KNK and My Scrap Chick

My KNK 15″ Maxx and the files that I have from My Scrap Chick are a wonderful combination.  Snoopy (my Maxx) cuts the files so quickly and easily.  The files from My Scrap Chick are very easy to use and are available in a large variety of themes and formats.

Last week when I opened my email from My Scrap Chick to see what was new and to download the weekly freebie, I saw a card that had been made using one of their older files.  It was the Dancing Candles.  I have always gotten a smile on my face when I see those little guys and since I needed a birthday card for a friend, I decided that they would be just perfect for my card.


Materials Used:

Various card stocks in multiple colors.

Double sided tape

Holographic vinyl in green

Liquid glue



Machine – KNK 15″ Maxx Air

Blade – Red Cap Standard blade

The card stocks were cut at various speeds and pressures as was suitable for the particular card stock.  Some card stocks needed 2 passes to completely cut.

The holographic vinyl was cut at a speed of 60 and a force of 18 because the letters are small and delicate.


The card is an easel card  so the front and inside can be seen when it is opened and the bottom edge of the front tucked behind the message panel.  The message panel is mounted on dimensional pop dots so it forms a ledge to hold the card front in place.


Here is a side view of the card so you can see the easel.


My card is very similar to the square easel card in My Scrap Chick’s Easel Card Collection.  However I made my card 5 1/2 ” wide and 6 1/2″ high to accommodate the size of the Dancing Candles.

It’s Early but, not too Early

I know it is still August and there are two months plus before Halloween.  However, if I get my mind  started thinking about holidays and get some things done ahead of time, it can eliminate some of the last minute panic and rush.  Or it can just make me think that I have some time left so why not do more.  A bit of crazy logic but that is usually how my mind works.

This post is about some cute items for Halloween.  The files are available from the My ScrapChick site.  There are three items in the set of files; a lidded box, a treat bag, and a card.  They were so cute I had to make one of each of them.

I started with the lidded box.  Since I didn’t have any card stock that I thought was sturdy enough, I used some of the chipboard from KNKUSA to make the base for the box and lid.  You can see the various parts of the lid and box in the photo below.  For the lid there is a top, 2 side pieces, and a liner for the inside of the lid.  For the box there is a bottom, 2 side pieces, and a liner for the inside of the box.  The liner pieces have been sized so the are just a bit smaller than the top and the bottom and they fit perfectly inside of the lid and box.  The chipboard is very sturdy but still cuts easily and cleanly using two passes and a very sticky mat.

Because the chipboard is so heavy, I decided to do the scoring by hand.  I have a tool which I got from KNKUSA that has interchangable tips.  One of these tips has a small ball on the end and works great for scoring chipboard and paper also.  I believe it is currently being sold as a Double Ended Burnishing Kit

I cut a second set of box and lid pieces from patterned scrapbook paper to cover the box and lid.  Since I wasn’t going to line the box, I didn’t cut the liners for the lid and box from the patterned scrapbook paper.  In addition I cut the spider web and spider that are included in the file.  A few embellishments, some ink and chalk for the edges and spider web, a bit of Glossy Accents and Perfect Pearls for the spider, and my box was ready to be filled with treasures and surprises.  You can see in the photo that the spider web is raised above the lid by using adhesive foam squares.  The spider was also mounted on the web using the foam squares.

Next I cut the pieces for the Treat Bag.  I used some heavy card stock for the base of the treat bag and using the same file, cut two sets of pieces out of patterned paper to cover the base card stock both inside and out.  This is a photo of all the pieces for the treat bag.

After assmbling and embellishing, I ended up with this for my treat bag.

I decided that the spider on the Treat Box should have some bling.  I used green glitter and green rhinestones in 6ss and 10ss sizes from KNKUSA.

Finally, I cut the pieces for my card using the same heavy card stock that I had used for the Treat Bag plus I cut a second set of pieces from the same file out of patterned scrapbook paper to cover the outside of the card.  For the inside of the card, I borrowed a copy of one of the side pieces from the Treat Bag and resized it to 98%.  I cut the newly sized piece from white cardstock to use inside of the card to stamp a sentiment.  The cutting file for the card includes a spider web, two spiders connected by shadow layer for the word “creepy” and the word itself.  This photo shows all the pieces for the card.  The white circles go behind the spiders’ heads for their eyes and mouth.

When assembled and embellished, the card looked like this.

I used a clear acrylic stamp to add a sentiment to the white card stock on the inside of the card.  In this photo you can see the adhesive foam pieces used to mount the spider web to the front of the card.

All of the cutting for these items was done on my 15″ KNK Maxx.  Following are the settings I used:

Chipboard: V=150, P=135, 2 passes, Thick Material Blade (Blue Tip), and a sticky mat

Scrapbook Paper: V=150, P=85, 1 pass, Standard Material Blade (Red Tip)

Heavy Card Stock: V=150, F=110, 2 passes, Standard Material Blade (Red Tip)

A Spin on Greeting Cards, Part 2

I first began working on the spinning platform used in Judy Keating’s post this past Wednesday, early in October 2011.  I am very appreciative to Judy for the  how-to video created, explaining how the platform works and installs in the card.  These are the results of my first finished card, using the platform.

All designs for creating this card are included in the links at the end of this post, except for the skeleton.  It is a design from Digital Designs by Stephanie.  There are 2 options included for the front of the card, one with the jack-o-lantern and another with a plain pumpkin.  In the picture below the moon is covered with yellow glitter and “BOO!” is covered with black glitter.  The ghost eyes are vinyl placed on top of the ghost figures.

Many of you are aware that I am always looking for another way to uniquely share gift cards with my friends and family.  I made the following card for my daughter’s birthday.  The entire card was made with cardstock, all cut on my 15″ MAXX.  A little pizzazz was added to the front with glitter.

 While she appreciated the gift, what was really fun was the presentation of the gift card in a small envelope, attached to a pedestal, that swung around as the card was opened.  Everyone at the party wanted to open and close the card to see how it worked.  I didn’t think to take pictures before signing the card, so the samples below have our personal greeting.

All designs for creating this card are included in the links at the end of this post, except for the dancing candles.  They are My ScrapChick Designs.   The hearts on the gift card envelope are stickers.

Download Spinning Platform Halloween Card in KNK, MTC, and PDF file formats

Download Spinning Platform Birthday Card in KNK, MTC, and PDF file formats



Tiles and a Card!

When I was asked to be a member of the Team KNK design group I did mostly cards. Since then it seems like I am doing mostly tiles. But with both cards and tiles I have found that I LOVE vinyl!

I was asked to make a tile for a 60th wedding anniversary. It is the diamond anniversary and the color is diamond white. I used Oracal 651 because the white is glossy, shiny like a diamond.

Then, a customer of mine had a baby…I love babies! He had to stay in the hospital a bit due to oxygen levels but is doing fine now. I made this tile for him. The animals are from a My Scrap Chick file. I like paper piecing but vinyl piecing is so much easier. :O)

And last but not least, my second son, Matthew, graduated May 25th as an orthodontist. This is his third graduation since high school, first college, then dental school, now orthodontist. We are very proud of him. He will be a Navy orthodontist !

 Of course everything was cut using my KNK Maxx! It is amazing how much fun I have had with this machine.

Enjoy your day!

Family Reunion and Digital KNK

I really do not like stamping. When I do stamp I tend to mess it up. Plus it involves buying a stamp that you will only use a few times and then have to store. Quite often I will see something that has been stamped and will want to make it. My solution is to recreate the stamp in KNK Studio.

With this Happy Birthday “stamp” I just typed Happy Birthday and then did a break path. This way I could resize and reposition each letter exactly how I wanted it. I did some node editing in the H for Birthday because I wanted the top half of the H taller than the bottom half, if that makes sense. When I had the “stamp” exactly how I wanted it I chose File, Export image and save the image. Then I imported it into Word and printed off a sheet of the Happy Birthday stamp. I now had a dozen perfectly “stamped” images and no mess to clean up, not stamp to put away.

When I realized this was what my post would be about, a light bulb went on. Now a days it seems like I have more light bulbs turning off than on. :O) But I thought if I can do it with words, I can do it with images. This card was made using a cutting file from I assembled the  pieces on my screen in KNK Studio so that they were put together the same way the finished product would be. I added the 1,2,3 on the Balloons by adding text and putting it where I wanted it. Then I added the words, again, just picking a font and typing. I created a rectangle the same size as the card I was planning on making and then resized everything and placed it exactly where I wanted it on the card. I deleted the rectangle, went to File, export image, imported it to Word and printed it.  Viola! Remember that you can re-color the file to the colors you desire prior to exporting the image.This would be a quick way to make personalized invites without having to cut and assemble 20 invites.

Now, on to the Family Reunion. We have had an exciting week! My youngest daughter Tash joined our family when she was 3. Her parents had placed her for adoption when she was 2 and she was in foster care for almost a year before she joined our family. Tash has multiple disabilities, but to us she is perfect. :O)  Her adoption paper work supplied us the names of her parents and the fact that she had a sister who was almost 2 years older, and the sisters name and date of birth. Through the years I always wished that the parents could know how well their little girl was doing.  I did search for them online to no avail. When my grandkids were 2&4 I thought how devastated Gavin would be if suddenly his little sister “disappeared”. So  New Years Eve 2010 I did a search on Facebook for the sister. It had never occurred to me prior to this to look for her. And lo and behold there she was…on Facebook…living in Israel. I sent her a message through Facebook and she replied. She had been looking for “Nati” (Tash’s name is Natashja, they called her Nati which we did not know, we call her Tash) and had even hired a private detective. Her mother was deceased and the dad did not want to be part of her life. Her sister was caring for her Grandmother who was terminally ill. This past fall her Grandmother passed away and Tash’s sister booked a flight to the USA to see her baby sister. It was so awesome. Tash doesn’t really “get it” but her sister was so happy to see Nati again, to see that she was alive and well, to be able to hug her. So, we are now blessed with another member of the family. She may live in Israel, but part of her will always be here.