Worldwin Cutmates Cardstock

Worldwin CutMates Cardstock is diecutable cardstock which is specifically engineered to cut better in today’s cutting machines. Use CutMates solid coloured cardstock to get clean, crisp cuts in the first pass.  Every time.

CutMates is solid coloured cardstock with a solid core and a weight of approximately 65lb. It comes in a 12 inch x 12 inch sheet size and a wide variety of useful colours.

cutmates 2

Cutmates has a distinctive subtle texture which gives an expensive look and feel to your finished card making and scrapbooking projects.

cutmates 1

Cutmates is the go-to cardstock choice for your intricate cutting designs, it leaves you with clean and crisp results that you can rely on.

The design below is 5.75 inch x 5.75 inch with 625 paths included, my Zing cut it from Cutmates Cardstock perfectly in just one pass.

cutmates 3

Here is the finished project along with a couple of other cards where the use of Cutmates was invaluable:


Minnie’s Gift Box


Box, KNK, Minnie

In my last post I said that I would tell you how I made this Minnie’s Box using the Card Stock from Since the first time that I used the Worldwin CutMates cardstock, I fell in love. This cardstock cut really nice and smooth with clean edges in just one pass. Attached are the Free Files so you can use the Awesome CutMates cardstock from and give it a try.

Materials Used:


  • KNK Groove-e
  • Blue Blade
  • Force = 20
  • Speed = 150


    • I traced Minnie’s head from a keychain picture (The same used for the decoration)
    • Cut all the pieces using the respective colors to form her head and face (you can make her face just for the front of your box)
    • Glue it together
    • Form the box that is in the attached file and glue Minnie’s head to the front (and back, if using two Minnie heads) of your box.
    • To make the box that you see in the picture, take the Box Base that is included in the Free File and glue it to the Minnie head for both the front and the back. After that, take the “Base Stand” and glue together the two ends and then glue it in the middle. Next, make two triangles on each side and glue them together. After that, glue the Box on top of the stand so the box stays up. Finally, glue the handle and make a bow with the tissue paper to decorate Minnie’s head.

I hope you enjoy the files. Happy Cutting!!!

Free Files





Easter Pop Up Card

Hello fellow KnK-ers!

I know it seems a little early to be sharing an Easter Card but I’m sure it will be here before we know it, I’m certainly looking forward to Spring and the warmer weather it will bring 🙂

I used Make the Cut’s new Popup Card Studio to make the insert for my card today and then designed the card front in Make the Cut, the Cut File for both the insert and the card front is available at the end of today’s post (mtc format only today).

These are the Materials I used:

These are the Zing Settings I used:

  • Blade = Standard
  • Blade Height = 25 post-it notes
  • Offset = 0.30
  • Speed = 10
  • Force = 65
  • Passes = 1

Pic 1. The picture below shows all of the pieces you will need for today’s card. I cut a piece of Worldwin Worldwin Colormates Smooth & Silky Card in half to make a 6 inch square card, all of the other pieces were cut from Worldwin Cutmates Cardstock which I love as it cuts like a dream! As the card insert is quite intricate I definitely recommend Cutmates for this:

Easter Egg Pop Up Card 1

Pic 2. Starting with the card front, I glued the 2 card front layers together and also the 2 sentiment layers:

Easter Egg Pop Up Card 2

Pic 3. Next I adhered all of my scene pieces to the card front panel, they slot together like jigsaw pieces:

Easter Egg Pop Up Card 3

Pic 4. I popped my sentiment into place with some 3d foam pads and the card front is done, I set it aside for attaching to the card base after the insert had been added:

Easter Egg Pop Up Card 4

Pic 5. Moving onto my card insert, I carefully folded along all of the perforated lines until it looked like this:

Easter Egg Pop Up Card 5

Pic 6. I attached double sided tape to just one side of the pop up insert and placed it into the card base, next I added tape to the other side of the insert and closed the card onto it to ensure perfect placement:

Easter Egg Pop Up Card 6

Pic 7. Once the insert has been added to the card I can go ahead and pop the card front onto the card base with 3d foam pads, Here’s how the completed card looks:

Easter Egg Pop Up Card 7

Pic 8. …and here’s how the inside looks:

Easter Egg Pop Up Card 8

If you would like to see more projects I have created with my Zing and access my free cut files you can find my blog here:

Here is today’s Cut File:

Easter Pop Up Card

Easter Pop Up Card MTC Cut File by Bird

Halloween gifts

I suck at coming up with post names. I’m sorry, but I do.

How are ya? Well, by the time you’re reading this, I will have loaded my car up with 471 tests and delivered them to the education center. They will be gone. Out of my office. What are these tests, you ask? (If you didn’t, just skip on down to the next paragraph, I won’t be offended). I’m in charge of testing kids who speak another language other than English to find out what their English proficiency level is. I’m not sure how other states do this, but I have to do this by law or our school is out of compliance. It is a huge undertaking as the Kinders and 1st graders have to be tested one to one and it takes at least a half hour to administer the tests. My school has around 170 K’s and 1st graders so…. when you try to do the math, your eyes roll back into your head. At least mine do. Anyway, since this is a HUGE job, I have three helpers that really rock and help me get this done. So I wanted to do something special for them. Were you beginning to wonder if there was a point to all my rambling here? Don’t forget I told you to move to the next paragraph.

So I made them these:


I love stores like Dollar Tree and 99 cent store. I went there and managed to spend a bunch of money, but I came home with a ton of cool stuff!! I get a lot of my ideas wandering the aisles of these places because I think about what I can create with the neat things I see.

I bought some plain orange plastic trays and decorated them with black vinyl (cut with Maxx) so they look like this:



Just as an aside, do you see that pumpkin decoration in the top left corner? When I first got my chihuahua mix dog Duke, he fit in that pumpkin so I took a picture of him in it. When I uploaded the pictures from my camera, I noticed I didn’t pay attention to the nose of the pumpkin and a certain appendage was sticking out of it. I’d post the picture here because it’s really funny, but I don’t want to offend anyone.



This time I apparently didn’t notice the hard water stains on the tray before I took the picture. I considered photoshopping the spots out and then decided, “nah, I keep it real here.”

Then I saw these cute little orange buckets so I knew I could do something cool with them so I did their name on one side and a cute pumpkin face on the other.

20131015-IMG_0330 20131015-IMG_0329

Are you wondering why I use the Maxx for vinyl and the Zing for cardstock? Well, I’ll tell you: I’m extremely lazy. I have the Maxx set up so perfectly with vinyl that I do not want to change it. I don’t even have to do test cuts, I just stick it in and go. The other thing is once you start cutting paper, it dulls your blade faster and you won’t get as clean cuts for vinyl. So I definitely recommend getting a blade holder and a blade that you use exclusively for vinyl. I put that blade in Maxx over 6 months ago and have cut a ton of vinyl, but since I haven’t used it for paper, it still cuts beautifully.

Finally, I wanted to make them a set of Halloween cards, so I cut out some of those same shapes in paper and put together some cards:

20131015-IMG_0337 20131015-IMG_0338 20131015-IMG_0340 20131015-IMG_0342

I don’t understand their love for candy corn, but those three were eating it constantly. I personally hate candy corn. It’s disgusting. It’s right up there with Peeps. There are very few candies I won’t eat, but candy corn and peeps are…. ewww. I just shudder thinking about them. So I bought them some candy corn to fill the buckets at the bottom.

I hope they like their stuff. I sure appreciate everything they did, and while they got paid for it, I wanted to do something extra special for them to show them just how much I appreciate them.

20131015-IMG_0343 20131015-IMG_0344 20131015-IMG_0345

Materials Used:

I got the graphics here: They might not be free anymore, but any graphics will do.

Cool Halloween fonts

(I used LD Frightmares) Which is currently $1.

Worldwin Cutmates Paper


Make the Cut


black vinyl




force: 100

speed: 10/10

.35 offset


force: 40

velocity: 250


1. Find graphics you like.

2. Find cool stuff  you want to decorate.

3. Cut out vinyl.

4. Get beverage of choice.

5. Apply vinyl to objects. I can’t say enough about using the masking tape method to make a hinge and make your vinyl easier to apply. I have a post somewhere that talks about that and has pictures!, but not sure which one. I will look it up though.

(You really don’t have to get your beverage of choice. I felt like getting two or three or four of them when my Mac kept crashing Parallels the other night.)

Well, I think that’s everything. See you next month!

The cards are 4.25×4.25 with handmade envelopes (4.5 x 4.5). I’m really digging that size cards because I like the square format and they are fun and different from the normal A4 size.

Stay Classy KNKers!

Age Pop-Up Inserts

Hi There fellow KNK-ers!

As I mentioned last week, I have one of those big Birthdays ending in ‘0’ coming up in my Family soon so I thought it would be fun to use my Zing to make a pop-up card of their age.

I have done my best to make a pop-up card insert to cover each of the big milestone ages for you today. Although they can be used inside any card I also have a card front for you which can be used with any of the inserts. Both cut files are available for you at the end of the post 🙂

I cut all of my elements from Worldwin Cutmates Cardstock, I wouldn’t normally use Cutmates for a card base but as I will be attaching an extra layer inside, it will be plenty sturdy enough.

I used my Zing with Make the Cut software. My settings were:

  • height – 25 post-it notes
  • blade – standard
  • offset – 0.30
  • speed – 10
  • force – 65
  • passes – 1

Here are all of the elements needed to create today’s card. You will need a blank card base, your chosen insert, the lettering and its backing layer for the card front:

Age Insert Card 1

Gluing the individual letters onto their backing layer is a little time consuming, but once done, there is a nice large surface area on the reverse to attach 3d foam pads on to for popping onto the card base:

Age Insert Card 2

Moving onto the insert, you will need to fold along all of the perforated lines before attaching your insert into your card. All of the fold lines are Valley Folds (they should resemble a V) except the second fold from the top which is a Mountain Fold (this should resemble an upside down V):

Age Insert Card 3

You will need to apply adhesive around all of the fold lines and at the edge of the insert, I have used double sided tape. Attach your insert into your card one side at a time to ensure accurate placement:

Age Insert Card 4

Here’s how the completed card front looks:

Age Insert Card 5

…and here is what is waiting inside:

Age Insert Card 6

If you would like to see more projects I have created with my Zing and access my free cut files you can find my blog here:

Here are the Cut Files for today’s project:

Age Pop Up Inserts

Age Pop Up Inserts Cut File

you are...

You Are… Cut File