Sometimes life does not go according to your plans…

and that sums it up with my life right now. I did a nursery for a friend and it turned out adorable. I had hoped to have the photos for todays post but that didn’t happen. :O(

But, I did see a saying on Pinterest that I thought would be fun to make. I live in Wisconsin which means I am a huge Packers fan. As with most NFL Teams they are not fond of copyright infringements. But I was able to make something that allows me to boast about the Packers without mentioning them by name. I haven’t made this yet, just designed it so you are only going to get an image., but I will post the file and you can change it for your team. football Season Team knk When I make plaques like this I love to make them in a 12″x24″ size. I would buy the wood and patiently wait for my husband to cut them to size. Sometimes I wasn’t very patient. :O)  But I found a wonderful solution, HOME DEPOT! I buy their MFD in 24″x48″ pieces,1/2″ thick, 4 to a pack. You can buy just one sheet if you want. You order on line and have it shipped free to the nearest store. Then when they notify you that it is in you ask them to cut each piece into 12″x24″ pieces (also free). Out of a $25 4 piece order you end up with 16 12″x24″ plaques, approx $1.50 each and no husband involved. :O) A little Rustoleum Painters Touch 2X spray paint and you are ready to go. Because of our Wisconsin winters it is great to have a bunch painted ahead so you aren’t trying to paint them when it is 30 below zero outdoors. KNK USA has the vinyl that you need to comple this project. I cut the vinyl with my 15″ Maxx generally with a pressure around  40 depending on  whether it is indoor or outdoor vinyl. Have fun and enjoy the football season!

football season



A friend sent me an image that she had snagged from Pinterest and asked me if I could make her a tile like the image. sue music   The image had paper with musical notes on it and she wanted that in the background, just like pictured. Well, I wasn’t sure how I was going to accomplish that…but I did! I think I have almost an exact replica. :~) I found some scrapbook paper that had musical notes on it. Once I got it home I realized it was probably the exact same paper.  I then designed the saying in KNK Studio and cut it from vinyl. I like using “outdoor vinyl” on signs as it is meant to be permanent and seems to stick better. I used a 12×12 piece of thin pylwood and stained it. I then applied modge podge to the plywood and applied the paper. When that was dry I applied liquid laminate on the paper. I could have used modge podge but had liquid laminate left over from another project that I wanted to use. When that was dry I applied the vinyl. Here is my version of the plaque.

IMG_2230 Then, because I like that friend I decided to make another Pinterest project. It was a card that I saw and liked and decided to use the same paper for the card. In KNK Studio I designed the saying, saved it as a jpeg, imported it into Word and printed it. I used the KNK to cut the paper for the card…perfect every time.

IMG_2244 And THEN, because I had the modge podge out, and because My Vinyl Designer had a post on Facebook I decided to make my next project. Anyone who has tried to apply vinyl to canvas knows it can be a pain. I have had it where one color stuck perfect, the next not at all. Once again I like the outdoor vinyl but you are more limited by color choices if you like the matte finish. The post said that you should paint your canvas and let it dry. Then coat the canvas with modge podge and let it dry. And then apply the vinyl and it should stick like magic. I didn’t even waste time painting the canvas, I applied the modge podge to a bare canvas and let it dry. I then applied the vinyl. It wasn’t quite magic but I would say it was a 75% improvement.

IMG_2237 And my husband thinks I spend too much time on the computer. :O)



Apocalypse Father’s Day Card

With Father’s day right around the corner, I decided to make my dad a card this year. Considering the amount of “zombie” stories in the news, I feel it’s only necessary I provide the old man with a Zombie Apocalypse survival kit! (Really just a gift card to Harbor Freight).

For the outside of this card, I wanted to imitate one of those MRE type sardine cans. I laminated a piece of chipboard with some silver decal vinyl. Then, I cut the dad in gasmask / tie logo out of black wall vinyl, since it has a nice matte finish. This happens to match the green WorldWin cardstock, nicely. Next, I laminated some white WorldWin cardstock with the same silver vinyl I used on the chipboard.  This gave the outside a neat metallic appearance.

On the inside, I used a regular pen in my KNK Zing to write a little note. I’ll attach the giftcard below this 🙂

I designed my card in KNK Studio. I created the gas mask, collar and can opener using Node editing. The font for “DAD” is called Ideal_ie (comes with KNK Studio). I then copied and pasted my artwork over to Make The Cut and cut all my pieces out on the KNK Zing.


Apocalypse fathers day card in .KNK
Apocalypse fathers day card in .MTC

Just when you thought Christmas was over…

I bought some ornaments last year on after Christmas clearance. Some were clear and some frosted. I tried the pledge and glitter trick on one and wasn’t thrilled. It was an uglier version of what a store-bought glitter ornament would look like.

Then I tried alcohol ink on a clear ornament. That turned out better but was plain.So when I decided to make personalized ornaments.  I used one of the alcohol ink ornaments that I had made as a base. The H on the ornament it CentB font, Harper is PC Dazzle as is the back of the ornament. I like PC Dazzle because it cuts well at any size and weeds well. With the ” H”  I scored all of the edges with my exacto knife prior to removing it from the backing. This helped it lay flat on the round ornament.










So that worked for the girls, but what about the boys? Gavin would not like purple. So I made this ornament for him. I stole his face from a My Scrap Chick file.

















And then, because I had seen an ornament on-line and said “I can make that” (ask my family how often I say that) I made this Hello Kitty ornament.








All of the ornaments were made by cutting vinyl on my wonderful KNK Maxx. The first two are made with Oracal 631 and the Hello Kitty is Oracal 651 only because I wanted the glossy finish. The vinyl is available at

So, go get those clearance ornaments before they are gone and for about 25 cents you can make some great personalized ornaments for the little ones in your life.

Baby plaques

IMG_1003 A friend of mine recently became Grandma to twin boys! Although they were 8 weeks early and spent a month in the hospital they are now home and doing fine.
The plaques were so easy to make. They are 6×6 wood plaques which you can buy at places like Hobby Lobby. I painted it white and then sprayed it with a matte finish. The border was made by simply making a circle and using the array feature to make it into a square border. The font is PC Dazzle.


I also welcomed a new great niece, Lucia. Her plaque was even simpler. Just circles randomly placed and I used 1 snappy DNA and date prime1 fonts for the name and date. It is so much fun to make personalized gifts, especially when every one seems to be searching for unusual names for their newborns. All of the lettering and embellishments are cut from vinyl, which is available at, and were cut using my KNK 15″ Maxx. I usually use about 38 pressure and 250 for speed when cutting indoor vinyl. If it is a large piece of vinyl I slow it down to 150.