Upcycled Window – Vinyl Decals on Glass

Upcycled windows are currently popular home decor items. They can often be found for free by people replacing old windows, and I have found a few put out for trash pick-up. One of my favorite projects is decorating windows with vinyl. Upcycled Window


  1. Vintage windows
  2. Paint scraper, sandpaper, window cleaner, window glazing, razor blade (as needed).
  3. Outdoor Sign Vinyl
  4. Transfer tape
  5. Small squeegee
  6. Red Capped Blade

Settings for MTC and KNK Zling:

  1. Force – 15-20
  2. Multi-cut – 1
  3. Speed: 10


  1. Clean and prepare window as desired. I sometimes leave wood as I find it. Other times I paint and sand, often brushing on several coats of various paint colors to give it that “just right” look. (You will want to repaint if there is old, flaking lead paint.) If window glazing is loose, use a screwdriver to pull out the old glazing and replace with new.
  2. Clean the glass thoroughly, using razor a blade to clean off any old paint.
  3. Open MTC file or other file of your choice. If you’d like to use the tandem bike file, it is available in the MTC gallery.
  4. Cut and weed vinyl.
  5. Apply transfer tape.
  6. Adhere vinyl design to glass, carefully burnishing to remove bubbles.
  7. Remove transfer paper.

Multi-Colored Vinyl Layered Designs

Multi-colored vinyl layered designs are easily made with the use of registration marks.  With either the use of KNK Studio software or Make The Cut software planning is easy.  This Eagle decal was designed in Make the Cut software and cut on the 15″ KNK Maxx Air.


Materials used were:

Cutting specifics: Red capped blade with a vinyl setting, 1 pass, and 25 post-it notes for setting blade height.

The following picture is a preview of the step-by-step directions that are included at the end of this post in PDF format.  Also included are the eagle files for you to give layering vinyl a try yourself.


The finished design measures 4.875″ tall by 5″ wide.

Step-by-Step Directions – Multi-color Vinyl Designs

Design Files  Eagle_Layered