Its an Operation Write Home Party!

I recently organized a team-building event for work.  After much internal debate I decided on a ‘giving’ theme to benefit both the team and a charity.  Operation Write Home was a perfect fit.  Not only could the men on the team not deny this theme, but it gave me the chance to play with my KNK for hours and hours these last few weeks – for my day job.  I cut and prepared all the card components for the event ahead of time to give numerous options but also to simplify the task for those who feel they aren’t ‘creative’.  We held the event at a local winery that serves lunch.  And I think every person found their own store of creativity!

In preparation for the event, I wanted to give each person a special Christmas present.  Using contact paper and a scrollwork design cut on my KNK Maxx, I glass-etched candy jars with each person’s last name.  Then I added a little Rub-n-Buff in silver for a brightening effect.  I also made the tags using a tag file that came with my KNK software, a reindeer horns file I created, and a ‘branch’ file created from a jpg imported into MTC.   


Now, to explain the ‘team-building’ part of the event.  There were 3 people on each team, and each had a specific role – “product manager”, “engineer” or “customer”.  The product manager had to gather the customer requirements – i.e. the card components – and was not allowed to speak.  The engineer had to provide instruction for the customer to build each card but could not touch any of the components.  The customer had to assemble the cards using all the pieces gathered by the product manager with verbal instructions from the engineer.  Look at what these 3 men and 6 women created:

 25 cards in just one hour – and only one experienced crafter on each team!  I think they did a fabulous job.  Now, I have to run to the post office and get these sent off….

Happy Holidays Door Knob Decoration

Free Holiday File from Team KNK!  We’re all getting ready for the Holidays – Team KNK wants to help with a Holly & Berries door knob decoration.  This can easily be made with heavy cardstock, craft foam, or felt.  In the photos, you’ll see I selected stiffened felt (as this medium will endure the longest).

Materials Used:

  • 2 sheets 8.5 x 11 Stiffened Felt
  • Blue (Thick Materials) Blade
    • Use the recommended material settings in your manual
    • I used 120 pressure, 200 speed, Multi-cut and 2 chipboard spacers for my KNK Maxx
    • Red Pom Poms or Jingle Bells (you can also cut out felt/foam/cardstock for the berries)
    • Adhesive


Click on this photograph to download KNK file

You can cut the bottom layer from a different shade of green than the top layer for added contrast.  Any round, red objects can be used for the holly berries.  I use the jingle bells because I love hearing the sound when someone opens/closes a door around the holidays.  As an added bonus, from a 4-H dog club leader’s perspective, they are a great tool to desensitize dogs against noises.  Happy Holidays!

It’s cold season!

It’s that time of year.  Runny nose, congestion, coughing…bleck!  Keep it, I don’t want any of it!  (Has everyone gotten their flu shots this year?)   Well, we all know the best way to inhibit the spread of germs and viruses is to wash our hands…But we don’t always have easy access to soap and water, so most of us have taken to keeping hand sanitizer ‘handy’ as the season turns cold.   As a special request, I created a personalized bottle for my daughter’s teacher using my favorite medium, vinyl.  For this project I simply used some scraps of vinyl and Klik-N-Kut Studio with a mish-mash welding of files I already owned and a simple Arial font.

     And a close up – I love the fine detail vinyl allows me!

Besides the fact that its 32 oz, this bottle is not likely to walk off her desk!

Trick or Treat bag

A plain white cloth bag becomes a special Trick or Treat bag using your imagination, Freezer Paper, and fabric paint.  I used a free jpg traced in MTC for one side of the bag and created a haunted house design in KNK Studio for the opposite side.  I then cut my designs out of Freezer Paper.  I ironed the bag perfectly smooth, then ironed on the cut Freezer Paper.  I placed some scrap paper in the bag in case the fabric paint bled all the way through.  As a side effect, it made it much easier to show the cut design through the white paper on white cloth.  I had to add a row of painters tape at the bottom to cover the remainder of the bag in case of overspray.


Next I applied the airbrush style fabric paint.


Then, I simply peeled off the freezer paper – no need to wait for it to dry.


And Voila!  A neat and clean graphic.


For the opposite side, there were all these little pieces, so I transfered the entire design to the bag, ironed it on, and then pulled off only the house – leaving the each of the windows in exactly the right spot.  This design had a great deal more area to be covered with color.  My daughter was helping me and, yes, got a little overzealous with the paint. On this design I had to wait for the paint to dry or it would have dripped all over the place.


My daughter got the pleasure of pulling off the Freezer Paper.


Finally, the finishing touches – adding a little color to the picture.  I used a piece of scrap vinyl cut in a simple circle to create the ‘moon’.  As you can see, the places where she really doused the fabric with paint actually bled under the freezer paper.  However, my daughter thought it looked like shadows and ‘creepies’ in the windows.  If you try this method I recommend the freezer paper doesn’t have any ‘pooling’ of fabric paint.  🙂


For the final step, we painted the windows and the moon with Glow-in-the-Dark Modge Podge.  I cannot capture a good picture to share with you, but the Modge Podge definitely glows!  My daughter has claimed the bag as her own, and says she is going to go Trick or Treating just to use it (she’s 16).

Halloween Wine Glass Lampshade – Print and Cut

Okay, it can go on something other than a wine glass, but I seem to have a few of those sitting around and I love the look!  For this project I used Perfect Paper (made from rocks!) that is heat resistant so I don’t burn up the house – yes there is a scar on my craft table from a candle left to burn and then forgotten.  I really did need it to get rid of some smell and then forgot to blow it out.  Anyway, my project is for Halloween of course, and I ended up using my scraps for a second method – two for the price of one.

Step 1:  Create your votive outline and arrange your objects on the layout as desired.


Step 2:  Print the page, using registration marks (you can see them if you look really close).

Step 3:  Place the printed paper in your super fabulous KNK, align the registration marks, and then cut out the selected objects and the outline.  Using a transparent  adhesive, create your cone.


From there, I had these wonderful little ghost cut outs to which I applied repositionable adhesive.  I arranged them on the second wine glass.  When cutting the second shade, I removed the ghosts and rearranged the bats before printing and cutting.  This gave the second shade an eerie and wonderfully different look from the first votive shade.


Which one do you prefer?