Embossing with Cut Files

Hello fellow KnK-ers!

I love the look of embossing on cardstock especially for those really special cards such as Wedding and Christening cards, it adds a tactile quality to your cards and makes them look expensive too ūüôā

Today I will show you how I emboss using cut files (available at the end of this post) and my trusty Zing, this is yet another way that my Zing saves me money as I no longer have to purchase Embossing Folders ūüėČ

These are the Materials I used:

These are the Zing Settings I used:

  • Blade = Standard
  • Blade Height = 25 post-it notes
  • Offset = 0.30
  • Speed = 10
  • Force =¬† 100
  • Passes = 1


Pic 1. I cut my chosen background design from some heavyweight cardstock, I cut 2 copies and stuck them together with some wet glue so I had a few seconds to slide them into place. I cut 2 pieces to give me a deeper empression when I emboss:

Swirly Background Embossing 1

Pic 2. This is the sandwhich I use in my big shot, one cutting plate – my cut file – my card for embossing – a tan embossing mat – my second cutting plate. If you don’t achieve a deep emboss add a shim (a piece of card) above your sandwhich and add a second if necessary, you should feel a certain amount of resistance in order to achieve a decent impression:

Swirly Background Embossing 2

Pic 3. Experiment with different materials, you can achieve fantastic results with pearl, satin and mirror effect cardstocks:

Swirly Background Embossing 3

Pic 4. I chose some white card for my card today, the embossing doesn’t photograph quite as well in white unfortunately but it is lovely in the flesh. I backed both my embossing panel and my sentiment with silver card:

Swirly Background Embossing 4

Pic 5. Here is my completed card, I kept the layout quite simple so I didn’t cover too much of my embossing, I added some lace and ribbon to the middle and finished the corners with some pearls:

Swirly Background Embossing 5

If you would like to see more projects I have created with my Zing, access my Free Cut Files and read my Terms of Use, you can find my blog here: www.birdscards.com

Here are today’s Cut Files:

Swirly Backgrounds 1 by Bird

Swirly Backgrounds 1 by Bird

Special Day Circle by Bird

Special Day Circle by Bird

All “Dekked” out


Hello and welcome to TeamKNK!  The TeamKNK site is where inspiration abounds from all corners of the world.  We are so excited that you have stopped by:) You are irreplaceable!

WOW! I am so excited to share with you what my amaZing Make the Cut software, over the top KNK faux glass etch¬†vinyl, matte wall vinyl, and my to the moon and back KNK Zing¬†created!¬† This gift is super fast n’ easy to do!¬†Seriously– you can complete this project¬†from beginning to end in approximately 30 minutes- maybe less:)¬†I’m sure that I’ll make more of these in the future.

Even though¬†this was¬†created for a precious baby boy’s nursery,¬†you can adapt this project for many special gift occasions. ¬†If¬†you¬†desire to make¬†this for a girl,¬†here’s an idea to add¬†a feminine touch:¬†¬†how about attaching a¬†sweet little ribbon¬†to the back of the frame and tying a bow in the center to conceal the nail?¬† A gift like this can be very heartwarming as it’s quite apparent that it was made especially for the recipient!!

Click on the link below to view the TeamKNK tutorial video:)


FYI-the frame was purchased at a thrift store and then painted with white spray paint. (this frame was black) If you paint your frame, make sure to disassemble the ‘insides’ from the frame. This enables you to paint the frame with ease.

Thank you ¬†for being so special¬†to include us in your day:)¬†¬†¬†It’s time to get all ‘dekked’ out:)¬† ¬†HUGE {{{HUGS}}} and……be blessed

~Beyond Measure


Embossed Card and Notepad Cover

knk, car, notepad, hello kitty

This project was made with vellum paper, the embossing tool from knkusa.com, plus my wonderful KNK Groove-e. I used the following settings: V=450 and F=150. For the notepad cover I used two sheets of computer paper underneath so the embossing would be a little bit deeper and more noticeable. With the Hello Kitty card I did not use anything beneath the vellum.

This is how the card looks as soon the Groove-e machine finished doing her job and before coloring:

This is the card after completion:


Notepad message

Notepad open










AHOY! A Beach Themed Card Swap

My local group of crafting friends do cards swaps and our last one was based on a beach theme. I found a really cute card idea on the Internet to “borrow from” and proceeded to create a very similar card using KNK Studio and my 15″ KNK Maxx.

First, I traced the sea creatures from the photo using the polyarc/manual tracing function in KNK Studio. After cutting the crab, octopus, and starfish from three different colors of cardstock, I then used embossing folders to add different textures to the creatures. This was the first time I had used my Epic embossing machine since buying it several years ago! How sad is that? lol

The eyes are obvious… I glued on googly eyes. Behind the “smile holes” in each creature I glued a small black cardstock oval, also cut on the Maxx. And then each creature was pop-dotted to a light blue card.

For the water, I also used KNK Studio’s polyarc function to design some waves and then I cut these waves from blue paper. The waves seemed a bit “dull” so I inked them with Ranger Broken China distress ink.

For the word “AHOY”, I picked a font called Feetish and cut the letters from Sookwang double-sided adhesive sheets. Without removing the letters from the surrounding waste, I carefully peeled off the back sheet of the parts I needed to press down to the card first. After arranging on top of the wave, I then removed the surrounding waste, peeled off the top sheet of the cut letters and then applied gold colored embossing powder. However, I did not apply heat because it causes the powder to turn a deep gold. I preferred the raw look which more closely resembled, in my opinion, sand with sun hitting it:

So, there you have it! Wish I could share the cutting files, but because I used someone’s manufactured card, I will not share. Maybe this will be an incentive for some of you to give the manual tracing feature in KNK Studio a try? It’s VERY powerful and actually kind of fun and relaxing at the same time! Kind of like a day at the beach!

Embossing Metal with KNK

Wow what an honor to be asked to post something here!!

A friend of mine wanted to do something unique with her company logos to hang in her office. The above picture was the end result! Course this was only after some help from Sandy (Thank you!!) and watching and re-watching one of her videos and a LOT of experimenting!!

I started by scanning all four logos into MTC using Pixel Trace. Then I saved as EPS files and imported each into KNK Studio. Since I am more familiar with KNK Studio, I did all my node editing there. All of these were going to be ‘debossed’ which means the logo was reversed and embossed into the back side of the metal so the image would be raised on the front side.

I used sheets of 36 Gauge .005 Aluminium Foil. I used a pressure of 100 with two passes on my Groove E. I had to be a little careful so the rollers on KNK would not run on the good part of the metal and leave an impression. After Groove E did all the work, I applied a few drops of Alcohol Ink in three different Earth Tone colors. I let them run together and then gently blotted with a sponge and occasionally adding a little Alcohol Blending Solution until I was happy the colors. It may be a little hard to see in the picture but I ended with a rustic copper look to the metal. I let all that dry over night and then gently sanded the raised logo.

After this was finished and hanging in her office for less then a day, her boss liked it so well that he claimed it as his own and I have yet to make her another one!! Guess I should get started on that!!