Pressure Sensitive Glitter Flex Ultra

All that sparkles!

Pressure Sensitive Glitter Flex Ultra is so much fun and so beautiful! I could totally see a “Frozen”-themed project with the light blue, white and silver!!!! Hint, hint – someone has to want to do this!!!

I don’t have young children to make projects for anymore, so I took a more practical approach. And along the way I discovered two great ‘features’ of this new vinyl product.

The first thing is that it doesn’t interfere with haptic buttons so it can easily be used on phones and tablets, and the second thing I discovered is that it gives a somewhat sandpapery surface which definitely helps with keeping a grip! If only I had back all the money I spent on cell phones that I’d dropped – I could buy more Pressure Sensitive Glitter Flex Ultra!!!!

20150227_231908_opt 20150227_231916_opt

Doesn’t my phone look gorgeous?


  • Pressure Sensitive Glitter Flex Ultra
  • Rhinestone Transfer Tape
  • Thick Material Blade (blue cap)

Settings (Maxx Air):

  • f = 60
  • v = 250
  • p = 1


  1. Create your design in Make-the-Cut or KNK Studio
  2. Cut the vinyl using the appropriate settings for your machine
  3. Weed the extra vinyl
  4. Apply Rhinestone Transfer Tape and pick up the cut design
  5. Apply design to object using a squeegee to ensure good contact
  6. Slowly peel off the Rhinestone Transfer Tape

It’s Me Again!

I know I just posted Friday but I made these cute ornaments and had to share. I have mentioned before, I hate glitter. I do not like messes and glitter makes messes. That being said,everyone has been making these cute glitter ornaments and I had to give it a try. I bought the 3″ clear flat glass ornaments at Michaels last year at 70% off. Then, I was lucky enough to find Glitter it on clearance at Wal Mart.
IMG_3576 I made about 30 ornaments and used less than half of that little bottle of glitter it. I poured some glitter it into the ornament and slowly rolled it around the inside of the ornament. I used a disposable dixie cup and let the ornament drain into the cup so I could keep reusing the Glitter it. Then I poured the glitter in, I use fine glitter. One again, I emptied the excess into a dixie cup. Then I put the ornaments into an egg carton, upside down, to drain and dry. I let mine dry a week, only because it was that long before I had free time again. :O)

IMG_3578 Then I cut my files and applied them to the ornaments. It was pretty simple!

IMG_3601 IMG_3604 IMG_3602 IMG_3605 IMG_3603 Settings

Force 40

Speed 350

Red capped blade


15″ KNK Maxx


Glitter It


We wish you a Merry Christmas!!!

Welcome and thank you so very much for visiting the Team KNK design team blog on this most wonderful day of the year!!  We all value you and hope that your day is blessed with great fun, family, love, food, and last but not least, wonderful crafting inspiration!

I felt that it was a bit late to do a Christmas project and sensed that I should do a fun n easy card celebrating the New Year!  Well–fun’ n easy when using the following materials.



Materials Used:

Add a Little Dazzle metal sheet

Sanding block or nail file

Micro Fiber cloth

DCWV silver glitter  and eggplant/black metallic card stock

Silver glitter ribbon

Scrap Happy Glue (Rubber Cafe’)

Stampendous Vintage silver hologram glitter

A computer

The KNK Zing cutting machine

Make the Cut digital cutting software

KNK Zing embossing tool

KNK Zing regular blade

Force for embossing: 93

Speed for embossing: 10

Force for cutting metal: 83

Speed for cutting metal:  10 (I think you should slow it at least to 9)

2 passes when embossing

Instructions to recreate project:

Step one: Open Make the Cut cutting software and choose a few different fonts that you like.  I used the following fonts: Bergamot Ornaments, Chalkboard, a song for Jennifer, Cursif, and Chalk-hand-lettering-shaded_dem

Step two:  Type the text in the add text box, size, shape, and design focal. (metal embossing)

Step three:  Select focal and create ‘shadow’ for cut line. (metal)

Step four:  Select shadow and create rectangles for ‘mat’ and card foundation. (basic shapes) (Cut card stock)

Step five:  Select entire focal including emboss design and shadow cutting line–click on ‘mirror’. You need to mirror your image because you will emboss not he wrong (silver) side of the metal.  Deselect (close eyes) all images except for your emboss design.

Step six:  Prepare cutting mat with rubber like shelf liner–this allows the metal to ‘stretch’ as you emboss. Install embossing tool.  Attach metal sheet—colored side down –with painters tape and ‘cut’–emboss.  When finished DO NOT move project— exchange the embossing tool for the cutting blade.

Step seven:  Close eye to only cut the shadow line—cut.  The Zing cuts metal like butter. Remove and gently sand right side to reveal silver. Gently wipe away ‘dust’ with microfiber cloth.  Next highlight different areas of the design with the Scrap Happy glue and sprinkle with Stampendous silver Vintage hologram glitter.

Step eight:  Cut mat/foundation card stock, and ribbon

Step nine:  Adhere ribbon to mat

Step ten: Adhere metal to mat atop of ribbon ( I used the Scrap Happy glue by Rubber Cafe’, double sided adhesive sheets from Oriental Trading do super, too)

Step eleven:  Adhere metal embossed focal and mat atop card foundation.

Step twelve: Smile!! You did it!! Congratulations!! I can hear the angels singing!!

I apologize for no video or step by step photos.  My iMovie decided that it wanted to take a vacation on Christmas eve,  but even so,  I KNOW you can ROCK this technique!!  I’d love to see your creations! I pray you you have the most stellar Christmas ever!  We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!  HUGE {{{HUGS}}} and be blessed

~Beyond Measure



Layered Snowflake Word Christmas Cards

Hi There fellow KnK-ers!

I have a set of layered Christmas cards made with my Zing today where I have taken Christmas words and replaced the ‘o’ with a snowflake. I have used a different snowflake for each card but they are interchangeable.

I have added all 4 card cut files at the end of the post but if you would like to create your own layered card in Make The Cut, using someones name on their Birthday perhaps, here’s how:

  1. Type your letters and use the ‘Shadow Layer’ option increasing the ‘Shadow Width’ as desired, I usually opt for a Rounded ‘Corner Join’.
  2. Repeat step 1 for more layers.
  3. To create your card base, add another ‘Shadow Layer’ then ‘Copy’ and ‘Paste in place’ to create 2 identical shapes.
  4. If you want a top folding card you need to ‘Flip’ one of these shapes and move upwards until they only slightly overlap, if you want a side folding card you need to ‘Mirror’ one of these shapes instead and move to the left until they only slightly overlap.
  5. Select both of your overlapping card base shapes and ‘Weld’.

Here are all of today’s cards:

Snowflake Word Cards



  • Blade = Standard
  • Blade Height = 25 post-it notes
  • Offset = 0.30
  • Speed = Card 10 & Glitter Card 9
  • Force = 70
  • Passes = 1

Pic 1: Here are all of the pieces for my Ho Ho Ho card, I chose to alternate layers of red and white ColorMates Smooth & Silky cardstock and cut some white glitter card for my top layer:

Ho Ho Ho Card 1

Pic 2: I folded my card base and set side. I used double sided tape to adhere the larger 2 layers together then cut down some 3D foam pads to hide behind my H’s and snowflakes to give them some dimension:

Ho Ho Ho Card 2

Pic 3: Once my card front was assembled I added more 3D foam pads onto the reverse and placed onto my card base. As a finishing touch I popped some sparkles in the middle of the snowflakes.

Ho Ho Ho Card 3

All of the cards are assembled in the same way, here’s a closer look at them:

Ho Ho Ho Card 4

Let It Snow Card

Joy Card

Noel Snowflake Card

If you would like to see more projects that I have created with my Zing and access my free cut files you can find my blog here:

Here are today’s Cut Files:


Ho Ho Ho Card Cut File


Let It Snow Card Cut File


Joy Card Cut File


Noel Card Cut File

Poinsettia Holiday Decor – Gemstone Metallic Vinyl Project with a Free File!

Poinsettia Holiday Decor…sigh.

I really, truly tried to make something for Thanksgiving. I thought about it and thought about it – but nothing boiled to the surface. Please understand, we just moved into our new house and I have not yet been able to unpack all of the boxes in the kitchen or bathroom, let alone my craft room. I will be so happy when everything is organized but for now I have to accept my limitations. Luckily I went shopping with my mom a few weekends ago and therefore had some things on hand to create this Christmas project. And Mom was here to help, which made the project all that much more fun – Yay!


Materials Used:



  1. Cut the pieces for your poinsettia using the free file (below). There will be 5 layers.
  2. Use clear transfer tape to easily layer the pieces largest on the bottom, to smallest on top.
  3. Apply to the item(s) you want to decorate.



The Gemstone Metallic Vinyl is really spectacular! I just love how it sparkles, even more than gemstone car paint!


Poinsettia File – download here.