Rhinestone T for St. Paddy’s Day!

Who doesn’t LOVE St. Patrick’s Day? I’ve always made it a special celebration, having married into an Irish family! I would love to tell you about the amazing traditional Irish dinner I make every year. But the truth is… hubby’s not so fond of Irish food! lol So, I usually just pick up a half dozen sandwich rolls, several selections of deli meat (including corned beef, or course), sliced cheese, a pint of coleslaw (hey, it is made from cabbage), and some potato salad. And that’s our “traditional” St. Paddy’s Day meal! Oh… and I always add some green food coloring to a pitcher of Coors Light! 😛

This year, I have something special to wear. I designed a rhinestone pattern, cut template material on the KNK Zing, and then brushed in Peridot and Crystal 10SS stones from KNK USA to fill the template. After filling, I lifted the stones with rhinestone tape, and then pressed onto a black T Shirt.

Here’s a close up of the design in MTC:

I used the automatic fill feature in MTC for the shamrock and then tweaked to get the rows of stones perfect. Note that I cut the entire template at one time and then used masking tape to cover the holes for the words while brushing in the Peridot stones. Then I removed the masking tape and brushed in Crystal stones for the lettering. This works really well for two color templates where one color is clearly separated from the other.

Finally, if you would like to cut the pattern yourself, here’s a link to a zip containing the design in .KNK, .PDF, and .MTC formats:

Rhinestone Kiss Me I’m Irish Files

I hope everyone has a fabulous St. Paddy’s Day!