Christmas, Christmas, and more Christmas!

As much as I wanted to make a bunch of fun Christmas things this year, it didn’t happen. :O(

I did manage to make some cute , personalized Santa’s Cookies plates for my grandkids, great nieces and nephews, and a few other little friends. The plates are from Walmart. The Santa’s Cookies is a design from My Vinyl Designer.  The font used to add the names is a 2Peas font called 2Peas Kindergarten. And of course I used my Klic N Kut Maxx to cut the vinyl. I used Oracal 651 which is a glossy vinyl made to last longer than the 631. It should last through many hand washings.

The Joy card is my own design…well, kind of. :O)  I was driving home one day and saw a lawn ornament that was the word JOY cut from wood and it had the Nativity scene in the O. I thought it was so cool and that I could do that with my KNK. And so I did!  I used a nativity silhouette and the CENTB font and just played around with it , welded it, and tada!  The Joy was cut from Oracal 631 gold vinyl using my KNK Maxx. Because I usually make 100+ cards and so far have one mailed out, simple cards like this will help me reach my goal. 

You can download the Joy file in KNK, PDF and MTC formats:

Joy file in KNK format

Joy file in PDF format

Joy file in MTC format

I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas! Santa doesn’t need to bring me anything…I have a KNK Maxx!!!!

A Vinyl Memorial

IMG_0787 The day my first KNK arrived I was sitting in the hospital with my youngest son. He was a little guy with lots of problems. I remember my husband brought me the KNK user manual so I could study it while at the hospital. It was like reading Greek. Once we got back home and I could actually try things with my machine it was much better. :O) I soon decided to upgrade to a bigger machine and so I sold mine online. Once again, it was time to ship my KNK to it’s new owner and we were back in the hospital. When we were home, my KNK and my son Josh shared a room. Josh had to spend several hours each day in bed to give his body a rest, so while he rested, I kept him company with the hum of my KNK. On November 18th, 2008, we entered the hospital for the last time. I remember having a friend call Sandy to get instructions on how to take the KNK down because Josh was coming home through hospice. We came home on the 21st and he passed away on the 22nd.  I had received some vinyl with my KNK Maxx that resembled etched glass and I used it to put all of Josh’s pet names on the glass of his picture. This year, while looking at Dr. Seuss sayings I came upon  this saying ” Remember me and Smile for it is better to forget than to remember me and cry.”  I knew that it was the perfect saying to add to the wall above Josh’s picture.

While I miss Josh more than words can say, I think back at his 24 years of life and know that for him death was a blessing, and time does, slowly but surely, heal all wounds. So when you think of Josh, Smile!

Two fun ways to use vinyl Neither of…

Two fun ways to use vinyl! Neither of these are original ideas, both cutting files came from And both plates came from Walmart. The Give Thanks plate is in their Holiday section and is a charger plate. The “Earth Laughs in Flowers” plate is in their kitchen section. There are so many fun, inexpensive gifts that we can make with our KNK’s…the sky is the limit. Well, actually, time is more the limit in my case. The vinyl used is available at

Baby plaques

IMG_1003 A friend of mine recently became Grandma to twin boys! Although they were 8 weeks early and spent a month in the hospital they are now home and doing fine.
The plaques were so easy to make. They are 6×6 wood plaques which you can buy at places like Hobby Lobby. I painted it white and then sprayed it with a matte finish. The border was made by simply making a circle and using the array feature to make it into a square border. The font is PC Dazzle.


I also welcomed a new great niece, Lucia. Her plaque was even simpler. Just circles randomly placed and I used 1 snappy DNA and date prime1 fonts for the name and date. It is so much fun to make personalized gifts, especially when every one seems to be searching for unusual names for their newborns. All of the lettering and embellishments are cut from vinyl, which is available at, and were cut using my KNK 15″ Maxx. I usually use about 38 pressure and 250 for speed when cutting indoor vinyl. If it is a large piece of vinyl I slow it down to 150.













This picture was made from a My Scrap Chick cutting file. I had made it into a card last year and it was so cute so I decided to try a picture size. I painted an 8×10 canvas midnight blue. I then cut the file so that it fit the canvas. The paper is coredinations, the white moon is gemstone, the stars are a metallic vinyl from, and the eyes are vinyl. It is one of the many great things about the KNK, you can cut almost any medium and any size that will fit your machine.