Printable Vinyl Gift Wrap and Ornament

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Printable Vinyl Gift Wrapp

Christmas is around the corner. I decided this year to wrap a few Christmas presents in a different and unique way. I also had a new idea for a Christmas ornament. So I took advantage of the printable vinyl that sells. For this project the materials I used are:


Printable Vinyl


Recycled plastic bottle




Instructions: I began by using Photoshop to design the images and saved them as JPG’s. I imported and pixel traced these images in MTC and then printed them on a sheet of Printable Vinyl. Here is the printed ornament image showing the registrations marks:

After printing, I used my TERRIFIC Klic-N-Kut Groove-e for the print and cut. (To perform a print and cut from Make-The-Cut, watch the video “Using Make The Cut to do a Print and Cut to a Klic-N-Kut” by Sandy McCauley). I also cut a piece of cardstock with the same shape as my design. In this case a Christmas ball. Then I applied the vinyl to the cardstock.

After that, I made another design to place in front of my plastic bottle. And I wrapped the bottle cap with ribbon.

And finally, I decorated the top of the bottle cap with a poinsettia, tulle, and my personalized Christmas ball.

The print on the vinyl looks fantastic. Inside the plastic base you can put candies or any special gift that will fit. I know the person who receives this present will be so excited.


Birthday Centerpieces

Fun foam, Centerpiece, arrangement, Dry branch

I already started making the decorations for my granddaughter’s first birthday party. I have a lot of ideas that I would like to bring to reality… I hope I can. Let me begin by introducing my beautiful granddaughter, Carlea. She is 4 months old and she likes to pose for me. I already have more that one thousand pictures of her from every position! LOL I love photos and since her birth, photos have been an even more important thing for me,. And Carlea must also love it because, in the poses that I place her, she stays! LOL

fun foam, butterfly, flower, arrangement, knk, centerpiece


The butterflies and flowers in this arrangement were made out of fun foam from cutting files available at Visual Designs by Chris:



The base is a recycled plastic container covered with plastic leaves. I painted a dry branch from my back yard. Finally, I printed a picture of my adorable granddaughter and added it to my project.

Centerpiece, fun foam, dry branch, knk, arrangement

This project can be used as a centerpiece by itself or you can add a stand like I did here to place the arrangement in the front of your home or close to the main table.


Because, in my last post I said that my next project will be a centerpiece for a boy birthday, I am going to add that centerpiece too to this post.  These centerpieces are also made out of my favorite material, fun foam! And, as always, with glitter added. : )

Fun Foam, Centerpiece, Birthday


The cutting files for the baseball player and football player available here:

Football player in KNK, MTC, and PDF formats

Baseball player in KNK, MTC, and PDF formats





Personalized Name

KNK, Personalized name,  Fun foam


As you can see I LOVE to work with Fun Foam. This project is really simple and was great to make with my wonderful KNK Groove-E. The Hello Kitty image is a free file from the MTC Gallery and I added the name of my granddaughter. First I typed out the letters in the font I wanted to use. These letters were to be cut from white. Then I added a yellow outline (Shadow Layer) of the name to put behind the white letters. Then I selected the yellow outline and the Hello Kitty image and made a pink outline (again using Shadow Layer) of both selections together. This resulted in one large background cut for gluing both the Hello Kitty shape and for gluing the yellow outline layer. Then on top of the yellow outline I would add the original white letters.

Before gluing, however, I colored the edges of the fun foam. As you can see, I also added glitter to the edge of the first level of the project and the second and third leyers I just colored with markers of the same color as the fun foam. Then I embelished it with a flower that was cut with my KNK Groove-E. The center of the flower is filled with glitter.

My next project is going to be a centerpiece for a boy baby shower or birthday made out of fun foam!

So see us every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday where we have new posts by the ten Team KNK designers!


Mother’s Day Project

I’m so fortunate to have a 15″ KNK Maxx at home and 13″ Groove-e at my workplace!  Working in the paper crafting industry having both machines has proven to be quite an asset.  When my new Groove-e arrived at Bazzill Basics Paper no one was more intrigued by it than our talented graphic designer, Douglas Allen.  The first thing we did was cut vinyl of his logo for his laptop!  Next Douglas asked me to assist him with recreating a graphic image he saw on Pinterest.  

Douglas quickly put together a file in Illustrator, made and then white-washed the wood background from an old pallet.  His first thought was to cut the letters from vinyl…but I am a die-hard paper girl so I suggested cardstock + mod podge (being that we have access to over 700 amazing colors right here the building)!

Here is the final project:

This project now hangs proudly in his mother’s scrapbook store, Scrapp’n Savvy located in Spring, Texas.

Supply List:

  • Wood
  • Modpodge
  • Whitewash

Bazzill Cardstock:

  • Katydid 5-529
  • Bazzill Brown 9-943
  • Intense Pink 19-111
  • Swimming Pool 7-757

If you would like the cutting file for this project, click on the following link:

Mother’s Day Project in KNK, MTC, and PDF formats

You can see more projects that I’ve made using my Klic-n-Kut on my website:  Susan Mast Designs




Notepad Decoration

As you already know my KNK machine is very important to me. I have to admit that at the beginning it was not easy, but I trusted Sandy when she said “I am going to teach you to love your KNK” and Sandy trusted me. She drove me step by step and today I can’t go one day without my KNK Groove-e. Right Chad? LOL

Ok, let’s start with my project. This is a beautiful notepad that every girl would love to have and it is really simple to make. I used my WONDERFUL KNK Groove-e, a notepad, fun foam of different colors, glue and markers.

(1) First thing I did was measure the area where I wanted to place the decoration. This measurement let me know the size that I needed to make my overall image.

(2) Then I cut all of the individual shapes in different colors of fun foam.

(3) After cutting, I colored the borders of the pieces with markers.

(4) Next, I glued them onto the notebook.

(5) Lastly, I embellished the notebook with ribbon and glitter (because I love glitter and I use it for almost all my projects!)