Better late than never…

Sorry about posting so late in the day, but this is late in more ways than one. Over a year ago I converted a drawing into a cutting file and made an adorable owl treat box. I was already to post and do you think I could find the cutting file anywhere? So, I finally recreated the file, remade the owl to make sure it worked, and here she is. And here is her file owl box.knk



Double sided glue tape




Red capped blade

Force 90 cardstock

36 vinyl

Speed 450

She was very easy to make. I used cardstock for everything but the black part of her eyes which is vinyl. I like to use the double sided tape for boxes like this because it seems to have a stronger hold.


OK, it’s not paper

I know I promised you paper this time and I had good intentions…but I can’t find the file and I want to included it in the post. But I have something that turned out cute and it’s VINYL! Surprise!!!!

big brother I had a customer who sent me this photo and asked me to come up with a tile that would be ok for a baptismal gift. As soon as I saw the picture I knew what I wanted to make, but it wasn’t religious. I sent the customer an image and she loved it so I made it. I am not sure if you can read the little chalkboard sign but it says “Don’t mess with her”. Anytime I attach a photo to a tile I want to use the best adhesive I can find. KNKUSA has some great double sided tape that works great for projects like this. I have attached the file for this tile at the bottom of this post.

Materials used

Double sided tape





KNK 15″ Maxx

Force  46

Speed 300

big brother team knk