Patriotic Hurricane Lamp – Free SVG

Patriotic Hurricane LampWith Memorial Day weekend upon us here in the U.S., and July 4th celebrations not far off, I decided it was time to think about some appropriate decor. I opted for a patriotic hurricane lamp, since I have had this glass sitting for quite some time, just begging to be “vinylized”.

I used a file I recently designed. Help yourself if you’d like the “America” SVG.

  • Materials:
  1. Glass hurricane lamp
  2. Intermediate Vinyl (I used Red, Light Gray, Blue, Yellow, Bright Green, and Dark Gray.)
  3. Transfer tape
  4. Blue capped blade
  5. Make The Cut software
  • Settings for KNK Zing:
  1. Speed – 10
  2. Force – 18
  3. Multicut – 1

Measure the circumference of your glass

  • Steps:
  1. Measure the circumference of your glass to determine design size. My lamp measured 17 inches. I made the “America” about 6.5 inches, and the string of pennants half the circumference.
  2. Make sure glass is clean and dry.
  3. Apply transfer tape and peel backing.
  4. Cut and weed vinyl.
  5. You may want to duplicate some of the flowers, etc. to add to the pennants. I also duplicated the string of pennants so that it went all the way around the lamp.
  6. Re-size as needed. (You might also need to use shadow layer for some parts of the drawing if the details are too small for the size you are cutting. I found some of the smaller pieces were just too small for the size of my project.)
  7. Import SVG into Make The Cut.
  8. If desired, add stones, sand, or other filler to bottom of lamp.
  9. Add a candle… and celebrate America with your patriotic hurricane lamp.Patriotic Hurricane Lamp





Independence Day Rhinestoning!

Closeup2 America

A BIG thank you to my wonderful assistant, Gabriella Lex, for designing and making today’s three projects! Let’s begin with the materials she used:

KNK Maxx Air
Rock-It Rhinestone Flock
SS10 Rhinestones in Siam Ruby, Crystal, and Capri Blue
Rhinestone Transfer Tape
KNK Heat Press
Black T Shirt
White Cotton Placemat
Worldwin Smooth and Silky Colormates Cardstock
Red and Blue Decal Vinyl

For the design in Make The Cut, Gabriella used a rhinestone font from (note that you can download a free rhinestone font on the 17th day of each month). This font is designed with 2.0 mm circles which would have been way too small for the SS10 rhinestones. To resize the text in Make The Cut, so that the circles were 3.5mm, instead of 2.0mm, the method I show in this video was applied: Resizing Rhinestone Patterns.

For the flag, Gabriella made her own design and, as you can see, used it as the “i” in America.

After cutting the design on the Maxx Air from Rock-It, she brushed in the rhinestones, lifted with transfer tape and then heat pressed the stones to a black T Shirt I had in my closet. Now I have something special to wear at our 4th of July party this year!

America Shirt Cropped

But wait… there’s more! I decided I wanted to see the same colors on a white background, so I had Gabriella make two more items. I had some plain thin cotton placemats which I thought might also work great as basket liners for crackers or chips, So, Gabriella brushed and filled her template again with the same colors of rhinestones and then lifted and pressed to this placemat:

Cotton Placemat 2

And finally, I thought, “How about a greeting card, too?” So, we picked a red sheet of cardstock from the Worldwin Smooth and Silky Colormates line now being carried at KNK USA to use as the card base. Then Gabriella filled the template again with rhinestones and lifted and pressed to the center of a pre-cut rectangle of the white cardstock for the front of the card. I decided we needed just a little more embellishing to fill the white space to the left of the flag, so Gabriella cut some red and blue vinyl star frames and I arranged them on the front.

America Card

This is what I’ve always loved about making rhinestone templates…one template results in something you can use as many times as needed AND in different applications! Now let’s see if some of our readers can come up with their own ideas!

Here is the cutting file in MTC, KNK, and SVG file formats: America Design

Feel free to send me any project photos you take of this or other rhinestone designs! And again, a big thank you to Gabriella for helping us out at Team KNK!