Chicken Recipe Layout

Here’s my whimsical (uh… sick?) sense of humor at work…

This was another contribution to a recent recipe swap among friends. I traced the image in KNK Studio from something I found on the Internet so I cannot share the file. It was used in a “slightly different context” but fit my theme perfectly!

The majority of the layout is made from cardstock with the axe blade being cut from a mirrored cardstock. The title was printed directly onto the blue background. The door knob is a large metal press-on eyelet that I had in my embellishment stash. The door and the chicken are mounted onto pop dots.

The axe is pulled to the left and the recipe, which is attached to the axe handle, slips out from behind the door:

It’s a GREAT recipe! My family loves it and it’s quick to make… so give it a try if you like chicken recipes (and try to put this image out of your head while you’re cooking)! lol