Bee Witching and Just Hanging Out

It is never to late to begin seasonal cards and if you are waiting for an idea, maybe this is it. It began with me cutting all the cardstock and vellum elements on the front of the card with my 15″ KNK Maxx (red-capped blade, 2 passes, F=110, V=150) and the vinyl “Bee-witching” cut on a KNK Zing (red-capped blade, 1 pass, F=10, V=10, Blade offset 0.35).

Card Front Details:
Core’dinations, Black Magic Collection Cardstock
Paper Pizazz, Dark Blue Sponged, HTP20423, paper
Yellow, black, and dull green Cardstock for card front design
Tissue paper for moon
Vellum for bee wings
3D broom by Darice
Fun Foam to shim bee
Complementing fine glitter
Accugraphic’s Gold Metallic Vinyl for greeting

The foundation for this card is Core’dinations, Black Magic Collection Cardstock, cut 7.25″ by 10.5″; folded to be 5.25″ tall by 7.25″ wide.  The dark blue background on the front is Paper Pizazz, Dark Blue Sponged, HTP20423, cut 5″ x 7″ and glued to the folded cardstock.  All outside edges were gently sanded to bring some the orange in the Core’dinations cardstock to the front of the card.

To subdue the moon a bit and have it look like it could be ‘out there somewhere’, I pulled some tissue paper from my stash and crumpled it up. This crumpled tissue was then carefully laid on top of the moon, which had been sprayed with glue, maintaining the rough crumpled look. Next, I cut away the tissue that was extending beyond the edges of the moon and glued it in place on the card front.  The edges were further softened with chalk that extended beyond the edges of the moon, creating a halo effect around the moon.  The final step was to lightly rub a glue stick across it and dust it with ultra fine glitter. 

The branch was cut from a textured, dull green cardstock, chalked  for some dimension and embellished with ultra fine glitter.

There is a cut design included for a broom, if you are making a card that fits in a flat envelope.  But for this card I wanted a broom with a little more humph.  The broom used is made by Darice (#282095). Initially the size was overwhelming for my little bee.  So I trimmed it down to size and colored the string with a black Sharpie, and then dusted it with a bit of glitter. 



The ‘Bee-Witching Bee’ is cut from layered black and yellow cardstock.  The wings are vellum.  Lines, creating definition to the wings, were drawn in free-hand with a ball-ended stylus and the final touch was to add a bit of glitter to the wings and the band on her hat .



To balance the left end of the broom with the bulk on the straw end, a shim consisting of 3 layers of  Fun Foam glued together did the trick.  This worked great and the color blended with the background.

The last touch in completing the front of the card was to add “Bee-Witching”, cut from Accugraphic’s Gold Metallic Vinyl on the KNK Zing and applied with Clear Transfer Tape.  I love this vinyl!  When applied, it looks just like glitter applied with a heat gun.  Font used was Poultrygeist.

The card as created, doesn’t fit into any envelopes that I have and it surely wouldn’t go through the mail without being destroyed.  When I first made this card for a card exchange, my solution was to purchase boxes designed to mail DVD cases.  They are the perfect size and their durability has been tested by actually sending it through the mail.

For this posting, Judy Keating has created a box/envie free file, sized for this card.  I recommend cutting it from poster board, which is very similar in weight to the DVD mailers that I purchased originally.  To keep the embellishments from being crushed in either of these mailers, spacers need to be added.  After much research, I have concluded that dense Styrofoam is the best choice. The depth of this box/envelope is 3/4″ deep. I recommend using 1/2″ Styrofoam, cut 3/4″ wide, and glued on each side as shown in the picture below.  Placement of additional spacers, cut from the same Styrofoam, depends on where the embellishments are on the card. 

Envelope/Box ready to mail:

The inside of the card is decorated with Scrappy Dew’s “Just Hanging Out” set, cut from vinyl, and applied, using Accrugraphic’s Clear Transfer Tape.  The small pocket design is included with the Bee-Witching files.  My grandchildren love See’s candies, so some purchase power is included in their pocket. Other uses for the pocket might be a personal note to a friend…or, if you prefer, leave the pocket off and write your own message.  The operative word is Enjoy!

Bee-Witching Card Files

Box Envie Files



A Spin on Greeting Cards, Part 2

I first began working on the spinning platform used in Judy Keating’s post this past Wednesday, early in October 2011.  I am very appreciative to Judy for the  how-to video created, explaining how the platform works and installs in the card.  These are the results of my first finished card, using the platform.

All designs for creating this card are included in the links at the end of this post, except for the skeleton.  It is a design from Digital Designs by Stephanie.  There are 2 options included for the front of the card, one with the jack-o-lantern and another with a plain pumpkin.  In the picture below the moon is covered with yellow glitter and “BOO!” is covered with black glitter.  The ghost eyes are vinyl placed on top of the ghost figures.

Many of you are aware that I am always looking for another way to uniquely share gift cards with my friends and family.  I made the following card for my daughter’s birthday.  The entire card was made with cardstock, all cut on my 15″ MAXX.  A little pizzazz was added to the front with glitter.

 While she appreciated the gift, what was really fun was the presentation of the gift card in a small envelope, attached to a pedestal, that swung around as the card was opened.  Everyone at the party wanted to open and close the card to see how it worked.  I didn’t think to take pictures before signing the card, so the samples below have our personal greeting.

All designs for creating this card are included in the links at the end of this post, except for the dancing candles.  They are My ScrapChick Designs.   The hearts on the gift card envelope are stickers.

Download Spinning Platform Halloween Card in KNK, MTC, and PDF file formats

Download Spinning Platform Birthday Card in KNK, MTC, and PDF file formats



A Spin on Greeting Cards

Several months ago, my friend and fellow KNK enthusiast, Lynn Keniston, saw an idea for using a spinning platform in a greeting card.  The idea is that as the card is opened, an object that you want to present to the person opening the card is on a pop-up platform inside the card.  Not only did the platform pop-up, but it also turned 90 degrees to present the object.  Lynn was fascinated by this concept and went to work to figure out how it could be adapted for cutting with our KNK electronic cutters.  During the process of adapting, testing, and re-working the platform, she sent it to me so I could help.  Lynn deserves the majority of the credit for taking the idea and making into a file that we can use on our KNK cutters.  She has  generously allowed me to use this spinning platform for the cards in my post today.  On Friday, you will see how she has used the platform for her creations.

From the outside a card with a spinning platform looks like any other greeting card.  Depending on the object on the platform, it could be a bit thicker and/or lumpier than a card without a platform.  I had an idea of what I wanted to put inside my card and what I wanted to say on the outside of the card but spent many hours seaching for what I considered just the right graphic to go with the words.  This is the front of the card.

Inside the card on the platform is a pair of earrings.  Hopefully, it would be a surprise to the person opening the card.

A look inside the card as it begins to open shows that the platform is sideways and faces the inside of the front of the card.

As the card is opened more you can see that the platform is turning and beginning to pop-up.

Since the process of assembling and using the spinning platform is a bit of a challenge to depict with printed words and pictures, I decided to try my hand at creating a video to show how it is done.  There is a link at the end of this post to the video on YouTube.

In the process of creating the video, I made another card which has a different kind of object on the platform.  Again, the front of the card looks like just another greeting card.

The inside of the card has a print of a picture of the earth taken from space.  In keeping with the words inside the card, there is an eyelet in the center of the picture and a brad through the eyelet into a piece of cardstock mounted on the spinning platform such that the “world” really can go “’round”.

The spinning platform looks like the picture below.  The red and green lines are the fold lines.  A diagram of the spinning platform is shown in the second picture below.


The file for the spinning platform and a file for a printable version of the diagram are available here:

Spinning Platform Files

The video is available here:

KNK Spinning Platform for Greeting Card

Check back on Friday to see Lynn’s post.


A Banner Day

It was such treat for my husband and me to get our very own personalized banner made by Lynn K.  What a wonderful, versatile concept that can be used for so many different occasions!

When my friend and I were talking about things to make for her son’s graduation celebration, I offered to make a Linked Letter Banner for her.  Since we couldn’t find any fabric with a graduation theme, we decided to use all paper.  A patterned paper for the inner letters and cardstock for the linked letters.  Lynn generously shared the file with me and this is the finished banner.

Although the inner letters look as if they were cut from camo paper it actually does have graduation themed items and words printed on it.  To keep the letters with open tops – such as N, U, and H – from spreading when the banner is hung, I cut small strips of a rigid clear plastic and glued them across the openings to stabilize the letters.  These are barely visible when the banner is hung.  The red and yellow P in the picture is the school logo.  I manually traced the logo using the KNK Studio software.  It was cut from two layers of card stock and the mustang’s head and the letters were cut from vinyl.  There is a piece of the clear plastic under the opening in the P since part of the mustang’s head is positioned in that opening.

When Lynn sent me the file for the Linked Letter Banner, she included a couple of triangular flag shapes saying that someone might want to use them as backgrounds for the letters instead of having just the letters themselves.  I thought that was another great idea and started playing with those shapes.  Beginning with the file for the Linked Letter Banner and with Lynn’s approval and blessing, I created a second file in which the flags are linked, there is a smaller flag inside the linked flags, and there are letters with a shadow layer on the stacked flags.  I did some resizing so two of the larger flags (the linked ones) could be cut from a 12 x 12 inch piece of cardstock and resized the other components accordingly.  Then I cut and assembled the banner shown in the picture below.


As you can see, “CONGRATULATIONS” is one l-o-n-g word!  As I was assembling it, I realized it was a bit longer than I had anticipated so I laid it out in the hall and measured it – 10.5 feet!  The logo that is in this picture is the same one that is in the Linked Letter Banner picture above so you can see that the individual flags are larger than the linked letters.  I am curious to see where my friend has hung this when we get to the celebration on Saturday.

As an alternative, I offered the option shown in the picture below.  This time the word “CONGRATS” measures just under 6 feet.  Perhaps a more managable size.

 As with the Linked Letter Banners, the Linked Flag Banners can be folded so you have an easy to store stack rather than a long unwieldy string.  The picture below shows the word “CONGRATS” folded and ready to transport or store.

In this picture you can also see the details on the graduation themed paper.   I was able to find brads that matched the red paper so they do not show when in the banner.  If you can’t find matching brads or cute ones like the lolipops that Lynn used, a Sharpie pen in the right color can be used to customize the brads.

Since I was having fun making things on my KNK Maxx for the graduation celebration and since I already had a file for the school logo, I decided to cut a couple of logos from glittered paper.  Using my KNK Studio software it was easy to scale the logo to a size that just fit a 12 x 12 piece of paper.  I’m not sure the graduate will be very impressed with these logos in bling but his mother and I think they are great!  Here is a picture of one of them.  Again, the clear plastic was used behind the opening in the P.

Thanks to Lynn K for generously sharing her creativity and talents.

The file for the Linked Flag Banner can be downloaded from the link below.  Enjoy!

Linked Flag Banner in KNK MTC PDF SVG AI formats

Linked Alphabet Banners

Through the years I had a metal Christmas banner consisting of linked letters that folded up neatly between holidays.  I enjoyed it so much that I decided to create an alphabet on my 15″ KNK Maxx that would give me diversity and store easily.  The alphabet that I am sharing today has evolved over the past few months.  The first one I designed for New Year’s, but somehow I “lost it” in my computer before I actually cut and used it.  ‘Cupcake Judy’ and her husband, John, came to visit this spring.  Before they came I got busy, so I could have it hanging when they arrived.  They have a March anniversary, so when I saw this neat fabric I knew it would be perfect.

The base letters are cut from poster board.  The top letters are 5″ tall and are cut from quilter’s weight fabric that had Lite Steam-a-Seam2 ironed on the back.  The letters cut from fabric were applied individually to the base letters with a dry iron.  The single shamrock has a top layer of glittered cardstock. It was originally designed with links, but didn’t work as I envisioned, so I removed the links and adhered it to the wall with temporary adhesive.  Small nails were used to hang the 2 banners.  These banners and those that follow are assembled with small brads inserted in the pre-cut holes at the end of each link.

When John and Judy left, I folded the banner on itself so they could safely take it home in their luggage.

While Judy was here, we went to visit Sandy.  Of course I wanted to take a banner for her to see, so I made this one:

When I showed it to my husband, he said why didn’t I use a “K” for K-N-K.  So, I was back to the drawing board and made this one. The top letters in both of these are glittered cardstock, although the photography doesn’t show it in these pictures.

I was challenged with both of these to make them hang level and be supported by the top design, which is also included in the free files.  To accomplish this, I cut the top design 4 times and glued them together and also added additional poster board horizontal strips on the blue and purple rows.  Only with a Klic-n-Kut can we cut with that kind of accuracy!   I took the KUT-KUT-KUT to Sandy and I kept CUT-CUT-CUT.  Since then, mine has been hanging in my craft room and hasn’t held up well as the 2nd and 3rd rows are bowing.  A PFD is included with this post that will show you what happened and how I solved the problem with popsicle sticks.  Now, Sandy hasn’t said anything, but I think I probably need to retrieve hers and ‘fix it’.

Easter came in April and I made a banner to go with a metal sculpture that hangs in my entryway.  The top layer is purple glittered cardstock, mounted on a base alphabet of gold metallic cardstock.

Lastly, I have made a Happy Birthday banner.  For pictures, I have it hanging on my fireplace mantel.  It looks so pretty there that I am going to leave it until the middle of June for my husband’s birthday.  The top letters are glittered cardstock and the brads used are small lollipops.  Ribbons are attached to the ends for tying to small nails.

This has been a fun project with lots of possibilities that I am sure I will use many times over.  I hope you will enjoy it also.  Be sure to check the next posting to see what ‘Cupcake Judy’ has done with it.

Linked Banner Alphabet in KNK, PDF, and MTC file formats