Sharpie on Canvas – Giving an Old Footstool New Life

Photo of old foot stool that needs new cover.

Old Footstool

This old footstool has been kicking around my attic for a while. I think I picked it up at a second-hand shop…. somewhere. I have been meaning to recover it, but haven’t gotten around to it.

I love using a Sharpie in my Zing. I especially like the result I get when I draw with a Sharpie on canvas! So, when I cleaned up my attic room and took another look at the old footstool, I decided to use this process to create a cute new cover for it.


Canvas Drop Cloth

Ultra Fine Sharpie

Freezer Paper


Red Capped Blade

Sketch file (Free file includes everything except text)

Settings on Zing:

Photo of Zing settings

Settings for Sharpie on Canvas

Force – 10

Offset – 0

Passes – 1

Speed – 9

Pen height  – 25 sticky notes


Measure and cut your canvas.

Photo showing affixing freezer paper to canvas and trimming edge Cut freezer paper to fit fabric. Use hot dry iron to affix freezer paper to canvas, making sure to put shiny side against fabric. Pay extra attention to be sure edges are adhered.

Trim edge of canvas and paper, making sure to cut off any loose threads. Check edges again to ensure they are still stuck down to paper. If not, press again with iron.

Carefully feed canvas with freezer paper into Zing. You will  not need to use the mat for this. Make sure fabric is smooth and even. Check for any loose threads and remove if found.

Insert Sharpie pen. Check settings. Cut file. Have fun watching the Sharpie draw on the canvas. Look here to watch the magic!

My new cover and a little paint…. and I have a “new” little footstool!

Photo of finished footstool.

Finished Footstool


The Perfect Artist’s Hand

No, its not my superior artist skills with a brush – that is for sure! But, of course, it is my fave tool, my Maxxie (Maxx Air 24″) that has rockin-awesome skills.

My husband and kids love to practice shooting arrows with their new recurve bow and we’ve used up many a purchased target. My mom recently gave us a humungo roll of heavy paper. I decided to make use of that roll and create some personalized targets. I am working on some alternates for bullseyes, and while I was at it I thought I’d make some deer targets that can cover the front of a bale of straw or be adhered to a piece of wood.

All it takes is the paper, a Maxx 24″ and a marker – soooooo simple! I used free clip art from the web and pixel traced it in MTC. Then I put my marker in the blade carriage, ramped up the velocity, and voila!



  • Paper 24 x 36 (or whatever length you want)
  • Marker


  • f = 19
  • v = 500

The first graphic was a little too intricate so I decided to make a simpler version. The first time Maxxie drew him (per my instructions), he was only 22″ tall. I decided to use the MTC knife tool and cut him in half so I could super-size him. This time he is almost the perfect size for target shooting.


And there is my handsome devil of an assistant, my DH, taping our target to the basement wall so I can snap a photo.


I know that I can use Maxxie to create the perfect picture at any size to fit our needs. And, depending on the need, I can use the fab all purpose pen tool to use any writing instrument needed for the job at hand.