Glitter, glitter, glitter!

Okay, I love glitter.  I really, really do.  I must own like 35 colors, not to mention the shimmer sprays and shimmer Modge Podge and other such products in my craft room.  However, I don’t like when its on my hands, my clothes, my chair, my table, the dog – I think you get the picture.  My friend and daughter laugh at me all the time for how I simply cannot resist glitter even though I know its so darn messy.  I just get thrilled by glitter – glitter cards, glitter pages, glitter projects in general.  My friend and I were at CHA and walked into a ‘totally glitter’ booth and my whole being started humming! Like with electricity, I mean.  I believe she could feel it in the air around me as I was quite literally buzzing!  So when I learned about a couple of products that would make glittering up my projects less messy, I was all over it!  Let’s start with a glimpse of the finished product:

So what did I use?  How does it work?  It’s quite simple, actually.  I selected 2 colored cardstock papers for the outer design and white for the interior lining.  This fabulous paper is available from KNK USA and is an absolute dream to cut.  I used a dark purple for the easel card base and lighter purple for the overlay butterfly outline.  I opened the cut file and placed the cardstock for the butterfly on the mat then covered the cut area with Sookwang adhesive tape.  The butterfly was going to be a little larger than my 6 inch wide tape, so I cut another piece and tried to make it work.  On top of that, I didn’t cut the main piece long enough.  LOL  Why I didn’t just shrink my design, I don’t know – it was probably poor planning because I was thinking about GLITTER!  I cut this with my Maxx at 100 pressure, 300 speed, and with 2 passes.

It cut very nice and clean.  At that small space where the tape didn’t meet up well, I had to use a glue pen to fill it in so the glitter would stick evenly.

Next, I peeled off the adhesive tape non-stick liner.  It certainly would have been easier if I had used one piece of tape, huh?

Then I had to carefully place the second layer, which……I didn’t do so well.  But I’m happy with it and I don’t think anyone will notice.  Except me, it will probably annoy the heck out of me…at least until I pack it away or give it away.

Next, its glitter time!  Whoot whoot! This wonderful product is Glitter Ritz.  It comes in two different ‘bases’ as well as several colors.  I only have the Cool and the Warm bases because the product is colorable with my Copic markers!  Did you hear me singing that through your reading?  I can’t help myself, its coming out in sing-song.

I generously poured glitter on half of the butterfly and then tapped it and rubbed it over to the other side.  The next step is to ‘burnish’ it into the Sookwang tape.  This is simply rubbing it in really good with your fingers.  The shine really comes out when you’ve burnished it thoroughly and virtually zero glitter will come off once you’ve cleaned up the project.

So here’s what the card looked like once I’d done my cleanup.  I attached the butterfly to the easel card base.  I also added an inset white layer to the inside of the card for writing a note or stamping a sentiment.  That glitter is just so beautiful, it shimmers – don’t you think?

So, where do Copic markers come in?  Let me show you.  Even with the dark purple paper underneath, I think the colors showed up brilliantly.

And here is a close-up:

I did learn not to take the marker tip all the way to the paper edge.  The ink bled out from where it was touching the glitter and if I left it too long it bled right into the (very) absorbent paper.  So here I am with my wondrous new glitter products (with my daughter chuckling beside me) and wondering if I should make another butterfly or something else… hmmmm… what to do, what to do….


The Butterfly Easel Card file is available at Visual Designs by Chris!

Print and Cut your own card and scrapbook embellishments

I love embellishments for my cards and scrapbook pages, but they are often expensive to buy, and in my experience a few good ones come in a package mixed with a lot of pieces I won’t ever use.  So, of course I decided to make my own using my KNK!  These embellishments could be printed on any material, but I wanted the sheer quality of real wings, so I used clear plastic adhesive sheets.

What you need:

Printable transparency or clear sticker paper


KNK digital cutter

That’s it – all you need is those three items!

Aaaahhhh, this is so much fun!  Import your graphics, create outlines, and print out the sheets.  Place the printed sheet in your cutter and perform the alignment procedure required by the software.

Remove the printed and cut sheet.

Here is a close-up.  See those perfect cut lines?

Now, peel off the extra material and your embellishments will be easy to grab and apply to your card or page.

The shadow on the card in this photo shows you how the light shines through the clear plastic.

And another example, here is the bee on a flower:

and finally….here is the printable clear plastic I used:

Hope you try this out.  Remember, you can use any printable material – depending on what you want your embellishment to look like.

The after-Valentine’s Day post and FREE FILE!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

I love free files, don’t you?  Click on the first photo below to get the card layout in MTC and KNK Studio formats.

I worked in my craft room most of the day Sunday and made Valentine cards for my loved ones.  As a bonus, my daughter’s friend asked me to make some for her family as well so I got to make a whole variety and spend a lot more time crafting.  A special request for ‘guy cards’ was my challenge.  I started out by creating my card layout in KNK Studio and then copied and pasted it into MTC.

Here is the card I made for my DH:


A homemade card and a store bought treat just clashed for me so I decided to make him a Valentine sweet and because he is my chocolate fiend he got this large peanut butter cup (which I just couldn’t figure out a way to make on my KNK):

I’ve used many different recipes for peanut butter bars, but this one is our family favorite:  Cream together 1/2 c melted butter, 1/2 c brown sugar, 1 tsp vanilla extract, 2 c peanut butter and then add 2 1/2 c powdered sugar.  For the chocolate coating I use 2 tbsp peanut butter and a 12 oz bag of milk chocolate chips melted together.  Yummy!

And here you’ll see all the cards I made – with a little variety and an ‘especially for guys’ theme.  On the left is the front of the card and on the right is the inside of the card.  All of these pieces (except the tickets and flowers) were cut on my KNK Maxx using MTC.

Click on the collage photo to view a larger version of this photo and you’ll be able to see more detail on the individual cards.

Not a Valentine post

I’m very excited when my daughter wants to do something crafty, so I will drop everything to spend some time teaming up on a project with her.  Although I should have been hard at work on Valentine’s day projects, I spent my spare time this weekend on room decorations – and it was well worth it.

Not very long ago, my daughter and I compromised on a color for her bedroom.  The previous owners had painted the room a sallow yellow that simply did not go with her personality… or her bedding… or her accessories.  She wanted the room painted a brilliant neon green but her father and I wanted a more neutral color – of course.  After some heated negotiations we agreed to look at colors from the aqua family (I was thinking a nice light robin’s egg blue).  I brought home several paint chips – you know the ones with three or four shades of a color on each – and though it was against my better judgment, I finally broke down and agreed on Yosemite Blue.  Let me simply say this took 14 months of deliberation.  After the room was painted, not only did the walls look like the skin of a smurf, but the room seemed to glow horrifically bright from down the hallway.  Every time I was in the kitchen the color attracted my eyes like a sea siren trying to lure me into the depths!  I thought I would never become accustomed to the color blaring from the end of the hall.  However, a couple of months have passed and the room only gains my attention today when the sun is shining brightly on the walls.  She’s artfully placed pictures on 2 of the walls and removable vinyl posters on another wall. As part of the new decor, she wanted to decorate the mirror on her dressing table to make it more colorful and personal.  I let her pick out the designs and colors as well as words and fonts.  She also did much of the installation herself.  Here are the graphics and photos:


Installation in progress:

Final Product:

Although the photo makes it look slightly skewed (because I am desperately trying to stay out of sight) she did a really, really good job on the installation and everything is lined up and balanced.  You can just see her next to Emmett (one of our dogs) on the bed.  The nice thing is that she can easily take these decals off at any time – and we can make new/different ones on demand as her personal style evolves!

Easel Card with sticky notes

I saw this easel card on a crafter’s website once, but now I can’t find the site.  However, I really wanted to make these for a few friends that I knew would really like one for their desks.  I worked and worked and worked until I got it just the way I wanted it. And I’m so excited and happy with the final result.  You will see the ‘evolution’ from the lavender to the yellow to the green as I resolved my issues.  Working with the multiple square shapes in KNK Studio, I was having a hard time keeping all the layers straight, with how I wanted it to look.  Then I had a ‘moment’ and I was soooo excited!  I remembered one of Sandy’s videos on “Clipping” and I used it for my patterned pieces.   This was a great way to keep them visually organized! 


Click the following link for the measurements used on this easel card. 

I love these Magnolia and Gorguss stamps – I can’t get enough of them.  I specifically made the inset layers to accommodate these stamps , however you could adjust the group down to any size desired (it really can’t go any larger).  I drew the wooden bench under the Magnolia girl on the green easel card with a multiliner.  The images are colored with Copic markers and the flowers are by Prima.