A White Wedding

Good Morning Fellow KnK-ers!

I have a family wedding approaching so today I have a wedding card to share with you, I chose a wedding cake design and although it is an all white card I picked card and paper with lots of shine and texture. I have included the cut files I created for today’s card at the end of the post if you would like to re-create it ūüôā

The picture below shows all of the pieces you will need to cut with your chosen KNK machine, I cut mine with Make the Cut and my Zing:

  • 1 sheet of A4/letter sized card scored down the middle
  • 1 copy of swirly frame 9 and its backing layer (cut file below) sized to fit the folded A4/letter card base
  • 1 rectangle panel and backing layer to fit inside the swirly frame
  • 1 copy of the wedding cake and stand (cut file below)
  • Several copies of the flower and leaf (cut file below)

wedding cake & stand card 1

I cut my flowers and leaves from vellum to make them look delicate, I shaped each petal with an embossing stylus on a soft mat which encourages them to curl upwards:

wedding cake & stand card 2

Once I have shaped the petals I run the stylus around the center of the flower and it magically cups the flower:

wedding cake & stand card 3

To finish my flowers, I tuck one of the flower layers inside another with a little wet glue then pop a flat backed pearl in the middle. I ran my embossing stylus down the center of each leaf and glued them behind some of my flowers:

wedding cake & stand card 4

I stuck my swirly frame to it’s backing layer with some tape in the middle and some wet glue at the edges. For the top layer of my rectangle panel I chose a patterned vellum, I attached it to its backing layer with a small piece of double sided tape being careful to place it behind where the cake will sit then I stitched the 2 layers together:

wedding cake & stand card 5

I folded my card base and glued all of my wedding cake pieces together, I chose some shimmery card to represent the ribbon sections:

wedding cake & stand card 6

As all of my elements were prepared, my card came together in moments. I attached my 2 panels to the card base with lots of 3d foam tape then I attached my cake directly to the rectangle panel as the flowers give a lot of dimension. Here’s how my cards looks when it is finished:

wedding cake & stand card 7

Although this is an all white card, I hope this close up shows how using different textures, translucency and shimmer can add a great deal of interest to a project.

wedding cake & stand card 8

I hope you have enjoyed today’s post, if you would like to see more projects I have created with my Zing and access my free cut files you can find my blog here: www.birdscards.com

Here are the Cut Files for today’s project:

Swirly Frame 9 by Bird

Swirly Frame 9 Cut File by Bird

Wedding Cake & Stand by Bird

Wedding Cake & Stand Cut File by Bird

Flower & Leaf by Bird

Flower & Leaf Cut File by Bird

We have KNK’s, we can do anything!

When I first got my KNK my only goal was to be able to cut something…anything. I was so worried it would be to difficult for me to master. It wasn’t long before I could cut and I went crazy buying files. I was quite sure I would never be able to design something, it wasn’t even a goal. I was pleased as punch when I could weld letters together. When Shirley told me about grouping and ungrouping it opened a whole new world. :~) Little by little I began to discover all of the things this great machine and KNK Studio could do. Now, if I see something online that I like I know that “I can do that”. I recently saw an adorable flower card on pinterest and it linked back to a blog, and eventually to Split Coast Stampers. I was able to import the pdf file to KNK Studio and convert it into a cut file.I used my Cuttlebug and embossed the petals and the flower center. It is cute, but the inside of the card is tiny. It might be a great gift tag.

IMG_2258 IMG_2261 IMG_2262 ¬†Then I saw a silhouette of a “tea party”. ¬†According to the site it was originally a cross stitch pattern. I imported it into KNK Studio, vectorized it, and cut it from vinyl. ¬†Sure beats cross stitch. :~)¬† It is amazing how easy it is to find things to cut.

IMG_2263 I have attached the files in KNK format.

tea for two

folded flower card

Daffodil Cup Cake Wrapper

Spring is in the air and flowers are blooming! Something fresh and fragrant from the garden…and kitchen! This is a new budding idea on cupcake wrappers to brighten your table. There are three pieces to this wrapper. The leaves, which has an attached stem that is glued to the flower, the petals and the middle – the cupcake wrapper itself. This would be ideal for a spring tea or Mother’s Day event. Look for a bouquet of different flower wrappers coming soon at I Love KNK!