Better late than never…

Sorry about posting so late in the day, but this is late in more ways than one. Over a year ago I converted a drawing into a cutting file and made an adorable owl treat box. I was already to post and do you think I could find the cutting file anywhere? So, I finally recreated the file, remade the owl to make sure it worked, and here she is. And here is her file owl box.knk



Double sided glue tape




Red capped blade

Force 90 cardstock

36 vinyl

Speed 450

She was very easy to make. I used cardstock for everything but the black part of her eyes which is vinyl. I like to use the double sided tape for boxes like this because it seems to have a stronger hold.


Fall Gift Box

Hexagon Box

Hexagon Box

I had a bracelet made for my daughter and didn’t have a box to wrap it in. So I looked online for a template. I was pretty excited when I found this site that makes it easy to create several different styles of boxes. You can just put in the dimensions you need, and it creates a perfect template. You even have a choice of PDF, SVG, or DXF. So cool!

I decided on a hexagon box and chose to save as an SVG. After a little trial and error, I found it easiest if I separated the score lines from the cut lines in Inkscape. (This could be done in MTC or another software.) I then imported the SVG into MTC.

Screen capture of layers


In MTC, I placed my score lines and cut lines on two different layers. I wanted to use the pen to draw a design on my box, so I also imported a sketch file onto a 3rd layer. Finally, I needed a registration box, so I created one and put it on a 4th layer.

I don’t do a lot of paper crafting so I have never bothered to purchase a scoring tool for my Zing. (I NEED to purchase one of these!) I tried a few different methods before I found a way to get acceptable score lines.  I found if I greatly reduced the blade exposure, decreased the force to around 3, and cut on what would be the inside of the box, I could later go over the score lines using a manual score board to get a good result. (If you are lucky enough to have a score tool for your cutter, you will want to change your score lines from dotted lines to solid. Just think how great the soon to be released  KNK Force would be for this project!!)


Score board (or score tool as mentioned above)

12 X 12 Card Stock

Gel pen

Red Capped Blade

Adhesive roller (or other adhesive)

Settings on Zing:

Cut: Speed – 10, Force – 40, Pass – 2, Offset – .35

Score (Cut dashed lines. If using Score Tool, settings will be different.) : Speed – 10, Force – 3, Pass – 1, Offset – .35

Pen: Height – 25 post notes, Speed – 10, Force 15, Pass – 1, Offset – 0


Place card stock on carrier mat, right side down.

Check settings as listed above. Cut “registration” and “cut” layers. Make sure other layers are off.

Change settings as listed above. Set blade origin to “use last” and cut (or score) “registration” and “score” layers. Make sure other layers are off.

Remove from mat. If needed use manual score board on score lines. Replace on carrier mat, right side up.

Change settings as listed above. Use gel pen to draw “pen” layer. Make sure all other layers are off. Remember to set the origin where you want the design to draw, as you will not be using the registration box for this layer.

Remove from mat and fold on score lines. Glue together. You might want to add a little tape on the inside of the box to make sure seams stay together. I used ink to distress the edges.

If you’d like a copy of the free MTC file to create my Fall Gift Box, click here.