Beautiful Sophia in Fun Foam

Fun Foam, Sophia

This is a beautiful Sophia made out of Fun Foam embellished with beads.


KNK cutter machine, white Fun Foam, glittered purple Fun Foam, skin color Fun Foam, beads, foam glue, hot glue gun, acrylic paint, MTC software. I traced my design with KNK Studio (I love this software) because you can create sooo many beautiful things with KNK Studio and here is a link to my cutting file in KNK, MTC, and SVG formats.


Set the KNK machine to v=150 f=25. Take the Sophia  file from MTC and with the blue cap blade, cut the different parts of Sophia from different colors of Fun Foam, according to the color of each part. For example, cut the face from the beige, the dress from the purple, etc.  Glue all the parts together to form the Sophia doll. After this, embellish the doll with beads and put glitter on her hair.

The results is this beautiful Sophia that you could use to decorate the room of your princess or use it as a centerpiece for a little girl’s birthday celebration.

Sophia Fun Foam Post1





20121201_164050 20121227_173532








This is a cute pencil embellishment that any girl will love to have. I will show you a step by step picture tutorial.

To make this embellishment I used my WONDERFUL KNK Groove-e with the blue cap, and a V=150, and F=25 or, depending on the mm of the Fun Foam, F=30.

First step: download and cut all the pieces.



Styrofoam Ball and pom pom ballGlue the styrofoam ball and the Pom Pom ball together


Fun Foam Face Pre-heat one of the Fun Foam squares that will make the back of her head.Back of her headWith this hot, cover the back of the Styrofoam.


Cut the remaining of the Fun Foam so just half of the Styrofoam is Funfoam and styrofoam balls covered. Repeat the same steps with the front of the Styrofoam which will make her face.


Glue Glue back headwhat will be the back of her head to half of the styrofoam ball. And do the same with her face.



EarsGlue the white part of the ear. Sorry that I did not take picture of the part. So I am going to explain but it is not difficult to do it. The stripe that says: “To cover her back and face…”, glue that part in the middle of the Styrofoam ball where the head and face meet together. This is to cover imperfections. And glue the ears and bow to her head.

The Body Now, we will start with her body. Glue the part that says body (Do not glue it directly to the pencil because then you will not be able to change the pencil, when needed). This has to be tight so the embellishment does not move when you are using the pencil.


SkirtTo make her skirt, preheat the circle part and with your fingerSkirt make the shape of the skirt.



GBodylue her blouse and her skirt to her body. If you want her sexSexyy, then cut the blouse a little bit short.



Glue face to BodyThen, glue her head to her body and draw her face.



SmileTo draw her smile I used a cap from a soda so the smile is perfect.



With this same technique you can make a lot of different dolls or boy dolls, too!

Example 086









Perfect for a gift…

Example Example









Here is the cutting file in .KNK, .MTC, and .SVG file format:

Angelina Ballerina Pencil Top Cutting File








Party Ear Hat

KNK, Party hat, Angelina Ballerina

I have been very busy planning my granddaughter’s birthday. At the beginning we were planning with Hello Kitty Princess in mind, but because she likes Angelina Ballerina so much, we decided to change the theme of her party to Princess Angelina Ballerina. Princess because I already had made a Huge Castle that I will share in a future post, plus I had bought some princess things, already. Now, I am planning a mix of both because I want to use all the things I have prepared up until now.

The crown that I had bought was transformed into a crown with mouse ears so it would match with Angelina Ballerina. I sure hope this mixture works in the end! lol.

The other girls will be wearing these pairs of ears, which will be their party hats. The same will be for the boys, but in blue.






It is very simple. You will need:

  • KNK Cutter
  • Angelina Ballerina Headband Cutting File
  • Fun Foam
  • Head Band
  • Ribbon
  • Glue Gun

  • Cut the free file linked above at your desired size. Then, optionally, color the border of the ears with a marker or colored chalk. Next, glue the ears to your head band with the glue gun and, finally, add a bow with ribbon or tulle.

    In my next post I will show you how to make this decoration for any pencil step by step, so stay tuned.


    Bee Witching and Just Hanging Out

    It is never to late to begin seasonal cards and if you are waiting for an idea, maybe this is it. It began with me cutting all the cardstock and vellum elements on the front of the card with my 15″ KNK Maxx (red-capped blade, 2 passes, F=110, V=150) and the vinyl “Bee-witching” cut on a KNK Zing (red-capped blade, 1 pass, F=10, V=10, Blade offset 0.35).

    Card Front Details:
    Core’dinations, Black Magic Collection Cardstock
    Paper Pizazz, Dark Blue Sponged, HTP20423, paper
    Yellow, black, and dull green Cardstock for card front design
    Tissue paper for moon
    Vellum for bee wings
    3D broom by Darice
    Fun Foam to shim bee
    Complementing fine glitter
    Accugraphic’s Gold Metallic Vinyl for greeting

    The foundation for this card is Core’dinations, Black Magic Collection Cardstock, cut 7.25″ by 10.5″; folded to be 5.25″ tall by 7.25″ wide.  The dark blue background on the front is Paper Pizazz, Dark Blue Sponged, HTP20423, cut 5″ x 7″ and glued to the folded cardstock.  All outside edges were gently sanded to bring some the orange in the Core’dinations cardstock to the front of the card.

    To subdue the moon a bit and have it look like it could be ‘out there somewhere’, I pulled some tissue paper from my stash and crumpled it up. This crumpled tissue was then carefully laid on top of the moon, which had been sprayed with glue, maintaining the rough crumpled look. Next, I cut away the tissue that was extending beyond the edges of the moon and glued it in place on the card front.  The edges were further softened with chalk that extended beyond the edges of the moon, creating a halo effect around the moon.  The final step was to lightly rub a glue stick across it and dust it with ultra fine glitter. 

    The branch was cut from a textured, dull green cardstock, chalked  for some dimension and embellished with ultra fine glitter.

    There is a cut design included for a broom, if you are making a card that fits in a flat envelope.  But for this card I wanted a broom with a little more humph.  The broom used is made by Darice (#282095). Initially the size was overwhelming for my little bee.  So I trimmed it down to size and colored the string with a black Sharpie, and then dusted it with a bit of glitter. 



    The ‘Bee-Witching Bee’ is cut from layered black and yellow cardstock.  The wings are vellum.  Lines, creating definition to the wings, were drawn in free-hand with a ball-ended stylus and the final touch was to add a bit of glitter to the wings and the band on her hat .



    To balance the left end of the broom with the bulk on the straw end, a shim consisting of 3 layers of  Fun Foam glued together did the trick.  This worked great and the color blended with the background.

    The last touch in completing the front of the card was to add “Bee-Witching”, cut from Accugraphic’s Gold Metallic Vinyl on the KNK Zing and applied with Clear Transfer Tape.  I love this vinyl!  When applied, it looks just like glitter applied with a heat gun.  Font used was Poultrygeist.

    The card as created, doesn’t fit into any envelopes that I have and it surely wouldn’t go through the mail without being destroyed.  When I first made this card for a card exchange, my solution was to purchase boxes designed to mail DVD cases.  They are the perfect size and their durability has been tested by actually sending it through the mail.

    For this posting, Judy Keating has created a box/envie free file, sized for this card.  I recommend cutting it from poster board, which is very similar in weight to the DVD mailers that I purchased originally.  To keep the embellishments from being crushed in either of these mailers, spacers need to be added.  After much research, I have concluded that dense Styrofoam is the best choice. The depth of this box/envelope is 3/4″ deep. I recommend using 1/2″ Styrofoam, cut 3/4″ wide, and glued on each side as shown in the picture below.  Placement of additional spacers, cut from the same Styrofoam, depends on where the embellishments are on the card. 

    Envelope/Box ready to mail:

    The inside of the card is decorated with Scrappy Dew’s “Just Hanging Out” set, cut from vinyl, and applied, using Accrugraphic’s Clear Transfer Tape.  The small pocket design is included with the Bee-Witching files.  My grandchildren love See’s candies, so some purchase power is included in their pocket. Other uses for the pocket might be a personal note to a friend…or, if you prefer, leave the pocket off and write your own message.  The operative word is Enjoy!

    Bee-Witching Card Files

    Box Envie Files



    Kitty Party Favor Wand

    Hello Kitty, KNK, This is a Kitty Princess Wand that I made as a party favor for my granddaughter’s birthday. It is really simple to make.


    12″ x 12″ Chipboard, Skewers, KNK Groove-e, Ribbon, Glitter, Fun Foam, Paint, Glue, MTC File (The Hello Kitty is a file from the MTC online gallery)

    Download and open the Hello Kitty file in MTC. Cut the background/shadow layer from chipboard and the rest of the shapes from Fun Foam. Paint the chipboard as desired. I painted mine pink. Once it is dry, cover the entire piece with glue and paste the Fun Foam shapes onto the chipboard, using the file in MTC as a guide for placement. Next, apply glitter to all areas that do not have Fun Foam but still have glue exposed. Cover the skewer with ribbon and glue to the back of the chipboard piece. Make a separate ribbon bow and glue to the front of the skewer.

    Chipboard, knk, Kitty, Chipboard, knk, groove-e, KNK, groove-e, chipboard, fun foam