Make Merry with Christmas Coasters and Napkin Rings

Last December I shared a plate about Santa coming at Christmas.  It said “If you stop believing in Santa Claus, you get underwear!”.  My daughter has that plate hanging in her kitchen.  Even though my grandchildren are 8 and 11, they aren’t hinting that they don’t believe. If you ask, all you can get from them is a big grin.  Since we are still playing the game, I’m milking it one more year with this mitten coaster and Santa napkin rings on my dining room table when we celebrate Christmas Eve together.

Both are no-sew projects that I cut from felt on my new Klic-N-Kut MaxxAir.  In completing both projects I tested more than one brand of felt, acquired from local craft stores and one mail order source.  The red and white felts are  Kunin Stick’rzfelt and Tree House Studio Peel & Stick Craft Felt, both of which came with a peel and stick paper backing. The pink felt was from and was not peel and stick, but with Heat ‘n Bond, Ultrahold, ironed to the back side of it, it gave me the same results as those I purchased with a sticky back.  Felt has the reputation of not being the easiest material to cut, but I was blessed with the results I was hoping for, even using the same settings for all 3 brands!  But, it is important to realize that just because you can cut one material at a certain setting, it doesn’t mean ALL brands of the same material will cut the same!!

Make-the-Cut settings I used for cutting the felt with a blue-capped thick material blade:  Force of 150, Speed 165, Blade Offset .5, and repeated 3x


Supplies used for
Mitten Coaster

9″ x 12″ pc Sticky Back Felt
6 1/2″ inches of 2″ wide fur
1 – Holly Berry trim



Remove the paper backing and carefully put the two very sticky sides together, matching all sides.  Glue the holly sprig in place and the fur cuff, with the seam in the back. 

Supplies used for Santa Napkin Ring

  • 9″ x 12″ pc White Sticky Back Felt
  • Small pc Pink Sticky Back Felt or Pink Felt with Heat ‘n Bond ironed on back
  • 5″ x 8″ pc White cotton fabric for lining with Heat ‘n Bond ironed on back
  • 1 – 7mm Red Pom Pom for Nose
  • 2 Back Beads for Eyes

Make-the-Cut settings I used for cutting the felt with a blue-capped thick material blade:  Force of 150, Speed 165, Blade Offset .5, and repeated 3x

Make-the-Cut settings I used for cutting the fabric lining with a fabric blade:  Force of 100, Speed 165, Blade Offset 40, and repeated 2x

Files for the Mitten Coaster in MTC, KNK, PDF, & SVG Formats  Mitten Coaster

Files for the Santa Napkin Ring in MTC, KNK, PDF & SVG Formats Napkin Ring