You can’t buy love

…but you can rescue it.

I’m all about keeping it real so I’m going to show you my failure. But first, I’m going to show you what I finally ended up with:

I ended up using some of the 12×12 chipboard from KNK USA and gluing some print paper I had and inked the edges. Then I cut the quote out in white vinyl and stuck it on.

Easy, Quick and fun.

Now for the failure:

I cut the image out and reverse weeded it and then stuck it on 8×8 canvas. I used acrylic paint and a foam brush and dabbed the paint on. when I peeled the vinyl off, I was left with this. I was ready to cry because it took me forever and what was in my mind was definitely not what I created.

I’m not sure what I did wrong, but I was very disappointed that it didn’t work.

Any suggestions, please let me know. I’ll have to go to my good friend Google and see what she says (yes. Google is a girl in my mind!)

Machine/Software Used:

KNK Zing, red blade, vinyl settings

SCAL 5/Macbook Pro


8×8 canvas

paint – acrylic

vinyl (from my Dad’s stash… it was probably old and maybe didn’t stick well.)

12×12 chipboard cut into 8×8

Personalized Favor Ribbon Using ThermoFlex Plus (Video)

Personalized Favor Ribbon Using ThermoFlex Plus (Video)

Personalized Favor Ribbon Using ThermoFlex Plus to be attached to our party favors. This ribbon will show some information about our events, like the date and the reason for the even.

This Personalized Favor Ribbon Using ThermoFlex Plus is very simple to make and you can make multiple of them at once.


Materials that I used to make these Personalized Favor Ribbon Using ThermoFlex Plus were:

Settings to cut the ThermoFlex PLUS


  • Blade = Red
  • F = 6
  • V = 150


  1. After cutting your information using your digital cutting machine, weed the vinyl
  2. Then, place the baking paper on top of your ribbon and pass the iron on top to take out any humidity that it can have
  3. Now, place the vinyl at the end of each side of your ribbon and cover it with the baking paper.
  4. After that, press it for 15 seconds
  5. After the 15 seconds pass, remove the backing paper
  6. Now the Ribbon is ready to be attached on any party favor you have.


Cinta personalizada utilizando el material ThermoFlex plus para ser adjuntada a nuestros recordatorios de fiestas. Esta cinta mostrará alguna información de nuestro evento, como la fecha y la razón del evento.

Esta cinta personalizada utilizando el material ThermoFlex plus es muy fácil de hacer y puedes hacer muchas de ellas al mismo tiempo.

Materiales utilizados para hacer esta cinta Personalizada fueron:

Ajustes para Corta el material ThermoFlex PLUS

  • Grove-e
  • Cuchilla = Roja
  • F = 6
  • V = 150


  1. Luego de cortar la informacion utilizando tu cortadora digital, procede a remover el exceso de vinil.
  2. Luego, ubica el papel para hornear encima de la cinta y pasale la plancha para remover cualquier humedad que esta pueda tener.
  3. Ahora, ubica el vinil a cada extremo de la cinta y cubrelo con el papel para hornear.
  4. Luego de esto, presiona por 15 segundos con la plancha
  5. Luego de que los 15 segundos hayan pasado, remueve el papel protector del vinil
  6. Ya la cinta está lista para adjuntarse a cualquier recordatorio de fiestas que tengas.

Thank a Teacher

I apologize for being late. I’ve been sick for three days. Finally seem to be on the mend so I was able to get into my craft room.

I know. I did a teacher thank you card last month. But then my favorite “go to” site posted this design and I knew I had to use it.

I cut it out in red and green vinyl and reverse weeded it (and even used the hearts! It was easy, quick and done in no time at all. That’s my kind of card. These are 4.25 x 5.5 cards. I’m thinking I need to give one to my substitute today. Apparently my fish tank picked today of all days to overflow.

Machine/Software Used

Zing: red blade, vinyl setting; SCAL 5


red vinyl, green vinyl, card stock (white 60#, kraft 120#).

“Quinceañera” Banner

KNK, Omayra Duarte, Cortadora, Digital,

We were celebrating our niece’s “Quinceañero”, so I decided to make something really, really special for her. Using my wonderful KNK Groove-e, vinyl and some embelishment, I was able to make the “perfect” lettering, fixed in the position of an arc to put on top of a portrait of her, that i drew. The portrait, the arc, and the back of the numbers 15 were done using Styrofoam and vinyl. With her name and the number 15 on on the arch, decorated with flowers.

The materials that we are going to use for this project are:

Settings for Groove-e Machine:

  • Force = 15
  • Speed = 150

Steps to make the Decorative Arc:

  1. I cut an arch out of Styrofoam using a Foam Cutter Wire.
  2. I measure the arc and I made a virtual mat on MTC a little bit bigger than the size that would be my arch.
  3. Then, Inside that virtual mat, from Basic Shapes>Generic, I choose the Block Arc and put it approximately the size of my arc.
  4. After that, I choose the letter that I wanted to use and I wrote the name of my niece, t which is Zaylene.
  5. Click on the Bézier Warp icon on the Magic Toolbar. 
  6. I choose Manual size and stretched the sides to make an oval.
  7. Then, I played with the width and height bottom until I get the shape that I wanted and clicked apply.
  8. The final step was to size the name inside the Block Arc that I had on my virtual mat. I wrote the numbers 15 and send it to cut.
  9. The numbers 15 were placed on a Styrofoam, cut with a foam cutter wire, stuck in a wood stick and glued to the arch with hot glue.

How to Dress up a Bag with Rhinestones

Upcycled Bags with Rhinestones
Last week I was browsing through Target’s “Dollar” area, and spotted some cute little bags.  I thought I could dress up bags with rhinestones for our little princesses for Easter. I had never worked with rhinestones before and figured this would be a good beginner project.

Yesterday I decided to get going on the project. However, after taking a better look at the Target bags, I decided the quality was so poor (even at $3.00 a piece) that it wasn’t really worth the effort: the bags are going back for a refund. I went through my stash of fabric and found a vintage tablecloth that I figured would be perfect for my little bags.

I have made several larger bags in the past, so I took the basic pattern for those bags and cut it down to make something more appropriate for little girls.

Sewing Easter Bags
Our awesome KNK team sent me rhinestones several months ago but I had yet to take the time to learn how to apply them. Thank goodness for Sandy McCauley and her awesome videos! I watched all of her rhinestone designing videos and learned so much. (I will be watching a LOT more of her videos in the near future, because I learned so many awesome tips.)

Sandy made it look so easy designing the rhinestone templates that I couldn’t wait to get going. Of course, there was a bit of a learning curve so it didn’t seem quite as easy as it looked watching her, but I managed to get a good result for my first try.

  • Materials:
  1. Rhinestone Motif Rubber
  2. Rhinestones
  3. Rhinestone Transfer Tape
  4. Blue-capped Blade
  5. Small baking pan
  6. Backing board such as chipboard, foam board, etc.
  7. Iron
  • Settings on KNK Zing:
  1. Force – 100
  2. Speed – 10
  3. Multicut – 2
  4. Offset – .25
  • Steps:
  1. Design Template (or open pre-made design)
  2. Remove backing from rubber and place sticky side down on mat.
  3. Use brayer, or rub firmly with hand to make sure rubber is adhered adequately to mat.
  4. Insert into Zing and cut.
  5. Peel template off mat slowly. Make sure all holes are clear. (All the circles should stay on mat.)
  6. Apply rubber template to firm backing. I used a piece of foam board.
  7. Place template in baking pan to contain rhinestones.
  8. Spread rhinestones over template. Spread rhinestones over template until all holes are filled. Make sure all holes are filled and rhinestones are right-side-up.
  9. Brush off excess rhinestones.
  10. Cut piece of transfer tape and adhere to top of rhinestone design. Press gently and make sure all rhinestones are sticking to tape before removing from template.
  11. Place your rhinestone design on your bag or other item.
  12. Use iron on wool or cotton setting. Hold for ten seconds. Pick up to move slightly, and repeat a few times.
  13. Remove transfer tape.

Make sure all holes are cut out of template.

Holes Should be Empty and Circles will be Stuck to Mat

Rhinestones are spread over template

Spread Rhinestones Over Holes


If you are designing rhinestone templates for the first time, you will definitely want to watch Sandy’s videos. She also has a YouTube video that shows clearly how to apply them. You will learn a lot of tips that I did not include here.