Happy 9th Birthday Hailey Grace!!!

Today is my granddaughter’s ninth birthday! She is just a sweetheart. Usually my daughter asks me to help her with the birthday preparations but a year ago I purchased a used KNK Maxx and it is now at her house. She designed this invite in KNK Studio. She then mirrored the image, sized it for her invite, saved it as a jpeg, imported it into word, and printed her invitations. Because it is a Nancy Drew themed mystery solving party she mirrored the image so the recipients had to hold it to a mirror to read it. It thrills me that both my daughter and granddaughter enjoy creating thing just like me! And oh how I loved Nancy Drew! I think her books were the first books I owned as a child, they were my treasures!



KNK Studio



She also decided to make the girls shirts.

Although her birthday is tomorrow we will celebrate all week Happy Birthday Hailey Grace!!!

Klic-N-Kut – Retail Merchandising Partner

Using your Klic-N-Kut electronic cutter is a great way to create displays that focus on new or special products in a retail environment.  These displays can be in the form of story boards, posters, signs, tags, removable vinyl lettering on windows, and other mediums that can be cut on a Klic-N-Kut.  The purpose of these displays is to provide the customers with information about the products as well as insight and suggestions for the use of the products that is not readily apparent on the product packaging. The displays can provide initial education about a product to the customer at their own pace.

During preparations for the Klic-N-Kut retreat in Chandler, AZ, my friend, Lynn, introduced me to the art of story boards.  The ones we made used the three panel corrugated cardboard display boards that can be purchased at many hobby and office supply stores.  The three panels open up to form a 36″ high by 48″ wide display surface.  Recently I created one of these story boards to present two new quilting rulers at a quilt show and subsequently in the sewing machine/quilt fabric store.


Materials Used:

Various cardstocks

Decal Vinyl

Photo paper

Printed descriptions, labels, and information


15″ Maxx Air

Standard Material Blade – Red Cap

Force – because a variety of card stocks were used the force was between 45 and 70 with some cardstocks requiring 2 passes, for the vinyl a force of 8 was used

Speed – cardstock – 125,   vinyl – 90

To highlight the fact that several different shapes in several sizes could be cut from each of the two rulers, these shapes were cut out of cardstock in actual finished sizes and displayed in a stacked format on the storyboard.  The colors used for these shapes on the storyboard are the same colors as in the literature that accompanies the rulers.  This provides a familiar link when the customer reads the literature in preparation for using the rulers. Additional copies of these shapes were cut and were available for customers to use at the show and in the store to trial different layouts in different sizes.

Several patterns are available for creating items using these rulers.  Copies of the front of these patterns were printed on photo paper, matted with cardstock and added to the storyboard.  Additional information about the rulers was printed and included on the storyboard.

To create the shapes, the rulers were scanned into the computer.  The images were imported into KNK Studio software and adjusted to the actual sizes.  Then the shapes were separated into the various sizes.  A Transform/Inline function was used to remove the 1/4″ seam allowance to provide shapes that were the actual finished size.

St. Patrick’s Day Plates

This posting evolved from a mind’s eye vision of decorating a rich green plate with white vinyl for St. Patrick’s Day.  That almost didn’t happen because all the normal places that have charger plates for the holidays didn’t stock shamrock green this year!  But, as you can see here, I finally found one…it was left over from Christmas and on close-out for the big bargain of 39 cents!  The lesson is …if you want shamrock green, buy them in  December in the Christmas decorations.

All the cutting was done on my Klic-N-Kut Maxx Air, using Make-the-Cut software.  The design was created in KNK Studio software.


This green plate is decorated with white glossy vinyl from Accugraphics. The St. Patrick’s Day letters are a  ‘fussy’ design with shamrocks embellishing them. Settings used for cutting on my Maxx Air were:  Force, 20; Speed, 150; Blade Offset, 35; Red Blade; Blade height 25.  Font used for ‘happy’ was Charlee Regular.

Since I think you may not be able to purchase green plates now, I have also decorated a gold plate, using the same design.


The shiny gold plate was a little more difficult to photograph, so it is photographed at an angle.  The design was cut from Con-Tact Brand self-adhesive foil.  It was very thin and the adhesion characteristics had something to be desired.  I’ve included it as part of this post, just in case you have this product it in your stash or are tempted to purchase it.  I think there are better choices for this application.  Like the green plate the design is going to be a bit difficult to read from across the room, but both are very readable in my small breakfast area.  Settings used for cutting on my Maxx Air were:  Force, 6; Speed, 150; Blade Offset, 35; Red Blade; Blade height 25.

Although I like the ‘fussy’ design used on the green and gold plates, if you are in a hurry or you want to make multiples of them, then the simpler design on the silver plate might be a better choice.  Optimized-SilverPlate

The vinyl used on the silver plate is my very most favorite vinyl.  Accugraphics calls it Gemstone Metallics Vinyl – color #6220, Emerald Green.  On the silver plate it is very readable from a distance. The simplistic design lends itself to easy assembly, while the Gemstone Metallics vinyl gives an instant, smashing impact.  Settings used for cutting it on my Maxx Air were:  Force, 20; Speed, 150; Blade Offset, 35; Red Blade; Blade height 25.  Font used for the lettering was Freehand521 BT.

In addition to embellishing plates, you might also find some of the pieces perfect for other applications such card and scrapbooking design.

Free Files for StPatrick’s Day Plates  in MTC & PDF formats; zipped