It was on clearance…(And the windmill is done!!!)

How many of you purchase items solely because they were on clearance and you think you will use them one day?  This chalkboard was purchased after the 2015 graduation season was over. I didn’t take a picture of the whole thing but this is what was in one corner labeling it 2015. I knew with my KNK Maxx I would be able to turn it into whatever I wanted.



Of course when I removed the 2015 label it removed some of the “chalkboard” came off with the label. (It seems to be a cheap chalk paper which is why I love the chalkboard vinyl.) So I decided to replace it with a nice piece of red cardstock, same size and shape, and then personalize it with my nieces name and year of her future graduation. Because it was just a simple 90% corner I decided to just use my paper cutter to cut off the corner of  piece of paper. I then used double sided tape to apply it to the corner to cover the chalkboard that I messed up. Then I applied her name, but the transfer tape also ripped off some of the cheap paper.

IMG_4981-min So I cut a black strip of paper to cover the newest error and then added a red vinyl stripe. I don’t think anyone but me would know it was a clearance item revamped.

IMG_4982-min Here it is finished. IMG_4984-min I only used the KNK Maxx to cut the name and date from vinyl. I believe the font is Daydreamer.




15″ KNK Maxx

Red capped blade

Speed 500

Force 40

And as promised, here is the windmill. My husband definitely had the tougher job with this. He had to get a lift to raise him over 30 feet in the air to put the top on the windmill. He said half way up he thought “maybe I should hire someone” but went ahead and did it himself.

IMG_5031-min IMG_5029-min

Embossed Graduation Cover for a Party Favor

Notepad Cover Post 6 6 2016

This month has been very busy… because we have been preparing for Our son’s, Bryan’s, graduation(s). He is graduating twice… one right after another… He graduated from High School, as well as from a Technical College. Gaining not only a diploma but a certificate in 3D Animation technology. Not to mention his outstanding grades :).We are VERY proud of him and wanted to celebrate his achievements. For this celebration I am making some party favors. I bought some notepads to make an embossed Graduation cover for it, using cardstock.

Notepad Cover pink Notepad Cover open Notepad Cover Green

The materials that I used for this project were:

Settings for KNK Force:

For this project I used the dual-head of my KNK Force, putting the Red Blade to the left side of the machine head and the Embossing tool to the Right head of the Machine. This allows the machine to emboss and cut at the same time. In order to use the dual-head, First you have to calibrate the two tools for Alignment. This is covered in Chapter 5 Page 74, Utilizing Force Accessory Tools and The Dual Heads, in the KNK Force Manual.

The settings used for the Red Blade (left side):

  • Passes = 1
  • CD = 70
  • CS =  Default-40
  • US = Default-40
  • PS = Default-20
  • LS = Default – 20
  • Blade Offset – Red Blade

The Settings used for the Embossing Tool (Right side):

  • Passes = 4
  • Starting Depht = 130
  • Ending Depht = (Same as start)
  • CS, US, PS, and LS = Default
  • Blade Offset = None

Steps to make the cover:

  1. First I scanned the notepad and opened it in MTC to make the cover.
  2. Once I create the cover in MTC, I started writting his name as well as the “2016.”
  3. Then I chose from the Galery of MTC, i chose a graduation file to emboss with his name/2016, that previously have been added to the cover.
  4. When the cover and the design were completed, I saved the file as a .SVG file to be opened in C3.
  5. When the file was opened in C3, Then I proceeded to change the layer settings according to the tools that I was using.
  6. Once, the machine had finished embossing and cutting, with the glue gun I glued the notepad to the cover and the graduation hat.

Thank you stopping by…

A Graduation Card

It’s the time of year for graduations and I found myself in need of inspiration for making a card.  In my search,  I came across the Stampin Up graduation digital image of graduates standing side-by-side with only their gowns and feet visible. It made me laugh because I have seen the same at past graduations that I have attended.  The added bonus was that it was available in digital format, so I could make it whatever size I desired for my card. Optimized-CardFront

The process was to first choose my envelope and determine the size of the base card.  In this case, my envelope measured 5.25″ x 7.25″, so I cut the base card 10″ wide x 7″ tall; scored the 10″ width at 5″ and folded it in half; which resulted in a card that measured 5″ wide x 7″ tall. I chose white cardstock for the card base and black cardstock for the middle layer, cut 4.75″ x 6.75″.

My first design decision was what size to make the 3 pieces on the front and how I would transcend from one piece to the next.  Basically I placed the grad feet where I liked them best and that determined the size I needed for the backgrounds above and below.  I chose black grosgrain ribbon between the sections. Optimized-Front Pieces

When using Copic pens my favorite cardstock is Neenah Classic Crest Cover, Solar White.  I like it because when doing a print and cut, it gives a nice clean cut, whether using my KNK Maxx Air or Zing machine.  I looked for background papers to complement the graduation feet and didn’t find anything I liked, so I decided to make my own, using the same cardstock that I had cut the feet from for continuity of color.

For accuracy and speed in assembly, I chose to cut all the front pieces, using
the print and cut method.  To create the grad hat background, I imported the desired clip art by clicking on  the Pixel Trace Button at the top of an empty Make The Cut screen.  The first thing was to create a texture that can be printed with registration marks.  This picture illustrates the settings for making a printable texture. Optimized-CapAsATextureIn MTC  After creating the texture, the next step was to create a rectangular shape that can be filled, creating a background.   The picture below illustrates the diploma imported, texturized, resized and turned to create a pleasing background that is somewhat scaled to the graduate feet.  The same was done with the grad hats.

Optimized-DiplomaTextureIn MTC

With these two designs completed, the next step was to combine them on one 8.5″ x 11″ mat because that was the size the cardstock that I was going to print and cut my designs from.


This step gave me registration marks that printed with the diploma and grad hat backgrounds.  These are the same registration marks used for the next step of actually cutting the shapes.  When all shapes were cut, assembly was fast, easy and accurate.  I tucked the ends of the grosgrain ribbon in between the card base and the black piece in the middle, which completed the front of my card.

On the inside I chose to include a pop-up grad hat and banner from Extreme Cards & Paper Crafting, which I cut from the same black cardstock that I used on the front of the card.


My final touch was to add a tassel to the hat and  my signature on the back, which I cut from vinyl.  This is a perfect reason for saving all those tidbits of vinyl that you might have thrown away before.



A Banner Day

It was such treat for my husband and me to get our very own personalized banner made by Lynn K.  What a wonderful, versatile concept that can be used for so many different occasions!

When my friend and I were talking about things to make for her son’s graduation celebration, I offered to make a Linked Letter Banner for her.  Since we couldn’t find any fabric with a graduation theme, we decided to use all paper.  A patterned paper for the inner letters and cardstock for the linked letters.  Lynn generously shared the file with me and this is the finished banner.

Although the inner letters look as if they were cut from camo paper it actually does have graduation themed items and words printed on it.  To keep the letters with open tops – such as N, U, and H – from spreading when the banner is hung, I cut small strips of a rigid clear plastic and glued them across the openings to stabilize the letters.  These are barely visible when the banner is hung.  The red and yellow P in the picture is the school logo.  I manually traced the logo using the KNK Studio software.  It was cut from two layers of card stock and the mustang’s head and the letters were cut from vinyl.  There is a piece of the clear plastic under the opening in the P since part of the mustang’s head is positioned in that opening.

When Lynn sent me the file for the Linked Letter Banner, she included a couple of triangular flag shapes saying that someone might want to use them as backgrounds for the letters instead of having just the letters themselves.  I thought that was another great idea and started playing with those shapes.  Beginning with the file for the Linked Letter Banner and with Lynn’s approval and blessing, I created a second file in which the flags are linked, there is a smaller flag inside the linked flags, and there are letters with a shadow layer on the stacked flags.  I did some resizing so two of the larger flags (the linked ones) could be cut from a 12 x 12 inch piece of cardstock and resized the other components accordingly.  Then I cut and assembled the banner shown in the picture below.


As you can see, “CONGRATULATIONS” is one l-o-n-g word!  As I was assembling it, I realized it was a bit longer than I had anticipated so I laid it out in the hall and measured it – 10.5 feet!  The logo that is in this picture is the same one that is in the Linked Letter Banner picture above so you can see that the individual flags are larger than the linked letters.  I am curious to see where my friend has hung this when we get to the celebration on Saturday.

As an alternative, I offered the option shown in the picture below.  This time the word “CONGRATS” measures just under 6 feet.  Perhaps a more managable size.

 As with the Linked Letter Banners, the Linked Flag Banners can be folded so you have an easy to store stack rather than a long unwieldy string.  The picture below shows the word “CONGRATS” folded and ready to transport or store.

In this picture you can also see the details on the graduation themed paper.   I was able to find brads that matched the red paper so they do not show when in the banner.  If you can’t find matching brads or cute ones like the lolipops that Lynn used, a Sharpie pen in the right color can be used to customize the brads.

Since I was having fun making things on my KNK Maxx for the graduation celebration and since I already had a file for the school logo, I decided to cut a couple of logos from glittered paper.  Using my KNK Studio software it was easy to scale the logo to a size that just fit a 12 x 12 piece of paper.  I’m not sure the graduate will be very impressed with these logos in bling but his mother and I think they are great!  Here is a picture of one of them.  Again, the clear plastic was used behind the opening in the P.

Thanks to Lynn K for generously sharing her creativity and talents.

The file for the Linked Flag Banner can be downloaded from the link below.  Enjoy!

Linked Flag Banner in KNK MTC PDF SVG AI formats

Graduation Cupcake Wrappers Revisited

In addition to making name tags and announcement/invitation cards for my friend’s son’s graduation party, I decided they needed some special cupcake wrappers.  I started with the four cupcake wrappers that have been available for download since I designed them in 2009.  The first thing I did was to update the closure on all of the wrappers.  I like the hook and slot closure much better than the winged tab and slot version.  The hook and slot is so much easier to put together and can be easily ‘unhooked’ if some one wants to keep the cupcake wrapper.  I then updated the date in the #2 (in the picture below) wrappers to 2012 instead of 2009. 

I had been requested to create wrappers that people could cut from pretty paper – that didn’t have any detail in the main part of the wrappers but looked like wrappers #1 and #4.  Unfortuntely, if you cut those files from light colored patterned papers it is sometimes difficult to read the wording on the top edge of the wrapper.  My solution was to modify the wrapper by removing all of the wording on the top edge and to make it just a bit larger.  Then it became a sleeve which fit on the bottom part of the wrapper but the words are easy to read since they are a solid color.  In the picture below you can see the two separate pieces.


In order to keep the two layers together, I assembled them as if they were one piece.  That is, I held both pieces together and put both hooks through both slots at the same time.  Then I pulled the sleeve down away from the solid piece at about the middle, applied some glue, and then put the sleeve back into place.  That way it was secured in two places. 

For the #1 cupcake wrapper, I gave it some extra interest by adding the graduate’s name, the year, and the school mascot from the school logo in outdoor vinyl.  The outdoor vinyl from KNK-USA is easy to cut and work with.  It is also shiny which makes it stand out on the matt finish cardstock.   My friend said that those wrappers might never see a cupcake.  I’m thinking she liked them.

The sleeve and the vinyl idea could be applied to any of the other cupcake wrappers that have a large plain area at the bottom.  Other embellishments such as flowers, ribbons, rhinestones, cut cardstock pieces, photos, etc., could be used as well.  Just be sure that you add about 1/8″ to the length of the sleeve so it fits around the inner wrapper.

Updated files for these wrappers and the sleeve are in the link below:

Graduation Cupcake Wrappers in KNK, MTC, PDF, SVG, and AI Formats