Beautiful Sophia in Fun Foam

Fun Foam, Sophia

This is a beautiful Sophia made out of Fun Foam embellished with beads.


KNK cutter machine, white Fun Foam, glittered purple Fun Foam, skin color Fun Foam, beads, foam glue, hot glue gun, acrylic paint, MTC software. I traced my design with KNK Studio (I love this software) because you can create sooo many beautiful things with KNK Studio and here is a link to my cutting file in KNK, MTC, and SVG formats.


Set the KNK machine to v=150 f=25. Take the Sophia  file from MTC and with the blue cap blade, cut the different parts of Sophia from different colors of Fun Foam, according to the color of each part. For example, cut the face from the beige, the dress from the purple, etc.  Glue all the parts together to form the Sophia doll. After this, embellish the doll with beads and put glitter on her hair.

The results is this beautiful Sophia that you could use to decorate the room of your princess or use it as a centerpiece for a little girl’s birthday celebration.

Sophia Fun Foam Post1




Embossed Card and Notepad Cover

knk, car, notepad, hello kitty

This project was made with vellum paper, the embossing tool from, plus my wonderful KNK Groove-e. I used the following settings: V=450 and F=150. For the notepad cover I used two sheets of computer paper underneath so the embossing would be a little bit deeper and more noticeable. With the Hello Kitty card I did not use anything beneath the vellum.

This is how the card looks as soon the Groove-e machine finished doing her job and before coloring:

This is the card after completion:


Notepad message

Notepad open