Gift Card Collection with Envelope

This posting is a result of me always looking for a gift card enclosure whether it be for a birthday, a reward for a good job done in school, or just because.   Gift cards seem to be the answer for so many occasions these days.  Everything was cut on my KNK 15″ MAX and all of the outside designs include the use of vinyl, my go-to product for ease in lettering.  The card base is generic white cardstock and the reward ribbon was layered colored cardstock, “Good Job” added in vinyl.

Assembly is quick and easy with just just 2 folds on the card and a bit of glue on each end of the fold-up portion that encloses the gift card.  There are two card versions, one with a closure tab on the bottom and one without.

Gift Card Set in KNK and PDF File Formats

Also included is an envelope designed especially for the card.  For envelopes, my preference is paper that comes in Strathmore sketch pads, located in the art department of your favorite craft store.