Gemstone Metallic Vinyl decorated bottles

This was a fun project I completed with my daughter. Gemstone Metallic vinyl is the ONLY type she wanted to use, so lucky for me I have some of nearly every color!!! I don’t blame her, this vinyl is really stunning – the colors are gorgeous and the sparkle is breathtaking!

For the vinyl I did the design work in Make-the-Cut and she loaded the vinyl into the cutter, weeded it and applied it. For the flower embellishments, I cut the shapes out of card stock and colored them with Copic markers, then used a large ball tip against craft foam to give them a 3D shape.

Friendship Bottles:

20150131_174452_opt The hibiscus design came from the gallery in MTC, and I made some alterations so it could be cut in a single color. For example, different colored shapes that previously butted up against each other had to have some separation. To do this, I created a shadow layer for one of the 2 objects and then used boolean join to deduct it from the other shape. This gave the design the necessary space between the adjoining shapes so each shape did not lose its definition. 20150207_113829_opt


Vinyl Settings (Maxx Air):

  • Standard Material Blade (red cap)
  • f = 11
  • v = 350
  • p = 1

Vinyl Instructions (Lettering and Hibiscus flowers):

  1. Import or create the design
  2. Cut design from vinyl
  3. Weed the excess vinyl, leaving the design on the backing (or carrier) sheet
  4. Use transfer tape to remove the vinyl from the backing sheet and transfer to your substrate
  5. Use a squeegee to push any air pockets out from under the vinyl

Card Stock Settings (Maxx Air):

  • Standard material blade (red cap)
  • f = 68
  • v = 275
  • p = 1

Card Stock Instructions (3D Flowers):

  1. Import or create the the flower design
  2. Cut design from card stock
  3. Color with markers or pencils
  4. Place the cut flowers, colored side down, on a craft foam sheet
  5. Use the large embossing tool to shape the petals by pressing and moving in a circular motion
  6. Flip the flower over and press in the center using a circular motion
  7. Fill center with flakes, fuzz or glitter

Poinsettia Holiday Decor – Gemstone Metallic Vinyl Project with a Free File!

Poinsettia Holiday Decor…sigh.

I really, truly tried to make something for Thanksgiving. I thought about it and thought about it – but nothing boiled to the surface. Please understand, we just moved into our new house and I have not yet been able to unpack all of the boxes in the kitchen or bathroom, let alone my craft room. I will be so happy when everything is organized but for now I have to accept my limitations. Luckily I went shopping with my mom a few weekends ago and therefore had some things on hand to create this Christmas project. And Mom was here to help, which made the project all that much more fun – Yay!


Materials Used:



  1. Cut the pieces for your poinsettia using the free file (below). There will be 5 layers.
  2. Use clear transfer tape to easily layer the pieces largest on the bottom, to smallest on top.
  3. Apply to the item(s) you want to decorate.



The Gemstone Metallic Vinyl is really spectacular! I just love how it sparkles, even more than gemstone car paint!


Poinsettia File – download here.

Gemstone Metallic Vinyl – Product Information

Gemstone Metallic Vinyl is a stunningly beautiful cast vinyl, laden with metallic flakes, that will add elegance and dazzle to your designs. It is used for permanent and/or outdoor applications as a decal or as a wrap (including signage, automotive or marine installations). In addition to its spectacular sparkle, Gemstone Metallic Vinyl has a high gloss finish. This vinyl is designed to provide high quality cuts with your KNK digital cutting system. Gemstone Metallic is available in 15 spectacular colors, all of which are completely opaque (no light will show through).


Gemstone Metallic Vinyl is .003 inches thick (.075 mm, 2.925 Mil) and is rated at a 5-7 year life. This typically means 5 years for outdoor applications and 7 years for indoor applications. In certain applications (no direct sunlight, stable temperatures, etc.), cast vinyl can last significantly longer. Gemstone Metallic Vinyl provides resistance to typical chemicals such as water, oil, gasoline, and anti-freeze. The minimum temperature for installation of this vinyl is 40°F. Because it has the ability to stretch and conform to the surface shape it can also be installed as a wrap. Normal usage temperatures for Gemstone Metallic Vinyl are -50°F to 225°F.


Gemstone Metallic Vinyl has a 2 year shelf life under the proper conditions. All vinyl should be stored in a dust-free environment. Use plastic bags or sheeting to keep your vinyl free of dust and other contaminants. Also, store in a container that protects the vinyl from exposure to sunlight, especially direct sunlight! Storage temperature should be between 35°F and 75°F, with a relative humidity of 50%. If your vinyl becomes brittle, it has likely ‘expired’. However, you may still be able to use it if you are applying to a flat surface or if you warm it up slightly (but work quickly).

Gemstone Metallic Vinyl can be cut directly on its carrier (backing paper), or for smaller pieces you can tape it to your mat. Use a standard blade to cut this vinyl.

It really sparkles! Here are some of my favorite colors – I have 8 of them – although I do love them all!


Stop back Wednesday to see my project using Gemstone Metallic Vinyl!