HTV Happy New Year! – Free File from Team KNK

HTV – a multisurface product?

I’m so glad to be on holiday and finally able spend time in my craft room. I love trying out new products and techniques. And this one is SPECTACULAR! You are going to want to get into your craft room ASAP!   front_opt-1

I read about this technique somewhere, but I was skeptical. Have you ever tried heat transfer vinyl like GlitterFlex on non-porous surfaces – not on fabric for which the product is primarily marketed? It works even better, and apparently lasts longer than glitter decal vinyls. Just make sure the surface you are applying it to is safe for high heat!

The design I used was a freebie from New Evolution Designs, as a wallpaper. They have some very cool and unique designs and lots of freebies.   New Evolutions Designs

I pixel traced the image in Make-the-Cut, which was extremely easy since the design has such clear definition between the colors and is a high quality (high pixel count) image.     closeup_opt

The real magic occurs when you are heat setting it. You might think that it is difficult because of the curve of the bottle, glass, mug or jar – but as I found out, it is easier than it might first appear.


Settings (Maxx Air):

  • f = 32
  • v = 250
  • p = 1


  1. Open the Free File from Team KNK (below)
  2. Make a TEST CUT to ensure a good, clean cut
  3. Make sure the image is reversed
  4. Cut the file from GlitterFlex Ultra or from GlitterFlex II
  5. Position the design on the object and use an iron to heat set   iron_opt The iron heats up the glass, which radiates to the GlitterFlex Ultra so you don’t have to hit every angle around the bottle with the iron.

Download your Free File from Team KNK. And Happy New Year to all!



Welcome 2014 with a Mask (Free File)

It is time to say goodbye 2013 and welcome 2014. I made a mask to receive the new year.               2014 Mask, Team KNK,

Materials Used:


  • KNK Groove-e
  • Blade: Thick Material (Blue Cap)
  • Force = 85
  • Speed = 150
  • One pass – But it really will depend on how close the blade is to the paper or how much of the blade is exposed. You can test those settings before cutting the file using a small basic shape.


  • Glue the decorative paper to the chipboard
  • Cut the chipboard with the attached file
  • Decorate with glitter and attach the wood stick

This is a really simple and fast project to do with your kids for a great New Year Eve Celebration. Attached is a file for Her and His 2014 Mask. HAVE AN AWESOME NEW YEAR EVE CELEBRATION. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

His and Her 2014 Mask