KNK Adds Sparkle to Patriotic Holidays

My KNK Maxx Air is the perfect helper to allow me to add some extra sparkle to the patriotic holidays.  Sandy McCauley recently posted some new rhinestone videos that explain and illustrate how to use Make the Cut and KNK Studio to add radiant and spray fills to a rhinestone design.  What a great way to get some extra sparkle and to really enhance a plain rhinestone or iron-on vinyl design!  Since Memorial Day is fast approaching and will soon be followed by Flag Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day, I decided to put my newfound knowledge to use by making a patriotic sparkle shirt for myself.  I combined the radiant rhinestone effect with letters I cut from Glitter Flex Ultra Iron-On Vinyl for an extra dose of sparkle.  The photo below shows my finished shirt.

Completed Shirt-Optimized

 Materials Used:

Glitter Flex Ultra Iron-On Vinyl

6SS Crystal Rhinestones

Rhinestone Motif Rubber (green)

Rhinestone Transfer Tape

Make the Cut Software


15″ KNK Maxx Air

To cut rhinestone rubber:  Blue blade (Thick Materials Blade), F=66, S=150, Blade Offset=0.75, Knife Point setting, 2 Passes

To cut Glitter Flex Ultra Iron-On Vinyl::  Red blade (Standard Materials Blade), F=50, S=90, Blade Offset=0.35, Knife Point setting, 2 Passes


Although I was using two different iron-on materials on my shirt, I did not want to do two separate fusing operations.  In order to accomplish this, I cut spaces for the Iron-on vinyl in the rhinestone rubber template.

Template Ready to Fill-Optimized

I then brushed my rhinestones into the template and removed any that had wandered into the letter spaces.  The letters were cut from the vinyl, weeded, and the attached backing was trimmed to about 1/16″ so it would not be on top of any of the rhinestones.  The letters were positioned into their spaces.  The remaining backing on the letters was enough to hold them into place so I could apply the rhinestone transfer tape.

Template Filled-Optimized

I applied the rhinestone transfer tape to the entire design.  Placing it over the rhinestones and the vinyl letters with the attached backing.  When I lifted the rhinestone transfer tape off of the template, I made sure to do it slowly and had to do a little bit of lifting on the vinyl letters since the backing on them was very stiff.  I placed the rhinestone transfer tape with the attached design onto the transfer tape backing sheet until I was ready to iron it on my shirt.

Ready to Iron On-Optimized

To create my radiant design I used the Rockwell Extra Bold font.  Check the sizes of the letters you plan to use since I discovered that they were not all the same height.  I used a 3mm shadow layer and spaced the rhinestones out so there was not a solid line.  The directions in Sandy’s videos are very clear and easy to follow.

If at all possible I prefer to store my vinyl, rhinestone rubber, and rhinestone transfer tape flat rather than rolled up into a tube.  If these multi-layered materials are stored rolled up they can develop bubbles or ripples when they are unrolled.

Use this link to download the files for the template and the vinyl letters.  Cutting Files-USA_Judy_Kay

Same Design, Same Tank Tops, Two Different Applications


Hi, I’m Gabriella Lex and I work with Sandy McCauley, testing new materials on the KNK models and helping Sandy with her business.

In support of breast cancer awareness, I decided to bling some shirts using the word “hope.” Because I like to use both rhinestones and iron-on glitter, I thought I would try using the same design with both applications. Sandy really liked the two desigs and suggested that this would make a great blog post for Team KNK.

Materials and Tools:

Make The Cut software
Red Blade
Rock-It Rhinestone Flock
Crystal and Rose SS10 Rhinestones
Silver and Pink Glitter Flex Ultra
Shurline Trim and Touchup Pad
Rhinestone Transfer Tape
– 2 black tank tops
Heat Press or home iron


Step 1 Design both patterns. I used Make The Cut. You can download my two designs from here.

Step 2 Mirror the iron-on design and cut from the Glitter Flex Ultra. The settings I used on the KNK Zing were Speed 9/10, Force 38, 1 Pass, Offset 0.35.

Step 3 Weed the waste from the Glitter Flex Ultra. Then flip over, align on tank top, press for 17 seconds with home iron set to hot or heat press set to 165C (330F). Cool for a bit and peel off clear heat shield layer.

Step 4 Cut the rhinestone design from Rock-it using the KNK Zing. The settings I used were Speed: 10/10, Force 95, 1 Pass, Offset 0.35.

Step 5 Brush rhinestones into pattern using a Shurline Trim and Touchup pad. Mask off the ribbon design and brush the crystal colored stones into the lettering holes. Remove masking tape and brush the rose colored stones into the holes for the ribbon.

Step 6 Using rhinestone transfer tape, lift the rhinestones, center on the front of the tank and press for 15 seconds. Allow to cool and peel off transfer tape.

If you have any questions about glitter vinyl or rhinestone applications, please post in the Comments section below. Thanks for checking out my post on Team KNK!