Halloween Ghoulies are everywhere!


Be sure to scroll down for the quick ghoulie eyes (includes free file) project.

When my kids were little, I cut halloween silhouettes from construction paper, poster board, and foam board with a pair of scissors or a utility knife. Boy, am I glad those days are over.

For the window decorations this year, I decided to do something a little different. I used chalkboard vinyl for the silhouettes and faux glass etch for the ghosts in the windows. In keeping with our ‘fun’ theme, I used Monsters Inc. as my inspiration for the living room windows.

20151011_124645 (757x1024)


Settings (Maxx Air):

  • f = 34
  • v = 350
  • p = 1


  1. Create the files in MTC.
  2. Test cut the vinyl using a shape with curves and corners.
  3. Cut silhouettes from chalkboard vinyl and ghosts from faux glass etch vinyl. I hate to waste vinyl, so I filled in all of the spaces with some pawprints and eyes that I’ll be using for a different project. 20151011_120059 (670x1024)
  4. Apply to windows, picture glass, or any other surface compatible with the vinyl.

20151011_124624 (1024x359)

20151011_124614 (1024x387)

This is where my dog likes to sit, so I kept the ghosts above his line of sight.

20151011_124601 (1024x762)


You can’t quite make it out, but you know something is there because you can clearly see the eyes! Oh, those eyes!

Get ready for Halloween with some quick and fun projects! I saw this idea on Pinterest using t.p. rolls. There’s no way I was going to use a razor sharp blade to cut eyes out of that! But of course I don’t have to because I have my mighty KNK digital cutting systems to do the work for me!

20151003_143335 (1024x632)


  1. Black WorldWin CutMates or ColorMates Smooth & Silky card stock
  2. Standard (red cap) blade
  3. Adhesive
  4. Glow sticks

Settings (Maxx Air):

  • f = 67
  • v = 350
  • p = 1


  1. Cut the Eyes! file from 12 x 12 card stock. 20151003_135446 (1024x876)
  2. Cut the card stock into 6 x 6 squares. 20151003_140559 (1024x993)
  3. Place adhesive along the top or bottom edge.
  4. Curve over a tube/cylinder. I start with a large one and shape the paper slightly, then graduate to a smaller one and then one that is the final size. If the paper is stiff, I use a fine mist sprayer with water to soften it. The WorldWin card stock will not be damaged by a fine mist of water, but the color may leak out onto your cylinder. 20151003_141101 (1024x864)
  5. Adhere the top edge to the bottom to create a cylinder. 20151003_141538 (1024x905)
  6. Place the activated glow stick inside the cylinder and place the eyes around the yard or house. 20151003_143335 (1024x632)

How cute are those little ghoulies?


Christmas Craft Project Guide from Team KNK

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http://teamknk.com/sealing-holiday-memories/  memory album/scrapbook

http://teamknk.com/paper-crafting-impact/ holiday photo album


Holiday Table Setting and Decorating:

Christmas table settings

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http://teamknk.com/one-file-many-possibilities/   vinyl on platter

http://teamknk.com/keep-calm-grinch/  vinyl on charger plate

http://teamknk.com/christmas-christmas-and-more-christmas/  vinyl on charger plate

http://teamknk.com/are-you-getting-underwear-for-christmas/  vinyl on charger plate

http://teamknk.com/a-snowman-theme-print-and-cut-with-free-file/  place setting tags or décor

http://teamknk.com/celebrate-the-season/  napkin rings and coasters

http://teamknk.com/christmas-treat-box-place-card-2/  place setting

http://teamknk.com/christmas-cupcake-wrappers/  cupcake wrappers

http://teamknk.com/place-card-ornaments/  place setting tags


Gift Tags:

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http://teamknk.com/last-minute-gift-ideas/ tags

http://teamknk.com/tag-ornament/   ornaments/tags

http://teamknk.com/knku-chipboard/   ornaments/tags


Holiday Decorations:

Christmas Decorations

http://teamknk.com/beginning-look-lot-like-christmas/   banner

http://teamknk.com/its-me-again/   glitter ornaments with vinyl decals

http://teamknk.com/just-when-you-thought-christmas-was-over/ ornaments

http://teamknk.com/spiral-stars/  ornaments

http://teamknk.com/snow-christmas-decoration/  snowflake decoration

http://teamknk.com/simples-shapes-christmas-decoration/  fun foam holiday shapes

http://teamknk.com/poinsettia-holiday-decor-free-file/   layered vinyl multi-use decoration

http://teamknk.com/gift-wrap-embellishment/  layered snowman multi-use decoration

http://teamknk.com/christmas-mobiles/  decoration

http://teamknk.com/hodge-podge/  wall hanging

http://teamknk.com/happy-holidays-door-knob-decoration/  felt decoration

http://teamknk.com/paper-angels/   paper angel table decoration

http://teamknk.com/organize-your-stuff-with-vinyl/    useful for after the holidays


The next, and last, installment will be a Hand Crafted Gift Guide – be sure to stop back on Monday!


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