Family Tree

I had a request for a family tree. The person sent me an image of what she wanted and I was able to duplicate it fairly close. First I stained my wood.

Then I cut my tree in vinyl and weeded the tree out.

I then applied the vinyl to the stained wood and made sure that it was adhered well.

Then I painted the tree using a dry brush method…dipping the brush into the paint, painting most of the paint off onto a paper towel and then painting the plaque. The result was very faint so I kept applying layers until my white was nice and bright.

I then removed the vinyl. I cut leaves from various colors of vinyl and then cut the names from vinyl and applied them to the leaves. I then applied the leaves to the tree. I cut the family name and applied that. It was a fairly easy project and while the dry brush paint method was slow it was therapeutic  and the result was no bleeding.


Wood (Pine)




15″ KNK Maxx

Red Capped Blade

Force 33

Speed 350


It’s not beginning to look alot like Christmas…

At our house life has been so hectic that I can hardly believe Christmas is 3 weeks away. I haven’t done any preparations, none.  BUT, I did make this Family plaque for a customer who wanted it for a Christmas gift! I do not know where I got the tree from but the verse was designed in KNK Studio. I have been so lucky to get a great supply of cabinet doors from Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

Family Tree Materials

Wall Vinyl

KNK  Maxx

Red Blade


40 force

300 velocity


Wall Vinyl

Cabinet Door from ReStore

Wishing you and your family a blessed Holiday Season!