Rotated Duplicate – A Reason to Upgrade to MTC 4.6!

Rotated Duplicate2

I’ve always called this function the “wreath maker” when referring to it in KNK Studio. It allows you to take any shape and arrange it in a circle with repeats and equal spacing. There are a few more settings, but essentially that’s the main purpose. So, if KNK Studio is your design software of choice, then be sure to review this video, if you’ve not tried it out before: Circular Array Function

Recently, an almost identical feature was introduced with the release of Make The Cut 4.6. It’s called Rotated Duplicate and was added to the Duplicate menu under Edit. It’s so simple to start testing because MTC is loaded with basic shapes to quickly access and send to this function. Take for example, these basic shapes and how they were used to create a scalloped circle and a flower:



What I enjoy most is that some of the shapes can be used to create predictable outcomes, such as the following ring and spiral designs…


Spiral and Ring

… while other shapes will yield surprisingly unpredictable designs, such as with this call-out “think” and bow:



This is what makes it all the more fun to see what will happen with any given shape and a combination of settings:






Do not make the mistake of thinking this is all you get with the shapes I’ve chosen. With any of these same shapes I’ve used, a change in the total number of repeats, a deletion of interior paths, welding in new centers or just changing the offset settings will yield entirely new and different designs!

Ready to start playing? First of all, make sure you have installed Version 4.6 of Make The Cut, available here: Lastest MTC

Then watch this video to learn how to put YOUR favorite shapes into a semi-circle or circular pattern:

Using the Rotated Duplicate Function

Then go crazy with the designing possibilities! If you want some additional free shapes for making snowflakes and flowers, be sure to check out these two posts at the MTC Forum! A big thank you to Fred Muraca, our Australian KNK distributor and owner of Skat Katz for his contribution of the shapes in the following two posts:

Designing Snowflakes

Designing Flowers

Snowflake and Flower


If you don’t already have Make-The-Cut, it can be downloaded, as a demo. Licenses are $58.36 and can be purchased at