Etched Glass Patio Doors

The design for etching my doors was created on my 15″ Klic-N-Kut Maxx.  It is broken into four sections so the stencils could be cut from 12″ wide vinyl and applied individually.  The design is taller than can be cut on the mat that comes with the Maxx, but was nicely cut on a larger mat (16″ wide x 28″ long) which is available from Accugraphics for cutting larger projects on the Maxx.  Since there are 4 sections to the design, it also allows for the order of the flower sections to be changed.  My doors are each 33″ wide.  I used all 4 sections on the left door and spaced them slightly on the right door, only using 3.  There is lots of flexibility.  The four sections have 2 butterflies included with the flowers.  The additional butterflies were added after the flower/grass etching was completed.

Glass Etch Film from Accugraphics was used to cut the stencils.  Etchall cream was used for the actual etching.  I highly recommend Etchall because it is creamy and can be scraped off when the etching time is up and used again on your next project.  This feature of Etchall greatly reduces the cost of the product used for etching.

Now, I know that not everyone reading this post is going to want to etch their patio doors and possibly don’t have patio doors, so I used the same design to create this greeting card.  The card base and the flowers are cut from white cardstock.  The mat behind the flowers is 105# spruce green Corduroy Cardstock.

Cutting files used in these projects are available for downloading below:

Patio Door Etching Design in KNK Format

Patio Door Etching Design in PDF Format

Butterfly Designs in KNK Format

Butterfly Designs in PDF Format

Greeting Card Design in KNK Format

Greeting Card Design in PDF Format