cut from Make-The-Cut, watch the video “Using Make The Cut to do a Print and Cut to a Klic-N-Kut” by Sandy McCauley). I also cut a piece of cardstock with the same shape as my design. In this case a Christmas ball. Then I applied the vinyl to the cardstock.

    After that, I made another design to place in front of my plastic bottle. And I wrapped the bottle cap with ribbon.

    And finally, I decorated the top of the bottle cap with a poinsettia, tulle, and my personalized Christmas ball.

    The print on the vinyl looks fantastic. Inside the plastic base you can put candies or any special gift that will fit. I know the person who receives this present will be so excited.