Fun Foam Wall Sign



This beautiful project is an idea to decorate a classroom wall. It was made tracing an image that I found in the Internet so I can’t share the files. This project was made with all the teachers in mine, but specially for Lynn, who enjoys decorating her daugther’s classroom.
It is easy to make- just trace your image, cut each color, and glue it together. I used my KNK Groove-E; V=150 F=25.







The letters on the Crayons were made with vinyl. To cut the vinyl I used my TERRIFIC KNK Groove E.

For the girl’s eyes, I traced them, but instead of cutting, I used my KNK to pounce them (dashed line cut) so I could then use a marker to outline and color them in. For shading on the outer edges and interior detail, I used a marker of the same color as the fun foam, but darker. Then I also used a black marker on the very edges of the cuts, as well.