Valentine’s Day Plate with Subway Art

Are you ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day next month?  Or are you like me with not quite all of my Christmas decorations put away?

I’m patting myself on the back for grabbing these plates when I first saw them at Michael’s with all the rhinestone bling already on them.  Because I did, I am actually going to have a month to enjoy this plate before Valentine’s Day comes and goes…and even have time to make and share them with special friends.  Isn’t that a novel way to begin 2013?  The good news is that there is still time for you to do the same.  The project is quick and easy!  Optimized-VPlate1

Supplies:  1 red plate, 1 – 9″ square of White Vinyl, and Transfer Tape

I cut the vinyl on my new KNK Maxx Air machine from Make-the-Cut software, using a standard material blade (red capped).  The settings used were: Force: 19; Speed: 150; Blade Offset: .35, One pass.

The biggest challenge to this project might be centering the heart within the plate, so I am including pictures of how I did it:

1.  After cutting the vinyl, cover the vinyl (still on the backing) with a layer of Transfer Tape.
2.  Closely cut the Transfer Tape and Vinyl backing to the shape of the heart, being careful not to cut the heart perimeter.VPlate6

3. Lay the heart shape into the plate center for a visual of where you desire final placement.
4. Carefully remove the backing from the vinyl; With the sticky side of the vinyl facing the plate; center and carefully place it on the plate; burnish for a smooth application.  VPlate7

SubwayArtHeartCuttingFiles in KNK, MTC & SVG Formats

PDF Listing of Fonts used in Valentine Subway Art Design

Be My Teddy Bear

Cut in KNK

As Cupid’s annual appearance draws near,  we will once more ponder the question asked by the great philosopher, Elivs, “Won’t you be my Teddy Bear?”  A question that has been and continues to be contemplated for generations to come…but, in the meantime, this honey of a table decoration will make everyone’s heart throb with excitment!  You can make them for individual place settings, centerpieces or you can “bear” all and place them in stragetic locations around the love cave sure to get you bear hugs from your favorite fuzzy wuzzy.  A reason to celebrate with a bottle of bubbly, but don’t get smashed and scrappy…unless you’re into Smashbook and scrapbooking.   These fold flat without distorting!  Beary-nice and beary-sweet for you as a Valentine treat!